Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Full price hits $399 with a two-year contract and no smart phone purchase bundle

AT&T has finally announced the availability and pricing of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, and it is offering an interesting new option to purchase the device. Starting June 21st, the LTE-enabled device will be available for $399 with a two-year contract, which may seem a bit steep but isn't the only purchase option. AT&T is also offering a smart phone bundle deal, so that if you choose to buy a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active or Galaxy Note 2 at the same time the price of the Note 8.0 drops to $199. Bundling may save you some money on the data plan side as well if you opt to go with a mobile share plan, which only adds $10 per month to your bill to access your shared data.

If you needed a quick refresher, the Note 8.0 is an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean device with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 1280x800 display and a sizable 4600mAh battery. You've of course got all of the nice S Pen stylus functionality as well as Samsung's software included to take advantage of it. You'll be able to take advantage of the smart phone bundle deal both online and in-store starting this friday.

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AT&T offering Galaxy Note 8.0 for $199 with purchase of Galaxy S4 starting June 21


No way, I rather get an iPad mini for $325 with no contract. At&t are effn thieves!

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Yes way, I'm sure the non-data one is cheaper; check it out!
The data iCompetitor with data capability is pricier for no reason.

If you were going to get the S4 on ATT already this would be a good deal if it doesn't extended your contract.

So I have to sign another contract to get a tablet.. No thanks, I will root and tether my wifi only note 8 with my unlimited plan on my note 2

+1 jcastag
But root, Wi-Fi tether, and a Sprint unlimited plan is the ultimate.

From the DARK AC App!

To bad sprint data sucks att is Better faster and more reliable

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I get almost 20 megs down with my Note 2. In the areas where it's available, it's awesome.

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Nexus 7 still a better deal IMO (and the upcoming N7 II an even better deal).

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This is a no no deal. iCompetitor is $429 and no contract. This is $399 and contract.I wish I knew what Samsung is smoking lately. Must be soooo potent.

What is the internal storage options on this? I had read it was coming in 32GB & 64GB but now I am reading 16GB or nothing else about internal storage. WTF gives and why would I want a contract locked tablet for more than a Nexus 7 with guaranteed updates and No contract.

If a $600 phone is only $200 on contract, then why is a $400 tablet still $400 on contract. That doesn't make sense to me. Unless of course it's a 32gb or 64gb. But even still $400 still seems a little much if you're on contract. You'd be better off to buy the wifi version outright and get a free hotspot on contract that you could use with any device. Just one man's opinion, of course. The bundle deal isn't bad, but honestly I feel like that is the price it should be on contract without a bundle deal.

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No thanks. Note 8 lesser resolution, poor camera. I got free tab 8 with purchase of international note 2 for 500. No contract and note 2 works fine on att. Tab 8 only wifi but if I want it can use the note 2 to get online. Can not do that with locked note 2 from att. My note 2 has gotten four updates (one today) top that locked note 2 from att. Never will I buy another phone that gets me in another contract

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