AT&TAT&T this morning announced what some of you have already noticed (and thanks for the tips!) -- the carrier's 4G LTE service has gone live in Little Rock, Ark. That means phones like the HTC One X or the new Galaxy Note 2 will download faster than they could a week ago. That's progress for ya.

Also, AT&T mentions that it's expanded its LTE coverage in Key West to include Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys, Marathon, Islamorada and Key Largo.

Also, Bakesfield, Calif., should be seeing expanded coverage.

Source: AT&T

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Nchaka says:

Wow They expand Bakersfield and they can't fix their coverage in a more populated area like Ontario or San Bernardino? Their HSPA coverage sucks there!

Testicleez says:

I agree. it sucks here in Corona too.

bmolloy says:

I am in Temecula and it is pretty bad here too. Lets pick it up along the 15/215 corridor AT&T! LTE shows up for SD in Escondido so their footprint for San Diego is actually pretty big, now it is time to move it north.

cgardnervt says:

Who cares! Add LTE to a state that doesn't have LTE yet. says:

like Colorado! come on AT&T...

Bucncane says:

They have LTE in every major city in Florida except the capital! Come on!

Statusnone says:

Space Coast area is confirmed for getting LTE this Christmas. Friend of mine that works for Best Buy Mobile knows the rep for AT&T and they have the infrastructure already up around here, they just need to flip the switch.

dbstlmch says:

Denver just live with LTE. My samsung gs3 is seeing download speed of 22 meg