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It looks like we'll be seeing quite a few Android devices come out later this year on AT&T, according to this leaked roadmap for the second half of 2011.  Besides the Samsung Galaxy S II (supposedly the AT&T Attain) we see listed as the Samsung "Singa" SGH-i777, we also see another potential high end Android device from Samsung as the "Gidim" SGH-i927, which may turn out to be the Samsung slider we all saw earlier, or the Samsung Impulse, another 4G phone.  Also nestled among the various WP7 and BlackBerry phones is the Atrix refresh, the MB865 we've been hearing about. 

And of course, we can't forget the other end of the spectrum -- Huawei and Pantech look to be putting out more affordable (and probably less feature-rich) handsets this year as well.  What's a bit odd is what we're not seeing -- namely the HTC Holiday.  We won't read too much into that, as there's certainly other phones coming that aren't on this list as well.  If this holds to be true (remember, these things change all the time) it looks like a great third and fourth quarter for AT&T subscribers and Android fans.

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AT&T leaked roadmap for the second half of 2011 has plenty of Android on the way


Odd this should come up just now. I was dealing with upgrades for some of our corporate phones. Since its a business plan, we have to go for device upgrades via the business side of ATT's web site.

Even though the lines of service in question were eligible for upgrades no iPhones 4s were offered in the list of phones available. No iPhones period.

If you enter the site via the retail side there are lots of (still over priced) iPhones, in spite of the Story on CNBC about iPhone 5 on AT&T beginning Mid October.

I had to go thru our service rep to get iPhones for these people. Its like they are walking away from Apple on the business size.

(Don't ask why these users wouldn't go to Android. The company would have bought them any phone they wanted, but they are unwilling to learn anything new.).

If the Samsung "Singa" SGH-i777 is the Galaxy S II, then it's a disappointment that AT&T chose to shrink the battery's capacity to 1500 mAH from the international GS II's 1650 mAH battery.

The "Gidim" SGH-i927 on the other hand has identical specs to the international GS II, including battery capacity.

Perhaps the SGH-i927 is the GS II and the SGH-i777 is the slider?

AT&T has nothing to do with the battery choice.

Whatever the Singa is its a Samsung design. All the Gallaxy batteries were interchangeable regardless of which carrier sold the phone.

If Sammy shrunk the battery its probably because the device is more efficient and can do the same with less.

What does ">1024MB" means ?

Its really sad , that WP7.5 phones are gonna have a 512Mb only of RAM , yes Windows Phone is better optimized , but still

The Atrix's refresher looks interesting , should I hold my Atrix purchase ?
Thats annoying , the ATRIX is less than a year old & already a successor is coming out , its like my MILESTONE issue all over again

None appear to be LTE. Category 14 is 21 Mbps HSPA+ "4G", cat 10 is 14 Mbps HSPA+ "4G", and if I remember correctly cat 8 us regular old 7.2 Mbps HSPA 3G.

You're assuming too much in two sentences. First, you are assuming the the Holiday won't be coming. Secondly, who said anything for sure that the Nexus Prime is going to be offered from Verizon?

What in god's name is the HTC Bunyip???? that's the goofiest name i've seen on a HTC phone so far......0.o

Bunyip is a mythical creature of Australian folklore, kind of like Sasquatch in the United States or Chupacabra in Puerto Rico. It is supposed to live in swamps and creeks and comes out at night, scares children that sort of thing. Aborigines originally told tales of it, then it got picked up by european settlers as well. For a time it was throught it might be some as yet undiscovered marsupial predator native to Australia, but not it is more viewed as a mythological beast...

I must confess the only reason I know the name is because the White Wolf RPG Werewolf: The Apocalypse used it as the name of a now extinct tribe of australian werewolves.

I would absolutely love to see a phone named Sasquatch or Chupacabra.

that's a pretty cool explanation right there.
It's just the first time I've heard of such a goofy name for a HTC Phone.

Hey HTC, please name the next phone the HTC Waffles. It would catch my attention :)

or HTC snuffaluffagus :)