Exclusive U.S. partnership helps parents keep in contact with their children

AT&T announced today that it is partnering with FiLIP to bring its smartwatch product to the U.S. as an exclusive to the carrier. FiLIP is targeted at parents as a device for their children to wear, keeping them in touch while they're apart without giving them access to the complexity of a complete phone. Much like the extremely simple phones made for younger kids, the FiLIP offers children direct messaging and calling with a pre-defined set of five contacts, as well as location information of the FiLIP back to the parents.

The child's FiLIP watch is controlled remotely by an app on the parent's smart phone, giving them access to all of its functions. From the app parents can monitor location information, talk to their child and set "Safe Zones" to alert the parent when the child enters or leaves a certain area.

At this time AT&T isn't providing any specific pricing or availability information out side of saying that FiLIP will be available "in the coming months." Being the exclusive partner for the U.S. market gives AT&T a lot of freedom on how to market and price a device like this, so it will be interesting to see how it positions this against regular phone plans.

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AT&T to bring FiLIP smartwatch for kids to its network


I'd get this for my kids if the price is right. Hope its built like a Tonka. My kids would tear it up if it isn't.

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Nice implementation of the smart watch

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I'd definitely get one if the price was right and I had AT&T hopefully T-Mobile gets something like it

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Looks to me like it's way too easy for the kid to take off, so I figure with a lot of kids it'll be gone in the first month. At least you can track it down, if no one has taken it and reset it....

kind of disappointed it an at&t exclusive. my 4 year old would love this thing. got option for location tracking without giving your child an actual phone.

Brilliant idea. But I see it is as more of a real life parental control option than a children's smart watch.

Oh you silly goose!

I sort of like the idea of the "simple phone" for kids, but in all honesty, elementary school kids don't "need" phones... The tracking part... yeah, that's an electronic leash... Hey parents, WATCH your kids, OK?

I'm a parent myself. And I can see the attraction of this kind of thing. A permanent GPS on my kids disguised as a cool watchphone. But, ergh, it makes me cringe a little. Let go of the reigns a little.

I look at it this way: if they're so young they need this, you should be physically watching them. If they're old enough to deliberately take it off because they know what it's REALLY for, you already lost and need to stop helicopter parenting.

But I know, you can't watch them all the time.
A 5 year old at school, taking the bus, or walking or in someone else's car... you can't be physically with them all the time. And there is the fear of a paedophile behind every dark corner.

But it still feels too highly strung. Too controlling.

That's true. This will help narrow down which well Timmy fell down this time.

Lassie needs the app for this.

Is it just me or does this thing look like Pikachu threw his back out?

I wonder how many parents will come to rely on this thing...thinking that if it doesn't beep at them then little Jonny's fine. In the meantime pedophiles know how to work a watchband...

And what are you supposed to do while it's charging? Go back to actual parenting???


This thing is styled to appeal to kids 5 and under. Who thinks kids 5 and under need text messaging, calling and the ability to locate them remotely?

When do you not know where your pre-schooler is?


I think perhaps pre-school up to but not including, middle-school. But again, we should know WHERE our kids are and have some sort of adult supervision "around" them at these ages.
I don't think more kids get "snatched" nowadays then did in the past, it's just we have more information streaming at us to where we KNOW about it.

I will admit that as a child I had more "freedom" perhaps than I give my child. But, my mother was a single parent and I had an older brother that I was expected to hang out with, I suppose.

Great idea, I just hope that they are secure enough. Otherwise, it has too much potential for evil.

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