While Verizon is proclaiming to have their 4G LTE rollout now covering more than 75 percent of the U.S. population, AT&T has announced two new markets to their rollout. Fayetteville, Springdale and Rogers, Ark., and Waco, Texas have been lit up for 4G LTE and customers in those areas can start enjoying faster access on their compatible devices. Are you in one of those areas? If so, drop by the Android Central forums and let everyone know what kinds of speeds you're seeing.

Source: AT&T

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tohio says:

While Akron and Canton Ohio are nice places I don't understand AT&T's leaving Columbus Ohio without LTE service. Columbus is the State capital, and is the most populous city in Ohio. Can anyone comment on AT&T decision making process when adding LTE coverage to certain geographic areas over others?

duncanator says:

I know how you feel. I work in Sacramento which is the capital of California with a regional population of around 2 million and we don't have it here either. Verizon had it I think a year ago. I guess when you look at a city like this compared to the other places in CA, I understand. I would like to see AT&T not sell LTE phones in markets where they don't have LTE coverage.

wscaddie56 says:

IMHO ATT should just stop the press releases for new cities, that list above is just pathetic compared to VZ.

In addition to those mentioned above and below, no Milwaukee? Twin Cities? St Louis?

Are the markets in Springfield, AR and Waco, TX so robust that they needed 4g before all these major cities?

ulmerj79 says:

Theres nothing robust about Waco. NWA however is home to some fairly large businesses. Ive lived in both communities.

WindRunner says:

Milwaukee has some LTE rollout already, albeit unofficial. Was able to pick it up when I was at Miller Park last weekend, and pulled 35 Mbps/8 Mbps walking around inside the concourse. Looking forward to when it gets better in WI.

BasPilot says:

No love for Utah. We can have more than one wife but we can't get more than one 4G connection. (oh, I have 4G from VZW, and so does my wife.... the ONLY wife I have.... for now!!!!!!)

planoman says:

Has to do with how hard it is to upgrade or put in new towers. Government red tape is or can be an issue. Pretty easy to put up towers in Texas which is why we have great coverage and LTE on Att, Verizon and Sprint.

Google10 says:

I was really hoping to have LTE in MSP before iPhone 5 users that have no idea what it is slow it down...

zakk87 says:

I live in Fayetteville, noticed my OneX said LTE, got super excited. Am seeing on average 35mbps down.

silwon says:

we got 4g today in Bismarck North Dakota and am thrilled! However I'm on Verizon, this AT&T list is hilarious! they will NEVER catch up to the V rolling out two cities at a time! The only thing AT&T has is the killer devices, Verizon doesn't have anything besides the Razr and a crippled S3 and if anyone says something about the iPhone,. well then friend, you are in the wrong place just like i am right now. good luck AT&T-ers :)