ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

We've heard some runblings of a new update expected for the ASUS EeePad Transformer since the last one apparently broke a few things but there was never any mention of an ETA for it. Now is apparently the time though, as quite few people are starting to get an update labeled "" on their devices.

We've done some digging around and for the most part it just appears to be bug fixes but one welcomed change I'm sure is that the Backup app is now working again. Spot any other changes? If so let us know but for now -- go ahead and check for updates if you're unrooted, you may find it there waiting for you.

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Thanks, Donnieace!


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Asus EeePad Transformer update making its rounds, fixes app backup issues


My Asus EeePad Transformer keeps getting better and better. The only reason I would have wanted to root it was to backup the apps, and now with this, I won't have to root it. Can't wait for it to be updated with ICS! Android & Asus FTW!

You do it too?

I always find a tablet/phone/notebook thats on display that needs to do updates. And i just cant help myself so i do them.

We should get a commission or something.