Focus shifts to apps for wearables at AT&T hackathon

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This year AT&T has put a huge focus on wearable technology at their Developer Summit Hackathon that runs for 48 hours during CES. Usually the hackathon is for regular apps, but this year they have moved the focus from the standard applications over to the wearable ones, with a grand prize of $25,000 on the line.

On site AT&T will provide devices from Pebble, Wahoo, Samsung and various other wearable companies as well as offering developers Audrino boards and other pieces to make their own if they wish. 

In past years there have been tons of great ideas that come from the hackathon, so we are excited to see what the developers can do this year with the new category. With wearables becoming more and more popular it is great to see companies like AT&T getting behind them and pushing developers to get creative with the devices. Stay tuned to our coverage of the event and let's see what these developers are able to put together!

Source: AT&T, @PebbleDev

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NoNexus says:

is there anywhere to see the past winners? What have we gotten from that? Really jsut curious

eahinrichsen says:

AT&T's mentioned winners in a few press releases before. It looks like they don't necessarily focus on apps that could be quickly and easily released. Here's an example of a weird conceptual winner:

NoNexus says:

Thanks, I guess I am thinking more from a practical standpoint than a conceptual one

jwyche007 says:

AT&T wants to focus on wearables? What did they get a pair of shackles to run android or something?

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