Galaxy Note 2

AT&T this morning announced that its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be available Nov. 9 for $299 on contract. Preorders start Oct. 25.

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Specs for AT&T's version remain in line with other carriers', as well as the global version, with gorgeous 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display and a quad-core Exynos processor running at 1.6 GHz. It's got Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box, and and Samsung's excellent 8-megapixel camera. Plus, it runs on AT&T's 4G LTE network, so long as you're in an area that has it.

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AT&T's Galaxy Note 2 available Nov. 9 for $299, preorders start Oct. 25


I comes with Jelly Bean installed. What's to update?

That said, I prefer Sprint. Left AT&T when they decided to 'give' me a month allotment.

Get back to me next week when Google pushes out 4.2. Will be May before AT&T pushes that update out.

As of this writing, 4.1 Jelly Bean is the latest build of Android. You can't fault Samsung for giving the Note II the latest version of it's OS. Apple does the same thing, they announce a new version of iOS, and then months later make it available to the consumer. Doing this gives developers, and in Androids case OEMs time to get their devices ready.

I get that. Not disagreeing with you on using what is available.

But say 4.2 drops on January. It will be June (at the earliest) before it makes its way into the hands of users by way of an official OTA. Took AT&T 6 months to get the ICS update out to users of the OG Note and that was for software that had been out for several months when the thing originally shipped.

Not necessarily blaming Google or Samsung fully for that....just the inherent problem with Android updates on non-Nexus devices.

Jellybean is perfect 4.1 whatever 4.2 has it won't be that earth shattering at all. Plus 4.2 is mainly specific for the Nexus 4. The Galaxy Note 2 trounces the Nexus 4, Droid Razr Maxx Hd, Droid Incredible X, nothing will be better than the Galaxy Note 2 within the next 180 days. I will have mines on Tmobile November 1st with unlimited data.. A device like this deserves to be unleashed in any manner with NO LIMITATIONS. At&t isn't the place and neither is Verizon for this device. As far as Sprint if it's not Lte your busted stuck on 3g with every iphone 4/4s/5 as well as Htc Evo 4g Lte users, Galaxy Nexus users. No wonder 50k is all you get on Sprint 3g. Tmobile is the place.. My Galaxy S3 is gone October 31st for 350 dollars...

Find out the best buy pricing because now that sprint doesn't allow you to charge the phone to your account anymore, there is no advantage of going to corporate stores,

And your bill is $96.48 a month with that 3G & 450 min calling plan.. Took my G-Note 1 to T-Mo on the $30.00 a month UNLIMITED HSPA+Data / Text / 100 min plan and I am in Heaven.. That same $96.48 buy me a QUARTER OF A YEAR's worth of Service and an 1 1/2 extra of talktime if I should run out of mins.. It was a NO BRAINER to leave AT&T.. And that *$299.00* is more like *$400.00 after paying Tax ( On the Retail Price ) a Case, Car Charger or 2nd Battery ( You really need them both with the Note 1 or 2.. 5" + Screen's are 5" + Screens.. They Draw Lots Of Power.. I always carry a spare.. Why Not? That's Why You Get A Phone With A Removeable Battery.. :-)

You do know your plan is throttled also, right? Still a good plan, but you only get 5GB. Plus, on AT&T unlimited plan, with a LTE phone you get 5GB before throttling also. So the data is a wash on those 2 plans, now it is down to if you need more minutes, coverage in your area, and $299 subsidized vs. $700 full price.

My kid, who has used an iPhone since they came out, is leaving Apple for this phone. That is interesting.

The biggest drawback, for me at least is AT&T. Sucky coverage around here. If you don't have good coverage, it doesn't matter in the least what the phone has or can do.

well then I'll tell you that I am switching from iOS after 5 years to get this phone ;)

and with what's been going on at apple lately, I seriously doubt I'll ever switch back.

Since the contract price is the same as the OG Note I assume the no commitment price will be $649.99 which is what the OG Note was.

I'm laughing at all you Sprint fanboys. Your jealousy is so obvious it's not even funny. Jealous of the facts that we use GSM technology and actually have a fast network that can get higher than 56k.

I still don't understand why there are so many Sprint fanboys on this site. Why? UHG.

Att is the best network where I live. I have Verizon LTE as a workphone and Att for personal. Depends on where you live.

I purchased the original Note on At&t back in February, but their cost of service each month was hurting me bad. I needed to add the hotspot feature to the device because I purchased the Note 10.1 (wifi). But again At&t was asking for an additional $25 per month and Ijust couldn't do it. I lasted only 6 months with At&t and had to drop my service. I sold my Note 5.3, and moved over to Sprint.

I picked up the GS3 as a temporary device, and can't wait until Thursday when Sprint says the Note II will be available. I really miss this device.

I switched from Verizon to ATT back in May and I love it.. My coverage is great.. I have LTE and it's a good bit faster than Verizon's LTE was here. The main reason I switched though was phone selection. I was so tired of Verizon always being the last to get phones or just not getting them at all.

Anyway, picking up one of these for my wife.

Oh and by the way, I left my unlimited plan with Verizon and I now have a 3gb plan on ATT.. I haven't gone over my data once yet. I still use pandora on occasion and I still constantly use the web browser and facebook... even download the occasional rom to flash. I'm on LTE all day until I get home from work then it's wifi. I was really hesitant to give up my unlimited data but you really don't use as much as you think you do. The only thing I don't do is netflix while on LTE.. not really a huge issue though considering if I have time to sit and watch something on netflix I'm probably either on wifi already or I'm at home.

I can not wait to hold one in my hands. Even though I am with sprint, I still believe this will be one of the best phones of 4gtr 2012.

tmobile is releasing theirs tomorrow. i got to play with it last night and it's awesome. i think the wife and i are leaving verizon and im going to pick one up.

This is gonna be the best phone for the next 6-12 months and Jelly bean is more than adequate of an OS.

I need to wait for Verizon. I bet they will do this the same way and offer it like AT&T does. I was hoping that they would announce today.

Come on Verizon.. I am leaving Sprint for this phone and your service.

For what its worth, I just left a Verizon store here in CT, and the guy said they had gotten word today, he even had to go to his email on his terminal, that they will be taking pre orders the 25th with in store November 25th. Not sure on that last date, as I was too excited over the fact that I scored 3 packs of 3 screen savers for my Dinc2 at $3.80 each. The guy says there are only 7 packs left in the my dinc2 with ICS, but that note 2 is tasty!