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Update brings more stability and enhancements to the Note 3

Folks using an AT&T branded Note 3 are seeing a small OTA update this afternoon. Preliminary reports say things seem a little more responsive, and the keyboard background has changed colors to a pleasing blue-back look. Also, important to many, this update breaks root — you've been warned. We reached out to AT&T for a change log, and as soon as we hear back we'll update things here.

Getting the update is easy enough — your update will appear in the status bar when it's your turn, or you can try your luck and manually check in the settings. 

Discuss today's update, and all things Note 3 in the forums.

Source: AT&T Note 3 forums. Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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AT&T Galaxy Note 3 receiving small OTA update today


Got's hoping the wifi connectivity issue is resolved.

Posted via the Awesome Galaxy Note 3

I was hoping it would allow for GPS connectivity improvements. Sometimes it just loses connection and refuses to reconnect without rebooting in Google Maps.

Sorry guys. Your devices have been taken to the back burner to make roon for current devices.

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It was released days ago so you should have it if you do a manual check. everyone I know with a note 2 on AT&T has already applied the update and that's about 8 friends of mine so just check software update under Settings and you will probably have it.

restart your microcell its with a problem the microcell not the note 3 the microcell should of gotten a ota to fix it if not id delete it and re add it

And here in the UK im still waiting for this update even though it was mentioned weeks ago if its the same one? Sounds like it is.

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Bloat it up Bloat it up. That's how they ball out. Bloated apps bring dolla bills, they get MO money. - lol in my Rihanna Voice.

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hey guys i have att note 3 but i unlocked it and running on tmobile network i m still abale to get this update from att servers


The keyboard update is nice. Looks more like what the Note 2 had.

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KNOX WiFi issue still exists. Damn, I was hoping this was going to fix that :(

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Me too... "Unauthorized app has been stopped for trying to access system..." (or something like that). It always happens when the WiFi drops out and re-connects.

Same here on Tmobile us carrier, also issues with WiFi, as I am a it tech I also found out USB 2.0 fails radio test on all carriers. I have not tested 3.0 since most techs on payroll of carriers use 2.0 micro USB and swear by it.

Temp fix until next reboot. Hold down on shield icon until app info pops up. Then press clear cache and clear data then back to of it. I know it stinks but at least it doesn't kick on every 5 minutes

Which leads me to believe that the S4 will not be updated today... if they're rolling out the note 3 update...

Got my update. Wish they would have giving us the option to change the backgrounds of the keyboard and the phone touchpad.

My Note 3 popped up a notification "NULL" when checking for the update. I clicked OK. Then it downloaded it and started to install it when it said installation stopped. Now when I go to Software Update it says "Check for Update" and "Continue Update". Continue Update is grayed out. Hmmm... Now says I can't check for update for 23+ hours... Hopefully it will work tomorrow :/

Ok go to settings and uncheck ur auto time and date. Change ur date to tomorrows date. Good to go. When ur done just recheck ur auto time and date box again.

I was postponing the update to see if there were any negative reports, but it went through automatically this morning as soon as I took my phone off of airplane mode. well at least it doesn't seem to have broken anything. Didn't notice any changes at all, actually.

I love automatic updates /s

Sad the root you are supporting has been proved that while you do it it is stealing your imei number. Not safe don't trust it!

This update is a mixed bag of mostly... bad, I am sorry to say. I don't mind the darker keyboard, but they went for the tiny keys with more space around them that iHate the look of. No biggie though. What IS a biggie is what they did to the video player. No more live thumbnails when you are looking for your video. I LOVED that and showed it off. So what they are saving a few clock cycles, and 5 minutes of battery life? Also, maybe it's just me but I can NOT get a preview thumbnail to appear on the timeline with the S-pen anymore. What were they thinking here? I guess I am gonna find a way to roll back using Odin and the OneClick.exe from DesignGears. Sigh!