AT&T 4G LTEAT&T continues its 4G LTE rollout today with a few new markets. Customers in Daytona Beach, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and York, Pennsylvania should start seeing 4G LTE go live in the coming week for their capable devices.

As we continue to see, weeks where Verizon rolls out several new markets, AT&T rolls out just a few. AT&T isn't far behind though (going quicker than Sprint), projecting that it will cover a vast amount of America in the coming months. In the end, everyone wins when we have multiple companies pushing out LTE at a quick rate here in the states.

Source: AT&T Newsroom


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AT&T launching new 4G LTE markets


It looks like it's been available here in Milwaukee, WI for the past few days. Did 3 speed tests and got 30.03/10.91 , 40.78/12.87 and 50.70/10.22 Mpbs using the Speedtest app. Yup, I'd say it's on!

I live near York, and it's been live for about a week now. 44MB down per second ain't shabby :) Thanks AT&T!

I do love it how when Verizon announces new markets, you have 10, 20, or more markets announced at once. AT&T on the other hand announces ~3 at a time.

That's because Verizon announces every little city and town. AT&T is just saying "Milwaukee", "Chicago" etc. I'm in the suburbs of Milwaukee and I've put down 35/10, 40/12 and 43/17 so far. Verizon customers barely see 12 here.

Absolutely ridiculous. York PA. A stones throw from the larger markets of lancaster, harrisburg and mechanicsburg. Att did say harrisburg will get it before the end of the year and i guess its easier to light up a smaller market but i do feel its unwise.

Define "stones throw". I ask because I'm technically 50-80 miles from the closest LTE tower (depending what map you look at) and have LTE signal on my device's. It's intermittent inside my home but outside its full bars and 30-40mbps.

I read somewhere (don't know how much truth is in it) that LTE has something like a 120 mile range radius of coverage. Which makes sense seeing how the only markets that have it here are Lawrenceburg, Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville, and I'm at least an hour away from the closest of them.

[quote]In the end, everyone wins when we have multiple companies pushing out LTE at a quick rate here in the states.[\quote]

I don't consider it a win when telecom services are so overpriced compared to the rest of the world. I seriously think these US carriers are price fixing.

Maybe it's a competitive thing between AT&T, Verizon, T-Mo and Sprint not to release to much info on their roll out plans. That's why they wait until everything is set up, announce the date and flip the switch in a week. There's probably all sorts of behind the scenes analytics determining how many existing customers have LTE devices in that area, and how many existing customers are due for an upgrade. If they can provide LTE in an area that the competitor doesn't, maybe it becomes a priority in hopes of getting people to jump ship.

I'd like to have a peek at the list for their roll out plan, just to see when my town will be getting it.

I wonder why its taking AT&T so much longer to roll out LTE than Verizon. AT&T should have boatloads of money to spend. I understand that Verizon would naturally still be ahead--but there is a huge difference in LTE rollout between the two.

Add Provo, UT to your list, just launched a couple days ago. And I think Salt Lake City should be very soon to follow.

Yet, AT&T hasn't launched LTE in an area where T-Mobile has HSPA+(about 6-7mbps down on my friend's Lumia 820), Verizon's had LTE here for months(13-16mbps down on my other friend's GS3), Cricket Wireless just launched LTE a few months ago, and Sprint has us on the "In The Coming Months" list. A metro of 400,000+ people, stuck on what SHOULD BE AT&T's HSPA+.
I get a steady 4 bar signal, yet less than 2mbps down in my area. Not the boonies, not on a ranch, in the suburbs. Then I go to downtown, I get well over 6. Major imbalance here -.-