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AT&T announces new 300MB and 2GB Mobile Share data tiers


If you have to pay for data separately, why should adding a smart phone to your plan cost any more than adding a feature phone?

People who are required to get it regardless because of having a smartphone even though they use wifi primarily anyway. Especially people using apps which "let you in" to wifi you don't have a password to. ;) It's a requirement for smartphones on AT&T'S service anymore, one I personally have never used more than 100 mb of in one year. My bill is only 37$ with insurance and my measly 300mb data included so I don't feel too ripped off
myself. Those kind of people get it because they have to ole bean. :)

Prices are still wayyy too high. No matter how I slice it I still end up paying at least $25 more per month. Granted that doesn't account for the unlimited talk but who really even needs that anymore. Esp since I have thousands of rollover minutes anyway.

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Seriously. Who in their right mind would pay $500 a month for ANY amount of data. I can pay $20 or $30 with tmobile and use ten times that much data in a month for a fraction. Att is craaaaaazy!!

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F that! i will be jumping on the $60/month AT&T GoPhone Unlimited Talke/Text 2GB Data Prepaid Plan soon! pair it up with the Next Nexus direct from the Play Store and i will be all set!

just switched to this for my nexus 4 and am very happy. I'm around Indianapolis and am getting ~10Mb down/2-3Mb up speeds

I'm with tmo. Prepaid plan hspa+ I get 21 mb down and 6 up.. 70 talk text and unlimited Web. Att is crazy

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i hear nightmares about TMOB coverage. so i'll pay a little extra and go with AT&T GoPhone. i would consider Straight Talk but their Data policy is a little shady and so is their web interface - AND AT&T SIMs are no longer easy to get - it's all TMOB.

I've been using Solavei for $58 ($49 including tax and paying for everyone else cellphone charges)The company uses T mobile network, and offers 4GB or 5GB of data at 4g and LTE speeds, unlimited minutes, and unlimited text. Also, offers a chance to lower your cellphone bill by referring others users. I don't participate in that part, but i have been very happy with my services and customer services.

Good thing my three lines are grandfathered in for unlimited. Yes some say they throttle it at 5gigs, but I haven't been throttled yet. I had almost 20gigs last month and still got 60 plus mbps at times. I hear they only throttle the top 5 percent of the data users.

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I have unlimited through Verizon too and they've been throttling me for almost a year. (I average around 30gig a month)
My 4G speeds used to average 20mbps down/ 15 up, but over the past 10+ months I've been averaging 5-7mbps down, 2-5 up. Those speeds are still fast enough to seamlessly play YouTube videos, but it sucks if I'm downloading a large file. My speeds usually increase by about 5-7mbps the first few days of my new data/billing cycle, but it's quite noticeable. Funny thing is my wife is on the exact same plan, exact same phone, exact same Rom, but she isn't being throttled. (She only averages 2-3gig a month)

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How long ago did you get 20mbps? They may not be throttling you, the network may just be slower due to the number of people who own LTE devices these days.

These prices are getting ridiculous on top of limited data. I can easily afford it but don't like feeling like I am getting ripped off.

I just checked between the 2GB plan and the plan I am on right now, and I am still cheaper on my plan! And I get 3GB and my wife gets 2GB! The killer is that my in-laws are on our family plan and they both have simple phones which they charge $30 a month each to have on the shared plan. They don't even use data or the text messaging!

If Softbank plays their cards right, Sprint could really be a contender considering this news.

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Ok. Att, I'll switch now. Since there are no reliable companies that offer better plans for less I'll choose you. I wish there was a $70 prepay with unlimited everything that was gsm and had a reliable network where I lived(sarcasm).
Tmobile and Verizon are going to be getting a lot of new customers.

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More like TMo and Sprint will be getting new. With all this new competative pricing being thrown around, as much as it would be hard to leave ATT after being on for 10 years, I'd easily go to Tmo, but their flagship will have to head to head with ATT and lately they have.

Sprint offers unlimited data because their network is so poor that most won't be able to use much data anyways. AT&T's network, on the other hand, is really quite awesome.

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* Where you live

Through no scientific research of my own or anyone elses, right here in Harrisburg, PA, Sprint has the second best coverage.

If I am gonna get Raped by either Verizon or ATT for the price, I am going with Verizon hands down so I have not tested the ATT network in years, so YMMV.

Around here it is Verizon, Sprint, , , , followed by , then T mobile.

I can't believe people are willing to pay those kind of prices. Come on people vote with your wallet. If people quit paying that much it will come down. Same old stupid stuff At&T did with phone service, internet service, cable and anything else they do. They never set the trend and always charge as much as the market will accommodate.

Yup this is insane. The second I lose my unlimited data on VZW is the second I switch to T-Mobile. These companies are really screwing us over and T-Mobile represents the only company doing the right thing that'd serve me well in my area. Until that time, I'll continue to use my 6-8 GB per month on Verizon knowing my time there is limited.

I wish voting with wallet would work. With at&t. According to this article they weren't having enough subscribers to the existing mobile share plans. But they came out with crappier plans instead of better! :-(

If anybody chooses these options they must love getting ripped off. I'll stick with the 10GB I get from Verizon for $50. (Signed up during a promotion, but still.) Plus I get 30mbps down and 10-20 up where I live.

Yes they do. Streaming video and audio are forbidden by their TOS. I wish all the Straight Talk appologists would actually read sections 6 and 7 of their TOS.

Makes me glad I'm on unlimited! And I'll be happy to buy my future phones outright to stay in unlimited!

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I get 5GB of data from T-Mobile at a much better price than 300MB for $30! This has to be some kind of sick April Fools joke in late July! I sure hope someone takes a look at that and makes changes...QUICKLY!

I can't believe companies are still trying to charge this much for so little data. I think my smartphone would use 300MB a month without me actively using it. Just apps, syncing data constantly would eat up a lot of it. For $20 a month I think the minimum should be 4GB of data... absolutely not less than 2GB!! Glad I don't have ATT.

AT&Ripoff... Really?

Wow.. Really, I'm speechless that your customer base has not figured your gangster ways out yet..

T-Mo @ $30.00 a month 100 mins + (Free Wi-Fi Calling :-) ) Unlimited Data /Unlimited Txt.. I really feel sorry for those that are not blessed enough to have good T-Mo Coverage.. You are missing out on the BEST plans on the planet.

You lot really get screwed by your carriers..$20 for only 300mb and $50 for 2gb..over here in the UK I can get a new phone on contract with around $50 and get the same data or close to it and won't even have to pay any upfront fee

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Rip off. Makes Verizon look cheap. Scary as this seems to be a trend now.

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They really need to reconsider all of their pricing plans. I agree with most here.. what they are giving it's customers for the price we are paying just doesn't work IMO. They need to further break their plans down to 2gb increments or drop the additional device pricing. With that said they know most will pay these astronomical prices, we have become subject to their mercy. It's no longer about the customer but the almighty dollar. Google please, please help us to take on these huge monopolies

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Unless they are changing that too you have to have at least 2 phones (one of which must be a smartphone) to use Mobilr Share plans.

Shared data plans are big time ripoffs. I see no plans here that doesn't add tons more to my current family plan.

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I have 4 person 3gb each with unlimited talk and text for around $200/month.

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LOL, here in Denmark I pay 70$ a month for unlimited calls, sms/mms AND 100 gigs of traffic. I also get a yearly subscription for Spotify that I passed to my wife since I already use Rdio.

Stupid. Go bankrupt on build every month with a contract company-lol

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Picked up my GNex on VZW and got Grandfathered in with my existing Unlimited Data Plan. Since then, they obviously went with the Share Everything nonsense, and I will forced into it if I upgrade my phone through them.
They call me monthly at this point, to "Assess my plan" and make sure that I am not overpaying, have the right services for my needs, etc... Yeah, ok.

I travel a lot for work, so not only do I need the data for email, GPS, and other apps, but I also use the Power Toggles app/widget to bypass the mobile hotspot verification from VZW to get online with my laptop and Tablet! :p

It just sucks that I will have to pay a lot more for a new phone from a 3rd party, and activate it on my account, to keep my unlimited data. Alternatively, I could take the upgrade from someone else on my account (im the main).. but then they're assed out for another 2 years on their phone.
Just need to never ever ever use MY upgrade, and ride this wave for as long as I can.

When I am in the VZ Store and they look up my account, they can't beleive I still have it! They'll have to pry it from my cold, dead, throttled(which I haven't had, yet) fingers!!