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If you have a Galaxy S5 on AT&T, today's the day you start checking your phone for an update. The carrier has started pushing out a 142.8MB update to phones today that fixes a whole bunch of things, including security patches, app install enhancements and UX fixes for the email app. The full list of improvements and fixes, according to AT&T's support pages:

  • Security updates and patches
  • Application installation enhancements
  • Accidental emergency dial fixed on the lock screen
  • Several lower layer modem crashes and sluggishness improvement enhancements
  • E-mail UX enhancements
  • S-View cover error
  • Re-activation lock improvements

If you haven't yet received the update, be on the lookout now that it's rolling out to everyone. Once you have received it, be sure to hop into the forums and let others know how the phone's working after the update.

Source: AT&T Support; Galaxy S5 Forums


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AT&T Galaxy S5 receiving 142MB update with security fixes, interface improvements


If anybody that is rooted wants to take this update, let me know if it blocks towel root. I assume it will. I'll be watching xda also. Thanks AC for the heads up.

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This update does not go through. When the phone restarts it hungs at 25 %.
I am rooted as well. Samsung s5 running android 4.4.2 with At@t
How did you apply it?

Same here, it does not go past 25% and makes another restart and fails to upgrade. Tried a few good times, tried again just now. Not yet working.

OR... He's an AT&T plant, sent from the future to fool you into breaking your root. Question everything... get answers to nothing. :-)

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9ersfan is the only one I've heard of that has confirmed that he still has root. There is a new thread on xda about the new update, and all of us are steering clear for now.

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Honestly, I didn't even think about it until while I was actually installing the update.....not a single issue though.

The update was forced on me, and the next thing that I knew my phone was rebooting. I cancelled the update on several occasions. Now, my AT&T S5 lost the Towel Root. I am seriously not happy about it!! I hope another method is forthcoming soon!

Hi, i need some help in using a Samsung s5 att unlocked phone, and i received the att update 2 days ago and i would like to ask that when i went to the settings > about device > software updates it says no firmware. Any suggestions about this ? I cant open it

Based on Samsung's change log, you are absolutely correct. A bit of a stick in the eye for the Yarrellians who clutter these forums.

Yet, I'm pleased to see Samsung is finally getting around releasing OTA updates focused on fixing their coding mistakes.

I'm pretty sure Yarnell uses a Note 3, which has 0 lag. I however, am using the s5 and it definitely has lag with the recents key and with the camera. Other than that its pretty smooth.

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I have never had lag on my s5. I can only speak for my experience.I actually haven't had any of the issues that some people have complained about.

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Well, I have the S5 Active, which has the same stuff inside and mine has actually never lagged, so not everyone has lag, but I'm sure a few do.

Newp. I've been with Android since Donut and I personally know "exactly" what lag is and I don't have any on ma Note 3 or S5. Course it could be cause I'm using Nova Launcher and have a ton of apps in infinite disable mode (like the crappy SVoice) Anyhoo..I, and the average people who use this forum more than likely also, know what lag is regardless- and yes- I expect a cookie for knowing what it is.

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I just picked my wife up the S5 3 or 4 days ago and man does this phone lag. The battery life is just horrible also. Wife will unplug it at 100% and not even use the phone for a hr or 2 and the phone will be at 80%, I mean WTF? Really hoping the update we got earlier today fixes it. If not it's going back and i'll give my wife my HTC One M8 since I have the LG G3 now. Also I've noticed the downloads are a whole lot slower than my other phones.

Ridiculiousness.... if you're having significant issues with lag on the s5 then either something is wrong with your specific unit, or you're doing something extremely wrong.....just being honest, no bullshit

+1, battery life for me has been just as good or better than the m8. The UI should be really smooth, the only lag I have is with the multitask button and launching the camera.

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Exactly, there is slight lag with recent apps, and we all know about the camera...other than that it absolutely flies. The phone is no joke.....I've personally done speed tests with others like the m8 and 5s just to satisfy my curiosity....i wasn't dissappointed.

Revamped touchwiz + SD 801 = very smooth and speedy device

I've been saying it since day 1.....i don't even care about the quad hd the g3 has (although honestly I'd prefer the g3 to the s5 overall ).....but the s5 has the best display I've ever seen ! samsung has done great things with amoled. It's phenominal

Me too. I'm really enjoying Dynamic Kat on my s5. It would sick if I couldn't root or flash safe strap anymore.

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Did the update, noticed nothing huge; however it did disable my lock screen and home button until a battery pull was done.

Boom! From My S5

All Samsung products lag, anybody that says "I've never seen lag on my s5" is a liar. Best android phones on the market are the g3 and m8

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Anyone having issues of phone getting really hot since the OTA update? Closed all running apps, location off, heating up just by doing simple things like connecting to internet, not even watching video, even switched to different battery, same result. (not rooted)

I'd be willing to donate a small amount of bitcoins if someone figures out a way to keep root with this update. Even with survival mode it nukes the hell out of SuperSU

I took the latest update on my att s5 and it took root ....towel root says phone isn't compatible no more...anyone figure out how to get root back??

i have the s5 with att the 900a i wont be updating if u cant root...i dont get why they do this crap man..not wanting us to modify our phones..unless lollipop is good for now! if anyone knows or hears different let me know plz!

Anyone know how to get the updates on an unlocked S5 active (model SC-02G) ? Ours are from Japan but we are using AT&T. I am unable to get picture messages when we were stationed in Japan and still here even with the VPN and other changes I worked through with AT&T tech support., Android version is 4.4.2.