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Last month brought an improvement in monthly sales figures for HTC, according to reports from Reuters​. Figures released by HTC this morning put consolidated sales at NT$31.03 billion ($1.06 billion) -- an improvement on the previous month's NT$30.879 billion, though still some 20 percent lower than April 2011's figure of NT$38.73 billion. The Taiwanese manufacturer saw falling revenues in the face of increased competition during Q4 2011 and Q1 2012, so the uptick in sales will come as welcome news.

The rise in sales can be attributed to the launch of the critically-praised HTC One series in Europe and Asia. As the One series sees broader availability in North America over the next month, HTC will be hoping its numbers will be further buoyed.

Source: Reuters


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April brings HTC sales boost


Awesome! I've always supported this company! Don't believe me?? Well I have a Rezound! The most awesome phone that nobody bought...

The HTC EVO 4G was the biggest and highest definition phone two years ago. HTC sales and profits soared.

Then HTC fell back to their old High Tech Computer clones ways and spent the next two years cloning their own 4.3 " phone.

HTC got distracted by little screens, low def, 3D instead of HD. And the Gangsta Rappers Beat them Senseless.

Now for the first time in 2 years, HTC has something bigger than 4.3". I really like HTC and hope that they see where they went wrong these past quarters.

Honestly until the One series I had been really disappointed in HTC phones for about a year. They just were stuck in a serious rut. It's nice to see them on the playing field again.

Now Moto, stop showing Verizon so much love and get out there too!

My new HTC One X is breathtaking; it had iPhone Zombie friend panting with lust. HTC has a winner here and it should (if there is a just world) sell fabulously well.