Samsung Galaxy S4

Storage options still not known for AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S4

AT&T this morning announced that it's Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for $249 on contract. Preorders start April 16.

Said the operator in a brief statement:

Continuing our legacy as the first carrier to launch Samsung’s Galaxy series, we are excited to announce AT&T customers will be able to begin pre-ordering the Galaxy S4 beginning April 16 for $249.99 with a two-year commitment. We are proud to offer this iconic device and continue to offer our customers the best smartphone line-up, with a variety of devices for every lifestyle and budget. For more information and to pre-order, please visit

We still don't have an exact launch date for the Galaxy S4 on AT&T, but figure a week or two of preorders (at least) before it's available. Nor do we have storage options for AT&T's Galaxy S4. 

T-Mobile has announced that its Galaxy S4 will be available May 1.

Source: AT&T
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AT&T Galaxy S4 preorders start April 16 for $249 on contract


I agree. I'm not on AT&T but if Sprint tries to pull this crap, I will not be buying the Samsung S4. Only way I would consider $249 would be if it was for the 32gb version, or the 64gb which we know it will not be that low. More than likely AT&T will sell $249 for 16gb and $299 for 32gb.

Besides, who even knows if Samsung will have the 32gb and 64gb versions available at launch, they surely didn't for the S3. I was already having a tough time choosing between this and the HTC One, so if the price is going to be $249 for the 16gb version, I will be choosing the HTC One for $199 and 32gb and getting the $100 gift card from HTC making my phone only $99 and then getting my $50 Best Buy gift card from the promotion they had at Christmas for buying a phone from them and i'm really only out of pocket $50.

And I don't want to hear about buying the 16GB S4 and adding a memory card because that is useless to me because you can't put apps on your SDcard anymore. I stream all of my music from Google Play, Pandora, Jango, and SiriusXM and have never been anywhere that I couldn't not do this.

Att has not release any galaxy phones above 16GB. It does have a micro sd card which can take a 64 gb card. Now that they have partitioned the entire 16gb for apps I have not heard of issues. If you use the micro sd card for photos, video and music. If you have more than 16gb in apps you need to out your phone down. ;)

If a micro sd card is not acceptable to you get the HTC One.

150 more than T-Mobile???? Who is going to go for this.... T-Mobile may have lesser coverage but they seems to be making up for that.

No T-Mobile is doing a $99 "down payment" and spreading the cost of the rest of the phone over the months of your "non contract". T-Mobile customers still have to pay for the entire phone, just not as much up front, which is how they are expecting to suck in customers

T-Mobile customers will pay for the entire phone, which is less than the amount a Verizon/ATT/Sprint customer would pay no matter what.

Not Exactly.... $20 a month for 24 months plus $99 is only $579. The retail price on the S4 will be significantly more and AT&T is charging you more per month than the unlimited plan on T-Mobile without a discounted plan after you pay off the phone.

Everyone wants something for free, and AT&T and Verizon has duped everyone to think that you are getting the phone for free or at a significant discount, but if you read the fine print you are stuck in a contract that has a prorated cancellation addendum based on recouping the cost of the phone. $400 to cancel in the first month plus the cost of the phone ($249) is $649 (which is probably the retail cost of the S4).

T-Mobile is doing things more European where there are no contracts and you can switch at anytime and bring your phone.

Unless you have a significant corporate discount on your att service (hand goes up). How many on tmobile will still be paying for that phone after it has been broken, stolen or lost? No thanks.

Why would someone not get insurance on their handset? That's still available you know, and that would pay off the rest of the phone. When you do the math, I don't mind paying $20/mth for a phone...but paying $30+ less for my plan. I still come out ahead, and with T-Mobile that's for unlimited everything! A consumer would pay AT LEAST $600 more over 24 months to get a level of service even close to that on another carrier. That's enough to pay for your next phone, and not including the higher up-front cost with those carriers.

Seriously? Do most people get the insurance. I get square trade for mine (did not on Nexus 4). The insurance from the carriers is a rip off isn't it. I would not know for sure since I do not get it. Just going by how many threads where people cry about the phone and not having insurance. Plus if you are worried about 30 less on a plan how about a 150 deductible?

I haven't had insurance on my last 5 phones. I keep them in Otterbox cases, so they are all still in mint condition. Insurance for me is a waste of money.

And it'll work. Not only will T-Mobile's bill still be cheaper WHILE paying it off with that extra $20 per month for the phone on your bill, after it's done, your bill will get even cheaper...who wouldn't want that (ignoring coverage, of course)?

The amount of time to pay off the phone will probably line up with the normal 20 month upgrade cycle of AT&T, so for someone who upgrades every 20 months, there's no advantage to going to T-Mobile (ignoring coverage) because your bill will never drop

I just signed up for T-Mobile BECAUSE of this.. it's an AMAZING thing that is going to SHOCK the whole system of Smart phones..

I asked the employee and he said at ANYTIME you want you can just pay the rest of the phone off, effectively CLEARING your account standing to clear/good.. then you can just get another phone the SAME way with another down payment...

this is a DRASTIC redesign of how we buy smartphones.. we now have more freedom and control over ourselves.

You're right, for somebody that has a crappy phone or has to have something new and shiny every 20 months, it won't make a difference. But for somebody who doesn't like any of the phones out at the time or wants to wait for the new nexus, they won't feel obligated to upgrade just cause they know they are paying for it if they're under Tmobile.

Either way its still cheaper in the long run on T-Mobile and technically when the phone is paid off the bill will drop $20 because you aren't paying for the phone anymore. ATT rate plan doesn't drop either after the two years which you paid 5 times the cost of the phone anyway.

I checked what my 5 line plan would look like on t-mobile vs. what we have on AT&T. We would save a whopping $5 a month. One single dollar per line per month to deal with T-Mobile's lack of LTE and general poor coverage in our area? I'll pass.

Lack of coverage depends where u are.. and also look how much data compared to AT&T you'll have.. no having to somehow stretch a couple days worth of data over a 30 day period on top of also having to share it with ur family.

$249!? if this is any indication of the pricing for sprint and verizon then t-mobile is looking reeeeeeeal nice.. imho

I was really hoping for a $199 price point for at least the 16GB version... but who am i kidding, i'm still going to buy it anyways, $50 extra will very much be worth it.

How exactly does Samsung plan to compete with Apple with a device that is more expensive on contract than the iPhone? The only way the $50 increase is justifiable is if this is the 32gb or (wishful thinking) 64gb version. Either way, the HTC One is growing on me and AT&T is offering both sizes, so it looks like I'll be able to get the version that I want. Plus, it will probably start at $200 on contract like a flagship should.

They'll compete the same way Apple was able to compete with Android phones that were free to $99: By having the best product on the carrier.

Samsung is super hot right now and people will buy it. Hell, AT&T will probably sell out at $250. Then in a couple months they'll probably sell it for a "$50 off back to school special" or some nonsense.

I understand the bill of materials and that this is a seriously top notch phone in terms of hardware, but I'm wondering how Joe Average is going to look at this price? I expect the price to drop $50 bucks in a month, then the majority of buyers will catch on.

Radioshack and Best Buy will most likely have a deal of some sorts. Both price match with each other also.

So I think you could easily get the device for $150 to $200 this way.

Hmm, $249 with ATT, or $99 with T-Mobile, a carrier that lowers your bill by $20/mo 20 months later,...well America is full of people who like getting ripped off, so I'm sure ATT will have plenty of people willing to throw $249 their way.

Thus country is full of stupid consumers, how else could a 20oz bottle of soda be as high as $1.79, cause consumers are stupid enough to pay. Just like their stupid enough to pay ATT, and don't even bother doing any comparative shopping.

Hey Jay, I find it very disrespectful of you to post all this BS about America.

Every time I visit my family in Europe, I have to pay 1 Euro for catch up when I'm at a restaurant wheres in America I can grab as many packets as I want. When I ask for a napkin, they give me a single napkin wheres in America I can grab as many napkins as I want. When I need to go tot he restroom in some places, you have to pay .50 Euro wheres I can walk into a burger king and crap freely. Also in Europe, gas is about 3 or 4 times the price.

So quit being so ignorant.

The truth hurts, doesn't it? There are many "stupid" people in America, as with every other country.

So, to counter his comment, you reply with how you're allowed to be more wasteful?

I've seen many a person at a restaurant grab ketchup and napkins that they know they probably won't use, and subsequently, end up throwing away.

If restaurants started charging non-paying customers to use their restrooms, then, maybe, the quality of these "public" restrooms would increase.

As for gas, we all need to switch to diesel or some other more efficient form of energy, because gas won't be around forever.

This isn't the proper venue for this debate; however, I know how difficult it can be to ignore some comments.

Have a great day!!!

I don't think you understood my comment at all. My counter was that countries economies work differently. What we make in minimum wage is different than what you make in minimum wage. Our Economy works differently than yours. Things are SUBSIDIZED differently. If you are coming from a country in Mexico, then yeah $250 sounds like a lot to you. But if you worked in America, minimum wage is more than it was 5 years ago.

I want to point something out to you. You chose to read my comment however you felt. You didn't get the real meaning behind it. I could easily do the same by pointing out how stupid it is to switch to diesel when we should switch to natural gas. But I actually get your point there. We should find an alternative means to energy source like natural gas.

It's so easy for someone to talk shit over the internet and judge a country that they don't even live in or know nothing about. Here's hoping that you get the point of my post like I understood yours.

I think I will have a great day thank you.

A country in Mexico? How many countries are there in the country of Mexico? And while many understand your point, you are falling victim to the very thing you are defending. You obviously know very little about Mexico and the economy. 250 US in Mexico for alot of people is no long a lot of money, and the GS4 would cost far more here at first at least. So better make your point without using examples which you cannot defend..

People are long in Mexico? I didn't know people were long in Mexico. I can play this game too, but lets not. You're not getting the point, yes I sure the hell don't want to pay 249.99 for a phone. $200 is a lot better. But WTF are American's considered stupid for it? Why do American people deserve bashing for it? Explain that to me.

I'm going to leave it at something I hope we can all agree on. It's stupid for corporations to raise the prices on the phones that they make so much money off the 2 year plans they sell. But it's unfair for the blame to be put on the American people. It's unfair to call all Americans stupid for it as well.

I get your point, I was simply saying that you shouldn't fall victim to what you are defending by giving an example with which you are not familiar.

We're both American, brother. I can understand your frustration. I like to debate, and sometimes, I look at points of view too differently. No offense taken. =)

Yeah, I realized that later when I noticed your Petty Officer Second Class rank. Thumbs up for serving if you are.

All I am saying is that consumers overpay, and don't bother comparing prices, that's why prices are what they are, cause they know people will pay. I won't. I'll go to Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree, instead of over paying. I don't consider it to very "disrespectful" I just call it being a bad consumer paying $1.79 for a 20oz soda. Leave it alone, and if enough people did that the price wouldn't be so high.

Sometimes it's easier said then done though. My parents live a few minutes from a AT&T store in Georgia. Should they drive 2 hours to best Buy to get a better deal? They make about $40 an hour working on their farm each. Even renewing it online and having it mailed to them is better than that drive.

Again, I think it's stupid that the prices are being raised. But it's easier said then done for consumers to fight back. The real power is in the media, it always has been. If journalist expose or publicly call out the carriers for these outrageous price increases then that'll make them really sweat.

What good is a cheaper T-Mobile that doesn't work well in the town you live in?? Only somebody stupid would buy something just because it's cheaper even though it doesn't work well.

Stop being a tool for tmobile. I understand tmobile may be better for you but it may not be for other people and the latter is usually true. There's no need to attack American consumers just because you feel different.

You're obviously not considering what kind of service you'll be getting by going with T-Mobile. T-Mobile has LTE in 7 cities as opposed to AT&T which has LTE in 157 cities. Who's the one getting ripped off when you're not getting coverage that you paid for?

I do not mind paying for what I consider a premium network (at least where I live). I have been blessed to make a very good living so I am not concerned about $20 a month or whatever it is on my rate plan and maybe not that much with my corporate discount. My wife is on t mobile so am sure we are wasting money by using two different carriers. Oh and I do buy a coke zero every once in a while for 1.79. If I have the money, I guess I am not too stupid...

I can only assume this for the 16gb model?? If AT&T is offereing this for $250.00 then Sprint and Verizon will probably do the same. Kinda of pricey.

But I'm curious to see what promos Amazon or Best Buy mobile will offer? When they launced the S3 last year Best Buy had a deal where you got a $50.00 gift card and also gave you $50.00 for you old phone.

Then they of course will price match Amazon, Radioshack etc if they have it cheaper.

Best Buy had a deal earlier this year where they would give you a $50 gift card if you planned to upgrade in 2013. You don't get the gift card until you upgrade, but considering it doesn't obligate you to buy from them it wasn't a bad deal. I registered two of the phones on my plan. One of them may end up being a free phone too.

Yup, signed up the GF up for the $50.00 gift card back in January. Think it's called "Phone Freedom" or something like that. They offer it once or twice a year I believe.

This past weekend she picked up the white 16gb GS3 on AT&T which was $99.00 at BB (was $200 at the AT&T corporate store btw). With the gift card and trade in (HTC Inspire), all she paid was that ridiculous upgrade fee all the carriers are charging people now.

Not a bad deal. Will never purchase another phone at a corporate store again until they start price matching.

I spoke with Sprint Customer service and they told me they will announce per order date asap. He assured me that Sprint will have the best price on the S4. Probably the $199 mark.

It will be HILARIOUS if the S4 launches before the One on AT&T. If the One doesn't get at least a week's head start it will get totally lost in the hype surrounding the S4 release. Heck, the One X had like a month's head start on the S3 and still got buried.

The point I'm trying to make is consumers have no limits, "Oh, that's what the price is?" And the blindly & carelessly hand over hard earned cash.That's the point I'm trying to make. Personally, I draw a live when it comes to unreasonable prices.

That's a credit card problem more than anything else. It's emotionless when you pay with plastic.....people will blindly pay whatever for something because they don't feel the pain when the purchase is made. If we all paid with cash it would be much more pronounced and folks wouldn't be as broke as they generally are.

@ Jay You are probably that person that splits to bill according to exactly what they had and do not tip on tax when dining in a group...better yet you don't eat out because you might get ripped off lol!

This is an opening for Sprint or Verizon to differentiate themselves on price. We'll see if either of them actually do it.

I love my Galaxy S2 running CM9. Didn't dig the S3 or the S4 design. I just want my Xperia Z, dammit!

I'll wait and see what the price for the different storage options are first. But AT&T has a history of carrying the lowest storage available. Usually 16Gb. Plus there is absolutely nothing announced from any Carrier about the HTC One yet.

Great news for everyone who whined about no removable sd card on the HTC One because you said you could upgrade with sd cards cheaper. You get to buy a 16gb S4 for $249 and add a 32gb card for $30-$50 and you'll have 48gb phone on which only certain apps can load on the 32 gb card. I'll buy the One for $299 and get $100 rebate and have a 64gb phone where I don't have to move apps to an sd card.