AT&T today announced that it's bringing its 4G LTE data to Salt Lake City later this year. That means you'll be able to take advantage of the faster speeds if you've got the Samsung Galaxy Note,Samsung Galaxy S II SkyrocketLG Nitro HDHTC Vivid and the Pantech Element, or the upcoming HTC One X, which goes up for presale on May 7.

Also this week, AT&T announced that it's expanded its LTE footprint in Austin, Texas.

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AT&T bringing LTE data to Salt Lake City


this is just the latest announcement from at&t that makes me take notice. they're getting top of the line phones and now offering lte here WAY before sprint

Huzzah! AT&T is finally catching up! Since I have a Verizon, this post is of no real importance to me. Once you go LTE, you never go back! Unless your Samsung Droid Charge gets stolen while in the SLC library, and your forced to use your friend's old blackberry that's not even WiFi capable. Then that just down right sucks...