To 400 markets, and beyond

AT&T passed its 400th LTE market going live last week, and despite the milestone it is going to keep pushing along onto new markets. Starting today customers in the following four markets should see their devices connecting consistently to LTE, assuming they have the proper provisioning on their account:

If you live in or frequently travel to one of these markets, keep your eyes peeled for those improved data speeds.

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303kush says:


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return_0 says:



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303kush says:

Verizon LTE thooo

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gamefreak715 says:

Yeah finally my hometown! Go Fargo!

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jtc276 says:

Is that where the movie is set? I can't remember.

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zx6rarcher says:

Just. Stop.

Pyroshane says:

Just in time for ESPN Gameday. Coincidence?

zx6rarcher says:

Sucks for me, but I'm glad for you! I am still waiting for Sprint to throw the switch here. They've done all the NV/800 MHz upgrades and now we're just waiting for the backhaul.

Pretty good speed from announcement to actually launching on ATT's part. I'm guessing the upgrades have been in work for some time since ATT just announced Fargo would get it less than a month ago and now they're throwing the switch. As compared to Sprint who announced back in mid-April that Fargo is due for some LTE lovin' and here we are mid-September still waiting. But they are rebuilding the entire network so it's going to take some time.

Oh well... if it weren't for my SERO plan and having WiFi at home and work I would've jumped ship long ago. I WILL NOT jump to Verizon and T-Mobile sucks up here. Actually still might jump to ATT (kind-of) depending on how their LTE runs up here after seeing some reviews. I'm thinking a Straight Talk 4G plan and ATT GNote 3 might serve me okay. Be sure to post up some speed tests! :)

bunsen says:

It is my understanding that when AT&T deployed their network after the Alltel acquisition, they built it with LTE in mind. Which makes sense...if you need to install all new equipment, you might as well plan for the future as oppose to creating more work down the road. I was surprised that Minot, ND went live earlier than Fargo...much earlier.

xs228 says:

I'll be in Amarillo by morning. I'll have to check it out.

excalis says:

San Angelo, Tx is LTE live! Loving it!

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Blah says:

I switched from Verizon to AT&T. Luckily I have LTE from AT&T, but the general cell connection is terrible compared to Verizon.

Seriously, Verizon can't be beat even if they're the worst for bloatware and updates.

worknman says:

AT&T loves Texas, so I love AT&T :)

mgfjd12 says:

I travel nationwide. Overall, Att lte is a lot faster than Verizon in the same service areas.

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Rmbrown1964 says:

AT&T rocks in the Chicago land area!

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