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Coming up on 3 weeks after the T-Mobile Galaxy SIII (S3) started receiving an OTA update to Jelly Bean, users in our forums are reporting seeing the update become available via Samsung Kies for their AT&T Galaxy S3s. There's no indication of when (or if) this will go out via an OTA package, but willing users that are impatient can always go with the Kies desktop software route.

Take a look at the source link below to our forums where the discussion about the update has already begun.

Source: AT&T Galaxy S3 Forums


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AT&T Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update hitting Kies


Dude, not everyone wants to root their devices or run unofficial OS etc. I'm a bit tired of goofballs saying to just root the devices and do it yourself when it's the carriers or corporations we should complain about.

I'm not even on Verizon and have been on Jelly Bean already, but I can see why people in the largest carrier in the US and perhaps the world in terms of importance is now one of the last to get Jelly Bean.

Wat's the difference between 4.1.1 and 4.2 . Am i now jellybean with 4.1.1. If not, what am i missing or what else shud i expect ?

I can't figure out how to get the Google Now screen like it's shown on Google's page:

It says you swipe up from the bottom of the screen but that doesn't work on the S3. I put a search widget on the home screen and it seems to show Now cards, but not the background like it shows on the Now page.

Hold down the home button. On thescreen that appears there will be a small square at the bottom with a g on it. Press the g and google now will open.

Kies is not even working on my laptop it keeps crashing . . . ugh. reinstall. Why cant this just be freaking OTA.

I did an uninstall and install of the newest version of Kies. Seems to be much more stable (relatively speaking).

Same issue here. I worked around it by creating a new user profile on my pc and then installed kies on there. I am now on JB

I updated my phone via Kies for MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion. The upgrade process for a relatively tech savvy iPhone, and Mac user was effortless. So happy to have this, my phone is MUCH snappier, and Google Now is awesome!

Got it! Updated! Very Nice! Google Now is working just like on my Note 2. Do not have a SIM card in the S3 so I will be interested to see the battery life reports etc.

Yep!!! Thanx For this!!!! AC!. I Got Mine finally after having JB on my Nexus S for while!... Anyway, downloaded Kies just fine on my Mac running Lion 10.8. But I'm still getting the Nexus 4!lol But my wife will love it!!

i just flashed cm10 last night -__- now the i cant decide to stick with it or ditch it for touchwiz (I hate the touchwiz icons but i love some of the features).

Me Too! That y I installed the Nova Launcher and tweak it to look identical to 4.2. I have the best of both worlds!! Pip Video, All the camera options of touchwiz but my phone looks like I'm running CM10. Icons and everything all updated to 4.2, along with 4.2 keyboard.- But that's a separate download(App).

Dude, please stop posting that link. No one wants to root their phone to get functionality that should be there already. I thought AT&T was bad for taking so long, but Verizon is straight trash. So glad they're not my carrier.

Way to go ATT always a major version or 2 behind. Glad I didn't wait for this update.

Thank you CyanogenMod! looking forward to 4.2 "soon"!


AT&T Galaxy S3 started at 4.0.x
It is now at 4.1.1

Most current is 4.2.1

So, AT&T is actually one minor version and a couple patches behind what is currently available.

I'm sure the reason it's taking so long is because they are still mad that the bootloader can be unlocked.

I like that... clowns. Now every time I see a picture of a verizon CEO talking behind a podium, I'm going to imagine them in a big rainbow colored wig and a "big red" nose.

You have to download the Kies desktop version, which is not the same as Kies Air.

Google Kies download for PC (or mac). The first listing should be a site. Download Kies from Samsung. Install Kies (which will take a while). Once installed, open Kies. Then plug your S3 into your computer via a usb cable and it should automatically ask you if you want to upgrade (which takes about 20 - 30 minutes). Install the program on your pc. Then connect your phone to pc. Once it recognizes your phone, it will show what firmware version you have and that 4.1.1 is available. Do a backup and just follow on-screen prompts.

4.1.1 looks to have fixed my issue with the full Clipboard bug that would crash apps anytime you tried to cut and paste. I can now cut and paste and access the clipboard normally to clear it out.

So, I updated successfully but now on the locked screen, I get a flashing red rectangle when I tock any of the buttons. It goes away once I unlock the phone and start an application. Any thoughts as to how to diable this?

Why does my Kies doesn't pop up any update and write in the firmware information that

Current firmware version: PDA:LH9/ PHONE:LH9/ CSC:LH9 (ATT)
Latest firmware version: PDA:LH9/ PHONE:LH9/ CSC:LH9 (ATT)

anyone can help me with this?

It shouldn't, however if you feel nervous about it, there is an option in the Kies software to backup your data. You can do this prior to updating. I suggest removing your SD card before running the backup if you have one or it will waste time backing that data up too.

I know I could be seen as very picky for this but why did they move the attach icon back to the right side of the text messaging app under the send icon? That's how it was out of the box and after one update they moved it to the left and then it was great now they moved it back. Not a good move if you ask me. But other than that not bad so far.

Hmmm, I had not seen that the update does this. I know that drove me crazy out of the box. Glad I cant get Kies to prompt me with a firmware update.

Very disappointed with the update. Very little new in it and it removed the mobile data toggle from the drop down. You now have to go into settings to disable/enable.

My computer just completely died so is there any other way to update to jelly bean , without crappy kids air????

I have an issue with Kies, when I load it, it makes using the Android File Transfer software, which is awesome and free, not work. Kies is very confusing and klunky. Is there a way to update without using Kies, because then I can't manually manage my phone and its content with AFT?

Can anyone tell help me how to update my jellybean 4.1 to 4.2 without the rooting. I checked the in Kies but it isn't showing up any update as I am using at&t Samsung galaxy galaxy s3 SGI I747.