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We've seen quite a few new AT&T LTE markets launch in recent weeks, and this morning the carrier has announced six new additions to its 4G LTE network --

  • Allentown, PA
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Starkville, MS
  • Hattesburg, MS
  • Reno, NV
  • Moscow, ID

If you're seeing AT&T LTE light up in your neighborhood for the first time this morning, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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Kiserai says:

I've been to Moscow, ID before. It's a small college town out in the middle of nowhere. It's frustrating that places like this are getting AT&T LTE while other major markets are still left in the cold.

Mark Flynn says:

That's odd because I've heard it's the other way around, that more of the bigger cities like New York are getting AT&T's 4G LTE vs. the small ones. I'm in NY and we've had it awhile. It's great in a hair salon setting when you're surfing the internet to look for styles.

Statusnone says:

Where is Melbourne/Palm Bay/Cocoa Beach, Florida? We have been lit up for two days now. Loving every second of it. 42mbps down, 14 up here in Northern Melbourne.

Jayshmay says:

I'm sooo glad I left ATT in March of 2910 for Verizon!
I really don't know what the +'s are that people see
with ATT, I really don't.

Targon says:

Because not everyone is in an area with LTE, and AT&T 3G is much faster than Verizon 3G. Verizon is also a sleezy company that has been known to throw random "services" on customer bills for things the customer never asked for. AT&T works for me, and I don't have to worry about weird charges showing up on my bill.

Sprint likes to do that also.

Sered says:

Well, for starters I pay less per month than you. Outside of LTE, I get MUCH higher speeds than you (an order of magnitude, really). Good enough reasons? :)

As with all carriers, it does depend on where you live (loved being with Sprint but no LTE in my area until 2014 (at least) killed them for me.)

Same as above poster. When I switched from Sprint, I priced both Verizon and AT&T - and AT&T was $10 / month cheaper so +1 for AT&T. Both have very good LTE coverage in my area so that is a wash; AT&T has HPSA 4g so +1 for AT&T. I never call or contact the carrier so customer service is a wash.

darkoman4 says:

If you are a geek, you are on GSM. I have 6 phones and like to change them every day. Just pull out SIM and put it in a new phone. I could never do CDMA.

Couldn't agree more. You have to jump through flaming hoops to swap a phone on sprint.

cavfreak1 says:

LTE here in Richmond as of last night!!!! Blazing speeds, loving it!

Sered says:

Same here in Brevard Co Florida. From Palm Bay up to Patrick AirForce Base got it turned on sometime yesterday. First I'm able to unlock my HTC One X bootloader via the X-factor hack on XDA so I can get Jelly Bean, second I get LTE speeds. What a good week :)

zolttt says:

any coincidence that sprint put LTE in like hershey / harrisburg... and now ATT is in bethlehem and allentown ? sprint needs to move those towers east

Conan Kudo says:

Starkville, MS activated on 8:20pm on December 11. Unfortunately, the performance is rather weak with only a 5x5 LTE carrier.

jdub1981 says:

No LTE in Shreveport, LA. Verizon has had LTE here for over a year.

dratsablive says:

Again all the cities around Harrisburg, PA but no LTE love for the Capital of the state.

darkoman4 says:

Allentown PA? WTF. How about LTE where people live. Like NJ, the highest populated state in the union.

ConTejas says:

Annnnd that's why it's the arm pit...

P.S. the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area (Lehigh Valley) is way bigger than the Harriburg area. Allentown itself surpassed Harriburg years ago to be the 3rd larget city in PA.

What?!? You mean Hattiesburg got 4G this soon? And before The Gulf Coast or Jackson? Yes, baby! I'll test it out upon my next trip down there...

KJ78 says:

As a Vz customer I am so glad I didn't go AT&T. Vz started LTE with some of the biggest markets, like Chicago, where I live. Meanwhile AT&T has started with the smallest markets first and is working up. By the time AT&T LTE is here in Chicago, Vz will be implementing 5g.

randyw says:

About time for Reno.

Flazer says:

Yep. Started noticing the LTE lighting up near downtown. Speeds seem good too.

btswein says:

So many Verizon fanboys here haha. At least AT&T's network doesn't go down every week..

btswein says:

So many Verizon fanboys here haha. At least AT&T's network doesn't go down every week. Everybody acts like their life sucks because they don't have LTE, truth is we're spoiled. Honestly, you're just going to burn through your tiered data faster then bitch that LTE sucks and so does your battery life and monthly bill!