Optimus G Pro

5.5-incher costs $199.99 on contract, ships May 7

Right on schedule, AT&T has begun taking pre-orders for the LG Optimus G Pro. The 5.5-inch device, which rocks a Snapdragon 600 CPU and a 1080p screen, is yours for $199.99 on a standard two-year contract or $549.99 on its own. AT&T's site reveals a May 7 shipping date, so pre-order customers may well get their phones a little ahead of the previously-announced May 10 launch date.

In our March review of the Korean OptimusĀ G Pro, as well as our more recent hands-on with AT&T's version, we've found the device to be a worthy competitor to Samsung's Note series, which has so far dominated the large form factor space.

If you're wanting to place a pre-order today, you can do so over at the source link.

Source: AT&T

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Reader comments

AT&T LG Optimus G Pro now up for pre-order


It would be nice if Verizon released a new phone...ever. Late on the S4, no HTC one, no Optimus G Pro. Its getting old Big Red.

I hope this phone does well for LG. We need more competition! I'd get it but I love my new HTC One too much...if only they had released it earlier.

I think LG will do well, IF, AT&T actually puts some muscle behind it. At $549.99 I could just get it at retail and save my upgrade for later on. Nice phone over all and I do miss the 5.5" screen I had on the GN2 but don't miss the lame 10.8GB of space Verizon/Samsung gave us. Its 2013, 32GB has to be the minimum and really it should be 64GB with a microSD card and 3GB of RAM.

I just paid fp for mine and I'm saving my upgrade for later in the year.
My hope for this phone is to not have to take my tablet with me anymore and maybe dumping my HotSpot plan.

Nice! I will get mine next weekend when they are available in the store, I need to get a bunch of stuff with it, port a couple of lines etc. Plus I am heading out on vacation so I would rather deal with it when I get back. Too bad I was hoping to have a new toy with me on my trip, oh well.

im kinda shocked at the full retail price. i know you can get the note for $500 to $600 but this has better specs newer hardware and upon release only $549. not bad

The GN2 is what $649.99 for 16GB, 720p screen and an older Exynos 4 processor. Yes its 6 months older and in 6 months the LG OG Pro will be 6 months older. The point is its a nice phone at a great price today.

Its got my cash!

I am on ST so I will have to wait until the phone becomes available in the at&t retail locations then I will grab one at full cost.