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If you are an AT&T customer and have been waiting for a Nexus S that'll actually use your carrier's 3G bands, your big day is here. The Nexus S for AT&T is officially available today at Best Buy locations, as well as via  The device will run you $99 with the use of an upgrade, or $529 when purchased outright, so will you be picking one up?

Purchase online: Best Buy

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S_C_B says:


icebike says:

There are other sites reporting that AT&T has nothing at all to do with this phone, it is merely a Nexus S with the right radios (probably intended for sale in Canada). Even the Google Mobile Blog skirts the issue.

If you purchase it outright, it will probably not be locked to At&T at all.

ibejack96 says:

are you gonna put a subforum under nexus s in the forums?

Incrediboy says:

Ok well that's annoying,i just went to best buy and the guy said he didn't haver it.i check online and it days the store has it! aargh!

stefymarty says:

I'm really considering this phone - my 4.3" inspire is just a little too big, i think 4" would be perfect. The two things I don't like about the NS are the lack of LED notification and the plastic back, other than that the phone is perfect. Since it took at&t this long to get the NS, i assume they won't get the next nexus phone until the it's been out for 8 months. I might bite the bullet.....

icebike says:

AT&T has nothing to do with getting this phone. Its a google phone, and google got best buy to sell it for them with an AT&T radio. Bestbuy is picking up the contract on this phone, not AT&T.

tim242 says:

@stefymarty: The Nexus S is longer than the Inspire, and only slightly less narrow....Very cheap and plasticky. Nexus S is not hspa+. The inspire is a much nicer phone. Lovin my Thunderbolt!

IceDree says:

I agree , The Inspire\Desire HD is much nicer & have a better built quality & materials than the Nexus S