AT&T has announced some changes to their data plan pricing.  Starting January 22, new plans that offer more data, albeit at a slightly higher cost, go into effect for both smartphones and tablets.  The new plans are as follows:

Smartphone plans

  • AT&T Data Plus 300MB: $20 for 300MB
  • AT&T Data Pro 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • AT&T Data Pro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot / tethering

Tablet plans

  • AT&T DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • AT&T DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

Smartphone customers needing additional data can pay $10 per additional gigabyte on the AT&T Data Pro 3GB and Data Pro 5GB plans; AT&T Data Plus users will receive an extra 300MB for $20.

Currently, customers pay $5 less per plan for 200MB, 2GB, and 4GB plus tethering.  Users will have the option to keep any existing plan, or to change to the new rates when they become available.  For more info, the press release is after the break. 

AT&T Launches New Data Plans

Customers Get More Data, More Value

DallasTexasJanuary 18, 2012

AT&T today announced new data plans for smartphone and tablet customers that will launch this Sunday, January 22. The plans give customers more data and value.

The new smartphone plans include:

  • AT&T Data Plus 300MB: $20 for 300MB
  • AT&T Data Pro 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • AT&T Data Pro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot / tethering

Smartphone customers needing additional data can pay $10 per additional gigabyte on the AT&T Data Pro 3GB and Data Pro 5GB plans; AT&T Data Plus users will receive an extra 300MB for $20.

The new tablet plans* include:

  • AT&T DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • AT&T DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

Existing smartphone and tablet customers will have the choice of keeping their current plans or choosing one of these new plans, and the current $14.99 for 250MB plan for tablet customers will remain available.

To help customers determine which data plan best matches their needs, AT&T has helpful tools – including a data calculator where customers can estimate usage for their typical data activity. Once smartphone and tablet customers are on a plan, AT&T keeps them informed of their usage levels by sending usage alerts as they consume data within their plan. For example, a smartphone customer with AT&T DataPlus 300MB will receive a text message when they consume 65 percent of their data bucket, plus two additional alerts as they approach the 300MB provided with their plan.

“Customers are using more data than ever before,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “Our new plans are driven by this increasing demand in a highly competitive environment, and continue to deliver a great value to customers, especially as we continue our 4G LTE deployment.”

Customers are encouraged to keep their device’s Wi-Fi turned on because data usage over Wi-Fi does not count against a customer’s monthly data plan. As an added value, AT&T smartphone and tablet customers have access at no additional charge to AT&T’s 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide – the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network.** Customers can get more information at

For more information, visit

* Plans are for 30 days and automatically renew every 30 days, unless you cancel service prior to the start of the 30 day renewal. Overage rates only apply to postpaid tablet plans – not session based pricing – and include: $14.99 for 250MB with AT&T DataConnect 250MB; and $10 per additional gigabyte with AT&T DataConnect 3GB and AT&T DataConnect 5GB.

** Largest based on company branded and operated hotspots. Access includes AT&T Wi-Fi Basic.  A Wi-Fi enabled device required. Other restrictions apply. See for details and locations.

AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

About AT&T
AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a premier communications holding company and one of the most honored companies in the world. Its subsidiaries and affiliates – AT&T operating companies – are the providers of AT&T services in the United States and around the world. With a powerful array of network resources that includes the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network, AT&T is a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high speed Internet, voice and cloud-based services. A leader in mobile broadband and emerging 4G capabilities, AT&T also offers the best wireless coverage worldwide of any U.S. carrier, offering the most wireless phones that work in the most countries. It also offers advanced TV services under the AT&T U-verse® and AT&T |DIRECTV brands. The company’s suite of IP-based business communications services is one of the most advanced in the world. In domestic markets, AT&T Advertising Solutions and AT&T Interactive are known for their leadership in local search and advertising.


Reader comments

AT&T bringing new data plans for phones and tablets on Jan 22


AT&T seriously charges $20 for 300 mb? And an additional $20 for an additional $20?? Who on earth would choose this instead of paying the $25/$30 for 2gb/3gb a month. I could see paying $3-5/month for 300 mb, but $20 is a little crazy.

I just want to see one of the big 2 come out and treat data the way they price it. If I pay for 2GB, 3GB, or its faux unlimited than one should be able to tether or use wireless hotspot. A byte is a byte is a byte no matter what device is using it.

yeah, that 300MB pricing is utter crap. 3GB for 30 and 5GB for 50 would put it at $10/perGB. 300mb should only be $3.

Just awful. But hey, I guess they could always calculate it the other way and charge $200 for 2GB, so why not rejoice and celebrate the joys of limited data.

This is just another step towards the inevitable axing of the unlimited plans. My bet is by the end of the year.

Their service may not be as "Great" as verizon, or as "Fast" as At&t but for 80 bucks a month after taxes and discounts I'll be sticking with Sprint and UNLIMITED data. With LTE on the way, hopefully speeds will get better.

I agree. These type of announcements are like free advertising for Sprint. I know once my contract is up with Verizon next month I'll be making the jump. Sure, VZW has a great signal and blah blah, but certainly no longer worth the extreme amounts of money I'd be paying if I upgrade my wife and I to 4G phones. It's all just getting ridiculous.

You keep telling yourself that. Sprint will only be able to handle this "unlimited free for all" for only so long before it starts to eat at their profits and damage their business. Mark my words... Sprint WILL eventually cap.

Yeah, I think I will be sticking to my Sprint plan too. Say what you want about them, but I have had no problem with them, and I have been a customer since the mid 90s! I live on-line on my phone, and I would love to tell you how much data that means, but I have never cared enough to look and see how many gigs I use because it makes no difference to me.

But wait till Sprint backs off from Unlimited Data soon.

Just like AT&T ...hook you onto Unlimited Data like a Drug dealer then after many customers jump ship to Sprint, stop the supply

Hang onto that grandfathered unlimited plan for dear life. Even though it's not truly unlimited, it beats any of these.

Yep, I pay 45 a month for unlimited data & messaging family plan. That's been gone awhile & if it weren't for ol' grandpa I would've left AT&T. But 45 us dollars for unlimited service on three lines just can't be beat. Have to pry it from my dead cold hands...

So, the price of the 5 GB plan is $50, whether you use all 5 GB or not.
Yet, the using 5 GB on the 3 GB plan is ALSO only $50, since overages are $10/GB.

Someone tell me why anyone picks the higher plans? I'm pretty sure the same is true of Verizon's overage charges...

Question for those in my shoes relating to this current article:

I am currently w/Verizon and my wife and I need to switch for a variety of reasons to AT&T or Sprint. I was actually going to port over the numbers tomorrow or Friday to one of the carriers.

Currently, AT&T has DataPro 4g for $45, what happens to those who are in that situation after the 22nd? Will they roll you over to the new category and charge the difference? It is what it is regardless, just curious what most of you would do/suggest.


I realize this may seem negligible, but at the end of the day, it all adds up. Didn't want to sound moronic.


AFAIK if you are in that data pro 4g plan before the change, you will be able to keep it as long as you desire. I'm on at&t and i have unlimited data +200 txt messages for $35 a month. and i've had it since 2008, so yeah, you should be able to keep it at the rate that you got it until you decide to change.

Won't be for a while... I'm on it now, I enjoy it where I get service (not my house - near a military base). But enjoy truly unlimited while you can. It's been good to me so far... tethering over 14GB using sideloaded, root tethers...

Damn AT&T scalping it like there's no tommorrow. Maybe this is their way of "recouping" their loses after the tmo merger failed.....
greedy bastards

I actually will end up getting more gigs for my dollar with this new pricing. They're not making any more money off anyone that has the 2gb plan and is upgrading it.

Cool conspiracy theory though.

Wow 300mb for $20, sounds to me like they through that out there hoping there costumers go over so they can just rape them for another $20. That plan is got to be made for old man Johnson who only has a smart phone because he either got it for xmas or it's all they had. Which brings me to my next question do they even make dumb phones anymore I really haven't looked I guess I just ignore them when I going to the store. Also I totally agree with the guy up there a byte is a byte is a byte so if companys are going to cap you as to say thats still profitable up to this much data for that amount than stop charging extra to tether. They just want to squeeze every penny they can out of you. That's one of the only reasons I rooted my EVO 4G, well that and backing up game data and get the latest updates. It's my fuc***g device and the law says I can do as I please as long as I'm not messing with something that would require fcc aproval so stop trying to stop us.

But your contract probably says otherwise - which means the carrier has the right to do as they will to your data and access if you breach that agreement. Also part of law.

I think I'll sit here happily with my $20 for 5GB Preferred Android plan on T-Mobile and be VERY happy that ATT's buyout of T-Mobile was smacked down.

I see it also states " plans are for 30days and renew every 30 days"
Does this mean no 2 year contract?? If so that would be a change from other carriers.

It's poor wording, really. All it means is that whenever your plan renews itself for the month, so does your data plan.

Just because the dollar amount is higher doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I will end up getting more gigs for my dollar by changing plans from 2gb to 3gb.

Thanks AT&T :)

Somebody has to pay that $4 billion payment to T-Mo. I promise you it isn't going to be the executives or the shareholders.

Why they're doing it is because a lot of people are just slightly going over the 200mb plan and it's charging them extra every time. This will help combat that. Also, the extra gig for $5 is not that big of a deal, considering it's normally $10 overage with the old plan.

I'm waiting for Sprint to finally drop their unlimited plans in favor of tiered pricing. It's coming, so just wait.