AT&T has kicked out an early morning (or late evening, depending on where you hang your hat) set of press releases about LTE network expansion. The following cities should be lit up and ready to go on AT&T's LTE network:

Anyone living in these areas and finding some AT&T LTE? Shout out in the comments!


Reader comments

AT&T bringing LTE to four more cities


Loving the LTE service in Hampton Roads Virginia. Getting download speeds from 14 to 25 Mbps. It's a dream come true. Thank you thank you thank you.

I'm getting 40s down on AT&T here in south central PA. They fired it up in Jan so maybe not a lot of iphones on it yet? Low of 33, high of 56 according to speedtest

To bad they can't learn how to update handsets or create better data plans. At&t sucks rotten eggs plain and simple. If you're on At&t dumped that ZERO and come join T-Mobile where better network exist as well as unlimited data and great handsets.

It's about time the LTE service got here in Norfolk, Va. Certainly took long enough. Now at least the speeds will be more consistent. Now we have a choice of data service and not only LTE from Verizon. Hello sprint when will we see your LTE speeds here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Sprint always behind in service. AT&T may not be the best service in Norfolk and Virginia Beach but its been improving since the smartphones became available to consumers. All I can say is keep up the good data speeds. Yummy!

Evansville Indiana and surrounding area has been seeing LTE since 2/28/2013. Love it!!! Almost makes we want to cancel my Cable Modem internet, almost... I still have grandfathered unlimited data, plus doesn't hurt I work for a certain telecommunication company's wireless data support center in Evansville. ;-)

LTE was flipped on in Gainesville, FL on 2/14/2013. I don't know if I saw that mentioned anywhere.