AT&T Galaxy S III

Like every other U.S. carrier (except perhaps Verizon, which hasn't really given a launch date yet, other than to say preorders will ship around July 9 or 10), AT&T's found itself in a pickle with the Galaxy S III. There just aren't enough to go around. We've finally gotten an official statement from the carrier, which reads thusly:

Manufacturer supply constraints of the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S III have caused a delay to expected pre-order shipments. Customers who were previously quoted a delivery date of June 21st should now expect their device to arrive no later than Monday, June 25th. We currently estimate future pre-orders to arrive within 10 business days based on available supply. Impacted customers will receive both an SMS and email notifying them of this change.

So, if you've preordered and were given a June 21 date, look for it by Monday. (And it wouldn't surprise us in the slightest to see phones hitting doorsteps before then, as some folks in our forums are expecting.) If you preorder today, chances are it'll take longer, but AT&T's now saying online that it should ship within 10 business days.

You'll note that there's no mention of in-store availability. We're pressing on that, but it's easy, folks. Call the store before you go. Use this link to find your local contact info.


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AT&T gives another update on Galaxy S III availability


I stopped by my store to politely inquire about the status of my upgrade. They were able to provide me with the tracking number even though my online status still says "Backordered."

Keep in mind, the tracking number is still not active on but that would be because the package hasn't been picked up yet. This would be standard practice.

Ah, it's all good anyways. My mom actually decided against it and got it shipped to her office because she ordered something as well. Has been shipped and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow afternoon according to this latest email.

Every time I try to check for a delivery status, it gives me an error saying their "system" has a problem. I didn't order until June 18th, but I was given the June 21st shipping date at the time of purchase. Guess I waited too long to be in the first round of deliveries. :(

Here's what I keep getting when trying to check the order status:
"E0034: We are experiencing a temporary system error that prevents us from retrieving your order information . Please wait a few moments and try again later."

just to let u guys know, you could TRY your local BestBuys. I called when they opened today here in North Atlanta and my local store was getting a handful for ATT and Sprint. They were on UPS and to arrive at noon today. They might have been for pre-orders only though

Sounds like Verizon predicted the shortage and pushed their delivery dates out to ensure the phone will launch in stores and in peoples hands all around the same time so customers would not freak when the guy next door has his and you did not get yours yet.

Now, if they would take that care in to account when they announced the new Share plans, they would not lose so many customers when their contracts expire.

Too late for me.... my love for Verizon soured for this, and many other reasons. I jumped ship to AT&T and am waiting for my SG3. Wife is grumbling cause she chose a Galaxy Note, but they won't ship everything until MY phone is ready to ship. doh!>o<

Verizon hasn't predicted anything. This is normal business practice of delaying non-Droid or Motorola phones lol.

I ordered mine just a few days ago and I have a FedEx tracking number for a delivery this afternoon. They even upgraded me to overnight shipping for free.

ATT will have phones for sale in limited supply this Sunday they should be receiving in their shipments this Friday my brother works for them and has conformed this with his store and others I am getting mine on Friday :-)