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AT&T’s giving customers $100 off tablets purchased under a two-year data plan.
The offer starts tomorrow, Friday, and applies to devices bought online or at AT&T-owned and selected agent retail stores.
AT&T has three DataConnect plans:
  • 250Mb for $15
  • 3Gb for $30
  • 5Gb for $50
It also charges $10 under its Mobile Share plan for customers to share between 1Gb and 20Gb of data with up to nine other devices. 

Reader comments

AT&T giving $100 off on tablets


Still not enough to convince me that a getting myself locked into yet another two year contract with a tablet is a good idea.

+1 on what everyone else is saying. What's $100 off to a tablet, 2 year contract on a mediocre data plan??

This is merely an attempt to push more sales during the holiday. No deal here people, move along.

**Also, I'm not knocking the post, because I'm glad AC is giving us all this information on what's happening with carriers. I just don't see the value in this.