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AT&T has announced LTE network expansion into Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware today. AT&T's has a lot of plans for LTE expansions before the end of the year, though that's only as appealing as the devices they're offering. The last LTE phone AT&T announced was the LG Escape, which targeted first-timers, though there are always faithfully established options like the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S 3.  AT&T also has a handful of new shared data plans, though you might want a bucket to yourself if everyone's going to be blasting through their cap at LTE speeds. 

Want to know if you've got access to AT&T LTE? They've got a full coverage map over here. Anyone in the new coverage zone happy to get sweet, sweet, LTE?

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AT&T LTE rolls out in Philadelphia and Wilmington


Doesn't matter the AT&T coverage map isn't showing for these areas yet anyway. LTE is active throughout Wilmington, DE and parts of Delaware County PA though.

I guess better late than never. Should come to harrisburg soon then. They said before the end of the year and PA finally has some att love. I was a week away from leaving them

Starting last night I'm getting LTE off and on in Cincinnati. WOOT! The speed isn't outstanding yet, but it's on the way.

I've been getting it in parts of Philly now for a few weeks. Awesome fast and with the one x still good battery life. Not as good but good!

Wilmington, DE seems ok, but doesn't seem that Newark, DE is covered. And there's more $$ in Newark than in Wilmington...

I was quite thrilled when I picked up my S3 yesterday here in Roseville to see it getting LTE. It's about time AT&T lit up the Sac area...

AT&T is so far behind in LTE it's sad. I live in a metro area of about 500,000. Verizon has had its LTE for a year now. I suspect it will be another year or two before AT&T even thinks about it. Luckily the regular "4G" is pretty good with HSPA+ but I want LTE.

I live in Florence, KY and LTE was just rolled out in my area this week. Florence is about 15 miles from Cincinnati, OH. Glad to finally have LTE on my One X! Best part is the gf's iphone4s doesn't.