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In addition to a handful of new LTE markets yesterday, AT&T has flipped the switch on LTE coverage in the Twin Cities, Minnesota today. AT&T took the announcement as an opportunity to pimp out some of their high-speed Android devices, such as the Sony Xperia TL, LG Optimus G, and Samsung Galaxy S3

Also, our Fearless Leader, Phil, is reporting that his hometown of Pensacola, Florida is starting to get some LTE lovin'. Anyone else notice new AT&T LTE in their area? Who's still waiting for 4G coverage?

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AT&T LTE lights up Twin Cities


Cricket has LTE in Laredo, TX...shame shame AT&T.

Cricket----$50 -Unlimited mins & DATA!!! on LTE
AT&T-------$100- 700 mins & Capped DATA!! on H+


heard anything about Denver? because they flipped the switch this weekend but there hasn't been any "news" about it. Oh well, my One X and I are happy... :)

Noticed the LTE on my phone during my morning commute in Charleston. Made being stuck in traffic a little better! Finally AT&T!!!!!!

A quick question... since AT&T is lighting up LTE and if I have an LTE capable ATT phone. If I sign up with StraitTalk, will I have access to the LTE network?

I agree with They turned on LTE, last week, here in Denver but I haven't seen any press releases about it.

This actually went live in the Twin Cities a week ago. I was pleased since it was a few hours after I bought my Optimus G.

Yep, been running LTE in the Twin Cities for a week, and it feels so good! I've been getting average speeds of 40+ mps!

Greenville, TX still only has H+. No 4G LTE. I can drive about 10 miles up the interstate towards Dallas and have it, though.

Still waiting for it in Boise. We're supposed to get it before the end of the year, but that's looking less and less sure, now.