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In the run up to the holidays, it seems AT&T is wasting no time expanding its 4G LTE coverage -- we've counted at least thirteen in the past few weeks. Today brings the news that the carrier's LTE network has just been lit up in four new cities:

  • Melbourne, Fla.
  • Green Bay, Wis.
  • Oxford, Miss.
  • Springfield, Mass.
  • Tucson, Ariz.

In addition, Phoenix and Los Angeles are seeing expanded coverage. If you're seeing AT&T 4G LTE reception for the first time today, be sure to shout out in the comments.


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AT&T 4G LTE launches in several new cities


Activated a 9900 BB Monday afternoon at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and ATT 4G LTE jumped right out of the screen at me. Don't have any ATT Android devices handy though. Most of them here are VZW.

They're actively updating this article I think. When I first checked 20 minutes ago, their was 3 listed, now there is 5 listed. They updated the list and not the article lol

Are you actually getting it in Redlands? It is still not showing on their map as going out there. I live in Temecula (but am out of town) so I am hoping AT&T has finally shown some inland empire love.

Noticed the LTE icon here in Sylmar, ca. For the first time today. (Los Angeles county) I normally only see it in Santa Monica and around the UCLA campus.

I work in Northampton Ma, which is just outside of Springfield. My coworker asked me last Friday why her phone said 4G LTE now (HTC ONE X), I was shocked to see it so right away I had her download the app. She was getting up to 30+mbps! The average was in the upper 20's. Meanwhile I am averaging about 12-15 Mbps on Verizon LTE. I am impressed AT&T, good work!

42mbps down and 14mbps up here in Melbourne, FL. For argument sake it's most of Brevard County (Cocoa Beach to Palm Bay.) Freaking love it!

Just remember,AT&T's LTE speeds will settle down to about the same as Verizon's as more LTE-equipped devices come online. Still, having HSPA+ as a fallback sure beats VZW's EVDO 3G.

Corona, and Riverside has LTE now... seen it lastnight as I was driving home from Orange County. Usually cut off at Anahiem Hills. Speeds are OK.. but not as good as my Verizon LTE work phone gets

I live in downtown Riverside and noticed it on my way home last night. LTE signal is strong near my house but gets a little bit spotty as you head farther south. I work out near lake perris and the LTE signal died out as I was exiting cajalco/Ramona express way

LTE stops just outside the town I live in on the coverage map, about 30 minutes from where I live. Got my fingers crossed that we get it soon.

I just started seeing LTE in the small towns west of Worcester, MA between Springfield and Worcester. It's a pretty good sign when towns of 4,000 people get blanketed in LTE. I was pulling 45+/25+. Not bad AT&T, not bad.