Phone plans start at $55 with 2GB of data, tablets start at $15 for 250MB

AT&T has just announced that its separately-branded prepaid service called Aio Wireless will expand to be available nationwide starting in mid-September. The service, which is currently only available to customers in Florida, Texas, Metro-Atlanta and Chicago, will expand to cover customers across the country at an unspecified date in September. Not to be confused with AT&T's self-branded GoPhone prepaid brand, Aio Wireless offers lower levels of service and cheaper prices than GoPhone but also offers a wide range of handsets and BYOD options.

Aio Wireless offers a few different mid-range Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Express and ZTE Prelude, but we're going to assume most will use these plans with their own device and a standalone $9.99 SIM card from the carrier. There are just two simple smart phone plans to choose from in either case — unlimited talk, text and data with 2GB of high-speed data for $55, or 7GB of high-speed data for $70 per month.

Following along with GoPhone's recent upgrade, Aio Wireless is now offering LTE data speeds to customers as well, which is a big upgrade for prepaid customers. The phone plan terms explicitly cap data speeds at 8mbps, however, which is not the case on GoPhone's plans in our experience.

Data speeds are slowed — rather than cut off — after you hit the given limit, and additional buckets of data can be purchased at the rate of $10 per 1GB if you want to top-up. Standalone tablet plans are also available, with the base price of $15 per month for 250MB of data.

If you're interested in browsing Aio Wireless' plans you can visit their website at the second source link below, but you'll need to enter a Florida or Texas zip code to browse until it opens up officially nationwide.

Source: AT&T; Aio Wireless


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AT&T to expand Aio Wireless prepaid service nationwide in September


Straight talk is unlimited talk and text with 1.5 GB of data for $45. Is it really worth another $10 just for 500mb of data? It may be for you, but it's not for me.

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After tax the straight talk $45 dollar plan is $50 and change, aio is straight up $55 no tax. At the end of the day its a $5 difference not $10.

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Straight Talk has nowhere close as much speed. It typically averages around 2-3 even on HSPA device. Also, it has intermittent MMS issues, and customer service is horrid. It's worth the additional $5-6 for peace of mind and much better performance.

T-mobile still beats this handily especially for family plans, since Aio has no family option. AT&T is too expensive.

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Most prepaid plans are structured towards single users or pairs of users. Even postpaid family plans are cheaper than this once you get over 3 people in a plan.

Yeah my Sprint plan comes out cheaper than Tmo with 3 people. Unlimited, great LTE(your mileage may vary), decent minutes for us all.

Couldnt be happier since leaving Verizon

Except that T-Mobile only has 3 ten foot areas where it works in the whole country.

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$55 for 2GB of data hard throttled at 8Mbps? On T-Mo, you could pay $60, get 2.5GB of full speed data, and use the extra 500MB to TETHER to a tablet.

Nice try AT&T, but we gotcha.

You act like 8 down is somehow slow?!?! If you can stream full HD then its plenty fast. People are just getting silly nowadays.

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Guy I work is always bragging about his Verizon LTE. But he never does anything with that phone except check work emails and text his wife and kids. He's spending lots of money a month just to feel superior to everybody.

Well even AT&T's GoPhone offering at $60 gives you 2GB of unthrottled data.

But remember that this is AT&T's network not T-Mobile's, which means its potentially available to more people. More options are always welcomed in the prepaid space.

How do you get a $60 go phone plan. I literally just went there and couldnt find anything less than $70. You have to have an individual voice plan which is a minimum $40. Then the 3GB plan is $30. There was a 250mb plan, but who can use that one? I couldnt find a 2GB plan. Plus then I personally have to include a text messaging plan, $20. Yes there are text apps out there but not all my friends and family use the same one.

I'm not talking about AT&T postpaid service. I'm talking about their self-branded GoPhone service.

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Yup, thats where I went. To the GOphone website. I said I was a new customer. Picked a $0 4g phone, then went to the next step which is voice service. Cheapest voice is $39.99 a month. Then data is 300mb for $20. So yes that adds up to $60 but can anyone survive on 300mb. The 3gb plan is $30. That totals $70. Which is still higher than $60 and still doesnt have any text messaging.

Im not trying to be confrontational. I really would like to figure out how to get it for $60.

EDIT: I just realized what happened. IF you go to the go phone site and pick Plans at the top, it redirects you back to the regular website. you have to scroll down a bit to see the gophone plans button.

thats because you are looking in the POSTpaid section. the 60/mo is a GoPhone (Prepaid) plan.

from at&t site look in Shop -> Wireless-> Prepaid GoPhone

*shrug* My Nexus 4 doesn't do LTE so it tops out at around 6-7 with their HPSA anyways.

I was on TMO for a while but had to ditch because of coverage. Wonderful speeds... routinely got 20-23. But I don't need 20+ Mbit to stream music. I don't even need that much for Netflix HD.

I've been using Aio for almost a month now and I love it. I was on AT&T, and gave T-Mobile a try, but their network was terrible in my area. I was on edge more than anything. Now I have AT&T's network coverage at a much lower price.

Also, so what if the speed is throttled. Explain to me what I need >8 Mbps on a phone for. Plus, capped data speeds are a price I'm willing to pay if it means I get coverage everywhere I need it.

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Me as well. Zero complaints so far. I'm on the $65/Mon for 5gigs plan. And I have solid service in the mountain areas of AZ where I live (including LTE), whereas when I first arrived with tmo I barely had a phone signal let alone a decent data signal.

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8Mbits is 1Mbyte per second for crying out loud, I know people with slower home connection speeds. On a phone that should be fine.

On LTE my friend got 46mbps on speed test the other day. It was so fast the test was done before he hit start. Plus webpages load like 1 second faster, which is totally worth it.

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The pages load faster not because of higher speed but because of the lower latency that LTE sometimes provides. Agree that alone can be worth it to some people.

Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless have pretty much the same plans, and Boost Mobile shrinks your payments by $5 every 6 months.

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As they should, because they have a narrower range of devices. With MVNO's operating on AT&T or T-mobile, you can usually bring pretty much any GSM device.

Definitely gonna give this a shot. Should drop my plan for the fam down about $45 a month. Does anyone know if the BYOD has to be unlocked or can I bring an ATT device?

AT&T GoPhone and Straight Talk both work with locked AT&T phones so I'd assume the same would be true here.

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I'll consider switching from GoPhone, but I'm really used to these ridiculously fast AT&T LTE speeds.

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Are you using an actual GoPhone or just a BYOD kind of thing? If you're using an actual smartphone like a Nexus 4, what APN settings do you use and such? Thanks!

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Both GoPhone and Aio Wireless offer LTE now. I've been using the GoPhone 2GB plan for several months and the speeds are completely comparable to postpaid LTE. Aio, as noted above, is throttled to 8mbps.

No, you can bring any unlocked gsm device you want. It costs 10 dollars for the Sim card kit. I'm using my Galaxy Nexus on Aio right now.

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oh ok. im looking at -

1. Straight Talk with AT&T SIM = $45 w/tax if auto pay.
2. AIO AT&T = $50
3. GoPhone AT&T = $60

What is the total cost for the AIO $55 a month plan, after taxes? The Go Phone plan is $60 with no tax if purchased at their kiosk.

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Where are these GoPhone kiosks? Where can I find a list?

That no tax could be huge. I think tax on cell is like 20%!!!!

The ATT store I talked to said they had one on sight, at the store. Not sure if all of the stores have them or just some.

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You pay sales tax on GoPhone refills if you pay through the AT&T site. You'll skip tax if you buy individual refill cards from a third party.

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I've thought about this to get a solid service area.. I'm on straight talk T-Mobile and it's ok, in always bouncing between edge and hspa. In central Florida I usually get about 8-9 Mbps, but I have gone as far as using 6 gigs of data without being throttled! Wouldn't mind better coverage though.

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This would be a great plan but T-Mobile in my area is faster and cheaper than att so I will stick with Sprint. Right now I have one T-Mobile line and one Sprint line. If Sprint doesn't improve by January I will have all my lines with T-Mobile as long as I don't have spotty coverage during my test. The good thing is, if I don't like T-Mobile I'm not under contract.

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Does this work with Nexus 4?

I am paying over $140 for postpaid att service for 2 lines and only 1 GB of shared data. So clearly this aio, unless its some sort of crap, is calling my name. Very interested in the national rollout!

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As long as you know the restrictions of not having roaming and knowing that the data is capped at 8mbps top speed (which you're probably not going to get on HSPA+ on the N4 anyways), then yeah you may be looking at some savings here by going with either Aio or GoPhone.

That's another reason I chose T-Mobile. On hspa+ I get over 8mbps on regular basis, plus even at throttling T-Mobile is still pretty fast. The T-Mobile rep here also said there are a couple of lte pockets that are being tested. Although aio is a great step forward for att, it's still far behind T-Mobile. Only plus is att coverage is more expanded than T-Mobile.

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Nope. Tried tmob first and sitting in the house never once could get service. Nothing. Nada. No calls could be made, no texts, nothing. Total fail. I had to cancel tmob service after one day, lol. Yeah att is way more but at least it works and works great! I see now why tmob is cheap vs Verizon and att. Lesson learned.

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I often saw 20-23Mbit when I tried TMO some months ago. Usually in the high teens, though.

Unfortunately, their coverage just didn't cut it for me.

I wish TMO would focus less on LTE and more on increasing their coverage beyond city limits. They'd get me in a heartbeat.

Ditto. I was excited to pay $80 for two lines, but that was quickly erased when we got no service. I agree they need to worry about coverage first!

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Probably on T-Mobile, but AT&T only has HSPA+ 21 and in many cases 14 which you'll likely never see over 8mbps on.

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Does one get the same coverage with aio as with AT&T? Or is it somewhat restricted?

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From studying coverage maps it appears that with aio, like go phone, you would get full access to att towers, but no roaming to "partner" networks like you do with full postpaid att. So if att has a good presence in your area, no worries.

Honestly it looks to me like aio is essentially just the gophone plan with a $5 discount. Att is willing to provide that small discount because aio is not serviced directly by att, like gophone, but by independent aio dealers. Basically att is providing the network but not the customer service with aio, which is why it's cheaper. That said, it would seem more appropriate to price aio at $45-50 for the lack of real att cust service.

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Actually they just slow you down. The $10/GB is optional if you want to go back to high speed data.

Ok not sure what they throttle you to but I'm sure it's pretty slow. Think EDGE probably.

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This sounds good to me. Though I generally like StraightTalk, there is no option to go over on data without getting kicked off the network brutally. And 7GB for $70 is awesome if it includes LTE speeds of 8gig, which is plenty fast for me.

Looks like I found my new carrier.

If you're going to get what reads like crummy service, why pay only $5 less per month than the GoPhone plan? This is a ripoff. Cut the prices in half.

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You're getting throttling rather than a cap, and the option to purchase more data on months that you need it. Seems like a valid choice to me.

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Can I use a postpaid iPhone 5S (locked) on Aio? Reason is I can use my current Nexus4 on ATT postpaid and use the iPhone (still on contrac) on Aio.