Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

Here are a few links about today's news, if you still wanna read more: ReutersFOSS Patents


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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


patent nonsense sucks. I just had my wisdom teeth removed and am still more wise than lawyers :)


But tha mass public doesnt even really kno about it, ur average smartphone user has no idea about tha business and legal side of it all. I call iphone users not so smart dumb phone users. They jus kno "oooooohh pretty iphone" and that tha end all b all but that shits trash. Apple is trash and they scared thats y they doin all this and oh yea didnt they jus try to stop tha SGS III at customs but no dice already got mine. Apple can kick boulders wit open toe sandals and oh yea isnt iphone goin to cricket and virgin mobile.... yea they scared #TeamAndroid iphone killa. Can't wait for jellybean.

Once the iPhone gets NFC, someone should develop an app so whenever the iPhone gets near an NFC enabled Android device, it just starts whining, complaining and throwing tantrums.

Most injunctions placed by big firms these days are getting pretty ridiculous. I mean this is what is holding back technological collaboration, those damn lawyers! These injunctions will stop once Lawyers can no longer make money from them. I am guessing the American court system is probably getting sick of these things!

Please pick me for the Galaxy Nexus btw. I have never won anything and technology blogs [Engadget :( ] always restrict entries to the US. I am glad Android Central has a much better stance to this, every country should be allowed to participate!!

I disagree. It's just business. If you had the money to spend on lawyers to defend what you thought was your intellectual property, you would do it to. Apple, Google, Microsoft they are all out to further themselves.

I'm not saying you don't btw. Just making a point.

Buisness... the lawyers are there to hold up the walls of their so called monopoly's. Well not for long cuz OS only gets stronger every day by the people, for the people, at least us. Why because we openly communicate and educate each other, we all start to know each other, I'm Mike by the way, and it's all made possible through beautiful forums like androidcentral. Anyways, soon Apple's gonna find out it's all about under the hood baby, it's under the hood. ;)

That phone looks awesome, hey wait a second didn't we invent awesome phones? I'll get the lawyer on the phone.
-Apple (paraphrased)

The patent system is so broken. It's preventing innovation from happening organically. That's why we really only have a duopoly for now. Everyone else is afraid of bringing new tech to market without getting their pants sued off.(unless you have the backing of Microsoft, etc)

Agreed. It's almost as if apple is realizing they're losing the innovation battle, so they've got to pull this to prevent getting passed by.

Microsoft tried the same thing about 10 years ago when Mozilla started competing with IE. Look at Kodak today; flat broke and filing lawsuits as a means of creating revenue! I don't care for Apple products but see them as a necessary evil to help drive innovation. What I really want to know is how bad does it have to get before the system gets some needed repairs?

And to think, the injunction was granted pn the basis of the "unified search" patent, on the grounds that id'd actually harm Apple sales! Seriously? Who ever picks a phone over a seach function?? How can the Judge be so ignorant, and Apple so manipulative of the system!!

This seems less about the money, even less about the patent, and more like a PR war: to bad mouth competitors, bragging rights to call others copycats for the most insignificant elements of a smartphone experience, and then use this threat on other manufacturers! (Even their vaguely and maliciously worded response, the generic one they keep repeating, misleads the uninformed to thinking GNexus copied iPhone).

And for those who say Apple innovates, at least in software and interface, read this NYTimes article to see what Apple does when they copy significant UI elements from others without license or attribution:

Exactly. You need to have an army of lawyers at your disposal if you go to the market with anything, because you KNOW you're going to get sued by somebody. Young, hungry startup with a great idea cannot afford this, so bye bye :( Your only chance is to get bought by one of these giants, who would otherwise sue you.

Yea it's way out of control. Every week there's a new lawsuit that is clearly absurd against a piece of tech that has been out for a long time. What can you hope to gain except ill will? The release cycle for phones is so fast that stopping sales 8 months after release doesn't make a difference. The next phone is almost out the door already.

They're not concerned about their patent, they're just trying demand money from sales.

Well put. Less patent trolling and more innovation. When is Apple going to learn that they are losing more customers with this approach compared to the numbers they are blocking. Keep up the great covered guys!

I partially agree. No doubt the purpose of Patent is to protect the R&D (doesnot work for the so obvious stuff); But if we see the injection given against Galaxy Nexus, its really horrible to say that "voice linking to Google search is similar to Siri".

What else would you expect a smart phone be used if it can't be smart?

Now a days Searching is common phenomenon (Thankfully Google didn't patented searching) and based on that if a judge can give an injection to stop sale of Nexus, then I feel the human race is on the edge of falling back to ground zero, where there is not technology obviously no Patents.

Protect the research but forcefully don't stop Development

Pretty stupid that they keep suing Samsung considering they make half the shit in their products.

Apple can't innovate so they stifle and complain. Kinda like the GOP..

Crapple is stuck in 4" screen land with everything entirely locked down and control over your device. Again kinda like the GOP. Want full control over everything, 1 IOS, 1 Religion. One in the same.

Only way to fix the patent system is to scrap it. Start over. Nothing is unique anymore. Everything has a variance of some sort...

For having a name like "freethinkeraz", you sure don't have much "free" thinking. GOP may not be good, but at least they don't want the Government in every corner of my life (no. not 1 conservative wants a Govt run religion) like the Dems do.

Other than the unnecessary injection of politics into this conversation, I feel exactly the same as you do about Apple. I really wish a different manufacturer would make a laptop with the same awesome screen that the new Macbook Pro has since I refuse to give Apple any $$ just on principle :(.

All you people are so misinformed, do you even know what the GOP stand for? Keep listening to the lies of the media and democrats, the last thing the GOP wants to do is control everything. Also since when having a different belief or opinion is a crime? All you democrats talk about being super tolerant and this and that and can't even tolerate conservatives or even your own when they don't do what you guys want? Just stupid
Now if you want the government to control everything in your life even what kind of cellphone to use. Well you are in luck you can go to Cuba.

How dare you use logic here ;)

But yeah, I agree. I too am tired of being bashed by those that claim to be tolerant. They all live in their own liberal media saturated worlds and only listen to what they want to be told.

Agreed. We must remember that the greatest evil is that our political parties are so rigid on their views. I do not see why one cannot be GOP but still have a handful of liberal views. It just simply isn't done...

Not to mention they all lie but I suppose we gave up trying to eliminate under the table stuff long ago.

It is quite probable that this mess we are in with patents is due to these parties both being incompetent. Either way the patent system is so terribly broken...

Shame these companies have no shame...

Are we seriously talking politics? Even if you think the GOP are rich corrupt cronies, or the liberals are socialist pigs, I'd like to point out that you're on the wrong website for discussing that kind of bull$$$$. lets all focus on the real enemy. Apple. Oh and please give me a nexus I'm dying for Jellybean.

Hah I was thinking the same thing. Politics on AC?!

Either way, hopefully in time Apple will run through all its potential litigation scenarios. I would expect that over time Gary will have less evidence to work.wit since the their competitors are more privy to design around their patents.

I thought we were hating on Apple here, but this sounds more like the GOP version of the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! girl.

You cry about not accepting opinions and beliefs, then pull out the tired old "The libruls all hate me and my political team so they're stoopid" crap without even starting a new paragraph. Put down the Fox News mug full of kool-aid and step away from the keyboard.

The world is a lot more complicated than "MY TEAM IS GONNA WIN! GO ELEPHANTS", but we're all buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Also...Apple sucks.

We were hating on apple ,but the freethinker decided to make a poor comparison between Apple and the GOP.

What makes you think I have time to watch any of those biased news channel with their own agendas. You are taking issue with my grammar? Who cares about grammar on a online comment section I guess we know who. I was not born in the states so English is not my first language. And one last political comment please stop blaming others for your own problems, but I guess that's too refreshing and too much common sense. Also we should stop worrying about the world and worry about our own country. I'm done with the political thing, and not more political comments please you won't convince me and I won't convince you either.

Agreed! This only made me hate apple even more. Now I will definitely not be buying any apple products and am going to go out of my way to promote Android and convert iSheep over to Android

I agree with freethinker. All he did was liken Apple to GOP and that's his opinion. By the I too agree with that assertion. Look at the Affordable Care Act. GOP is perpetuating the idea that since the court called the penalty a tax, then Dems are out to increase taxes. We all know it's not true but GOP has convinced so many that it's true. This is exactly what Apple has managed to do. They've convinced masses that they are the innovative ones and everyone else is just a copy. Unfortunately, this idea has worked with a lot similar to how GOP has convinced most people that Dems are going to raise taxes with the ACA. The tax as the court called it is to be paid by those who opt not to buy insurance if they can afford it. Anyway let's get back to hating Apple.

liberals love apple, terrible comparison. GOP complain because america has an incompetent, socialist, fool as president and they will have to deal with him for another 6 months. Thats 6 months too long if you ask me.

apple and hippies get along great, if anything apple is like the lazy leftists that dont want to work a day in their life.

what a crock of shit. it's enough to make me want to sell my Mac to a fanboy, buy a pc and put Linux on it. too bad the wife for some dumb reason loves her iPhone, blowing it up to celebrate the fourth would be most awesome!

That would be awesome. If i had the money i would buy an iphone and an ipad.

Than find a way to get some c4 than blow both of them up, and send the vid of it to apple, and youtube would be a bit hit.

This patent and copyright bs has got to stop, it's all doing exactly the opposite of its original spirit to promote innovation.

Apple, Apple, you're so sweet.
Steal Android notifications to make an iOS treat?
You whine and complain about from you what's been taken.
Yet you steal from Android. Ummm... I love bacon.

This patent nonsense is crazy! I don't want the Galaxy Nexus to get banned. Hell, I don't even want the iPhone to get banned. Let people have whatever phone they want. If anything, ban all blackberry phones ;) JK.

If Apple would spend 1/3 of the money that they spend on harassing Samsung on a notification system of their own that doesn't suck and a home screen that doesn't look just like it did 5 years ago then there would be no competition! They lock down the file system and make changes smaller than Mini-Me's johnson and they wonder why people want Android! Stop ya cryin Apple!

The original purpose of the patent system was so that people would be encouraged to release information and techniques that they had developed, while still getting reward for them. Without them, many of the techniques would have gone to the grave with the person that created them. However I think in terms of software patents, it’s kind of ludicrous for disputing a single technique or in this case an implementation, since you can code in different ways to get the same outcome.

I think what most people don't seem to understand. It isn't what you believe is copied; it is what you can prove in a court of law, such as this case with Apple. They have been successful in previous legal precedence’s and know the system, well at least their legal team does. Google has not yet responded, so it will be interesting what the outcome maybe, hopefully in Google’s favor.

Looking at the injunction of the four patents the possible outcomes could be (pulled from FOSS for disputed patents):

1. The "data tapping" patent based on which the ITC ordered an import ban against HTC

Apple has a strong case on this one, since they have already have won the injunction with HTC, sort of legal precedent. It’s basically text recognition that is context driven. Like recognizing a phone number, an email, an address etc. HTC already removed the feature from the US handscents. I hope Google’s legal team will address this since I can remember context driven recognition in the early 90s. Hopefully a reversal, which would “save” a lot of OEMs that use this in their own implementation in different android versions. I remember HTC couldn’t fight this due to them not owning certain patents that Google could not transfer to them, due to ownership. So this could be a reversal.

2. a patent related to Siri and unified search, which must be of huge concern to Google with a view to its core business

3. a new slide-to-unlock patent that even had the head of the Taiwanese government profoundly worried

I'm not so sure I agree that human interaction gestures should be patentable.
Should a person be able to patent the motion of pulling up on a car door lock to unlock a car's door? How about pushing a button to unlock your house door? Or jump to start your stove?

4. a word completion patent that provides major speed improvements for touchscreen text entry

For 2 and 4 patents I really don’t have an idea of where they could go. The problem is most of these things are found in desktop OS’s in OSX, it’s Spotlight. I’m sure Apple has a patent; perhaps Google can invalidate these patents from their purchase of Motorola and IBM’s 1,023 patents. (Although come to think about it universal search, and voice query did come from Star Trek is Apple patenting Star Trek? Just a joke)

I believe overall the patents for software are just broken at this point. Since you have demonstrate “prior art” that existed before their creation are far more vulnerable to this or small companies. It seems in order to survive the mobile industry you have to acquire them in fact a war chest of patents which cost millions upon millions of dollars. I think overall the way that software patent is granted should be re-examined. I remember an article by Bitlaw discussing this part of the system. The problem is the limited scope of “prior art” before a patent is granted. In other words the invention has to be compared to previous software programs. Now is it possible for a patent examiner to go through every piece of software ever made? Until this part of software patents is addressed I believe the system needs work. In fact imagine being a software developer having to look through 6 million patents to make sure his program isn’t infringing on anything. In the end it just stifles innovation, and creativity, since everything we can think of comes from ideas not of our own, yet we draw from those ideas to make something new or better. The way a software patents are granted needs to be revised. I hope this legal bout with Apple v Google will be the first step in reforming it.

TL;DR Patent system needs work, especially in granting software patents due to the narrow scope of "prior art"

I also think its time Google took of the gloves and entered the fight. Its okay if your neighbour curses you from across the fence but when he shits on your front door, I say its war!!!!!!
On a side note, I sold my Rezound and was going to get my Gnex on Monday and then this happpens!!!!!!!!

In breaking news .. Apple sues Goigle over the copycat behavior if its lawyers .. a clear infringment if their shaftalot patent!

Such a waste of time and money sing to stop them selling the product. As long as the product is sold somewhere in the world, people cab buy it online.

As soon as this was pointed out to me last night around 11:58pm, I went to Bought one. Order confirmed at 12:35am. Hoping sales of this phone go thru the roof because of this is an understatement. Either way. My step son is going to get my GSII so he doesn't have to have an iPhone and I wanna win cuz I don't want my wife to have one now. Its that serious to me.

These patents are truly destroying innovation. These big companies are being lead by their own greed and fear of not having the highest sales in the country. They've taken it so far, now they have to destroy other products as well. Truly disgusting.. Think about a world where in order to be the best, you actually had to be the best. Instead of using these lawyers, and these patents, companies simply made better technology. They step THEMSELVES up, not others down. Think about it; We'd be years ahead of where we are now. Apple needs to think about that, instead of trying to ruin new innovation.

Free country they said.. Patents are good they said,
Patents on phones are plain stupid. Its like having
Chefs patenting the way you cut meat. I think that patents
just destroys competitiveness rather than making
mobile companies to be more innovative.
All in all Patents Kills Creativity.

Give me a nexus!

You know what I'd like at this point is to see a full list of all businesses Apple owns or has an ownership stake in. I can't imagine that I do business with any of them, but I sure as hell would like to make sure of it now. But as much as I'm sick of Apple, I don't know that it is even their fault since the gov't keeps issuing ridiculous patents.

Uninstalling iTunes..... Now?

I did that in 2004, never looked back... Apple used to make the shoddiest software possible. Their hardware is top-notch, but their software is still seriously behind.

I did that around then as well. After talking to them about redownloading an album I had lost. They told me I can't because I don't accutally own the music I download.

I think all these companies should stop acting like children and just strive to compete and build better products. On that note: I would love to have a Nexus!

Can they just end these stupid patent wars. I hate this it just restricts anyone from having another choice on the market. Not everyone likes apple and thats why competition rocks .

It amazes me how Apple has stolen pull down notifications, safari tab sync and other stuff such as sending a text to dismiss a phone call yet they sue everyone for stealing their stuff (not that they created all of it). Apple is desperate to salvage what they can of their failing market share.

I think now that Google has come out with some REAL INNOVATIONS, Apple is feeling the heat. Desperate actions IMO.. GO ANDROID!

I love the canned response apple representatives once again gave about "blatant copying"and "protecting our brand". I have never confused an android phone, any android phone with an iphone and: doubt anyone else has either.

If apple has the patent on 4 inch and 10 inch patents then they better never come out with an apple TV.I'm pretty sure Samsung has a patent for 32-68 and everything in between. But you can't patent a black rectangle.....can you?!

You can't beat em....sue em. Apple will always be last in my eyes. I still had some respect for the company and Steve Job's vision but this is low even for them. Android or nothing.

This patent system is getting outrageous, now all we need is the 21 jump street crew and wolverine to save the day! But can they folks? That is the question.

What I find funny is, Siri uses Google search as well. There is some integration going there that Google needs to pull. Google are probably too soft to do that though.

All opinions aside (I know, it's hard to do) if these claims are validated, doesn't that preclude ANYONE except Apple from having a multi-source search? No Bing on Windows Phone, no Google Search anywhere on a phone. How is that even remotely legal?

Patents were invented to keep us from doing what the #@$! we want to, so you know what, @$&?! !=($@ and bleep bleep bleep with all that.

Serious Apple needs to do something else this shit is getting old. I wish Posner was sitting on this case and not this chick

Apple is losing the market share and instead of innovating thing and playing fair, they are resorting to dirty tricks like this. This is pathetic.

This crap is getting ridiculous. I have a suggestion for Apple that will solve everyone's problem. Take some of that Lawyer retainer money and move it over to R&D. That way you leave all of us the heck alone and your product gets better. Your priorities are very skewed.

Well this is just getting out of hand. I mean enough if enough and eventually it's going come back to bite them.

Apple's trying all they can to assert whatever "dominance" they have over the situation.

Android's here to stay, it's taking their market share and their BS lawsuits are hurting Android users waiting for their phones!

Please put me in the running for that sweet Galaxy Nexus? Can't wait to have something that will soon have Jellybean on it!!!

The more apple tries to ban competition the more I support android. Oh and the iPhone 5 already sucks.

Jobs said he would spend every dime of Apple's available cash fighting with Google and against Android and apparently the current managers have taken up that challenge, however wasteful it will be in the long run. Why they choose to compete in the courtroom instead of the market place is foolish. Put out the very best product you can and let people spend their money as they will. All this will take is a software update and the phones will be allowed just like the HOX. Meanwhile what did they gain? I will never own an iPhone I don't care if it can tell me if it's raining out.

Umm, is this the 5 'o clock free nexus giveaway?

I was told this was the 5 'o clock free nexus giveaway...

I'll just leave this comment here then....

Should we even be surprised, if Android wasn't the greatest OS is is and Samsung one of, if not THE BEST, phone maker it is.....Apple wouldn't resort to it childlike habit of suing to like it has been doing. For me, all its saying is that this is THE phone to have and makes me want it that much more.

Why? Just...what the hell?

Does any of this nonsense actually do anything to help Apple? It just seems to make them look like even bigger assholes.

F apple. I wish nothing but pain and suffering to their company. I also hope I am there when zombie Steve Jobs arises......

Some one needs to tell apple to take that stupid patent that shouldnt be a patent, and shove it up their a**

And i would love that nexus

Blah, blah, blah. Every time I decide not to hate apple anymore, they go and do something like this. C'mon Tim Cook, exorcise Steve Jobs and move on with making great products.

I can't wait to call him on my second GNex!!

Exactly. I don't know if Apple doesn't realize or simply does not care that more and more people who would have been buying a product out of another category from them now simply reject that idea categorically.

Would love the GNex, stuck on my Nexus S. Sooo slow!

First I think Apple is still hurting for the loss of Steve Jobbs. They are worried what are they going to do to rake in alot of cash like before.

TWO They hate Google because Steve Jobbs hated Google. The most direct way to hit them is by hitting Samsung because of the Nexus Devices by Samsung.

THREE Samsung is a major cell phone competitor with most phones being loaded with ANDROID.

All this is boils down to fear. Fear and jealousy. With apple feeling the need to play catchup to many Android features, they think knocking Google down will give them a leg up. I'm so over apple and everything they stand for, down to the core (pun intened).

If Apple had its way, no one would eat a Red or Golden Delicious without the farmer having to pay royalties to Cupertino. I agree with Phil's take, so far the only report on this silliness that sees the patent debacle for what it is.

It's a crazy injunction, since they have to prove that the gnexus has somehow hindered the sales of the iPhone. unfortunately I predict it won't end with the gnexus. The nexus 7 might be next. Stay awake guys. It ain't over till it's over.

got the HOX, got the galaxy tab, nexus, GS3 next, than the nexus 7. And some how even the nexus Q(prob cause that to looks like the iphone). My guess any future high end smartphone will be tried to be banned,

I truly think its garbage. This is the way companies are making money now. We can't make money so we want to make some of you, or, we are making to block u from making some as well.. they are just trolling..... now I want my Nexus please.....

Rampant law suits are ridiculous. There is a time and place for them, but crapple is using the law as a weapon .not to protect their products.. Thanks for the for the contest AC!

I hate all these patent fights, it's all BS that is just a waist of money that could be spent on better things. I dream of one day waking up to find it all over with but it seams this is the way companies compete with each other in this century.

Everybody suing everybody and the only real winners in all of this in the end are the lawyers who are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. Sad...

Its getting worse day by day... people have the rights to choose which smartphone or tablet to buy.. let them decide what is best rather than Apple company keep preventing the sales of Google smartphone

This has been ridiculous to far too long. All Apple is accomplishing by this nonsense is limiting innovation. I am almost ashamed that I have an iPod because of the lengths they have gone to harm Google and its users.

If I win this Galaxy Nexus, I vow to get rid of my iPod, I mean really why on earth would I need it when I can use Google Play Music? I vow to show off Jelly Bean to the ne'er-do-well Apple fanboy/girls I find to show Google's superiority and Apple's child-like tantrums.

I wonder when a judge just dismisses Apple when they see it's Apple. You can only cry wolf for so long before you are ignored.

I'm an Apple fan but I'm not afraid to say the iPhone sucks & Apple wants to put a stop to anything that's better, which is damn near everything!!! They're really pissing me off with this pettiness!!!

It's kinda sad that the patent system, a system that was created to protect innovation is becoming corrupted due to patent trolls.

Apple seems to have a better lawyer team than the rest. Google needs some better patent lawyers.

Is it sad that we mostly hear about patent wars any more? Did we not learn anything from the fast food wars in Demolition Man? Of course, nobody REALLY thinks Taco Bell would win
...oh wait, we were supposed to talk about Apple and Samsung?

Can't they just play nice? Every iOS software update brings things Android has been able to do for years.

I hope Google is planning on fighting back at sometime.

Oh and yes this is nonsense and needs to stop!

I've been in the technology industry for over 20 years. It still amazes me how some companies use the old outdated patent system to prevent true competition and innovation.

1 - the patent system is screwed because they do not look very hard for obvious prior art and believe apple invented everything.
2- June 30 is my birthday. :-)

It surprises me to no end that Google never seems to be the one trying to impose injunctions against Apple. I understand that Anrdroid is an Open Source and all, but I am sure Google can stop iPads and iPhone sales if it tried to. I guess I understand that they're selling their products like maps and search etc to Apple and suing Apple would hurt them in return. I just wish Apple would get the taste of its own rotten self.

Honestly with all the money going towards patent B.S. they could give it to poor and failing school districts to help turn them around this way the youth of today can grow up and hopefully put an end to all this pettiness.

Apple has to stop being scared over patents. They are a bunch of ipoop morons. Android all the way. The company with better technology wins sales.
Now i would like the nexus shippes too........ :-)

Google just gave iOS users the ability to use Chrome and Drive on their devices. How are they rewarded? Apple decides they need to have Google's flagship device banned.

This crap is insane! If Apple and Google spent half their budget for senseless lawsuits like this on R&D, we would have devices light years ahead of what we have now!

Guys, stop trying to mess with each other, and focus on making the best product you can. All this legal BS makes you both look bad!

Apple doesnt innovate and it shows they are out of ideas so they just sue the people actually innovating and the stupid thing was I was gonna get a galaxy nexus next week

i was phoneless for a month because of these stupid apple patient wars my epic4g broke a week before the new evo came out and it got delayed 2 more weeks because of it i am super frustrated with apple and thats why ive always will be a loyal android fan

What happened to don't bite the hand that feeds you? In other words I am sick of seeing a sue happy Apple. One thing I want to see is some OEM hold up an iPhone launch just like the One X and Evo 4G LTE hold up. Can you imagine all the campers waiting in line?!

Just another example of Apple's heavy-handed, it's our way or the highway approach to personal computing. Go Android!

Just like everyone else, I am just tired of this crap. I bet Jerry is fuming too. What will it take for this system to get fixed?

It is perfectly ok for Apple to dominate the market, but the second they feel pressure they have to axe out the competition? It is almost like Apple wants a monopoly on the tech industry, which in itself is illegal. Lawyers get on that noww

Patents blah blah blah blah suck blah blah blah lawyers blah blah screw apple blah blah blah give me a free galaxy nexus!

When crap like this is allowed to continue, the whole patent system is broke and Apple are just vendictive SOB's that are determined to do whatever it takes at whatever the cost to make sure other companies are delayed or fail. If Apple would get off of their litagative butts and truely innovate, they might be number one again. They (Apple) have the attitude that if they can't be number one, then they are going to try to do what they can to slow everybody else down.

I am glad that I do not own any Apple products anymore.

Didn't apple get nailed for stealing Creative's shit back in the day? Guess that stung enough that they decided to make their money back through the legal system. If apple is so damn good at what they do, why are they crying when people start to 1-up them...

On a side note, some shit people patent these days is ridiculous. Shapes, sizes, etc. No matter what you do, you're infringing on something.

I was just about to cancel my Sprint account to either pick up the Google Play Nexus or sign up with Verizon. Geeesh! I wonder how long it's going to take for Apple to pay the up front costs so that we late to the Nexus gang can still make orders. Didn't Samsung sign a cross licensing deal with Microsoft over Android? I thought they would be protected by Microsoft with all this mumbo jumbo. Hmmmmmm?


And I'll tell you exactly how messed up it is. Apple can't compete with Android. Apple knows this, even if they won't admit it to themselves. It infuriates them. So, rather than competing in the traditional sense through research and innovation, they've decided that they're going to use their vast war chest of cash to try and litigate Android out of existence.

Yep. Through whatever deficiency, be it lack of expertise or simply a corporate culture of anti-competitiveness, they are simply unable to bring a product to market that is superior on it's own merits. So they're going to try and win in the courts.

Apple either wishes to annihilate Android or at least have a nice seat like Microsoft and collect a boatload of paychecks out of Android OEMs too… but we all know Google themselves are not going to be so submissive… bring it on!

I understand why patents exist and the protections they offer are there for a reason, to prevent blatant stealing. But this patent nonsense has gone too far. The big reason Apple is doing this is because they don't want to lose this round like they lost the first round to Microsoft. They got there first this time with the best smartphone initially and they want to hold onto that throne no matter what the cost, even if they aren't the best anymore.

No one is buying an Galaxy Nexus because it's like an iPhone, they are buying a Galaxy nexus because it's NOT like an iPhone and that's what they want. Same goes for iPad and Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab. Consumers really aren't that dumb. Time for the patent system to start using something it hasn't in a long time. Common Sense. Or are they not allowed because someone has a patent on that?

Oh Apple. Sometimes I think you still think you have a chance in this World. Give Android another year and you'll be nothing but an after thought.

To hell with apple's aim at world domination and fear of any real competition. This is a world where we have many choices on everything we buy not just cell phones. Apple or any other company for that matter will not dictate what I buy and how I use it. Long live imagination, competition and courage to be different, without these we would be robots controlled by multi-billion dollar corporations. Just sayin'!!!

I sure hope the US will solve this patent madness. I suggest everyone will listen to This american life episode about patents. Was very informative.

It's really just a dick company doing what the legal system is allowing them to do. This won't get fixed until judges or the federal government steps in. Don't hold your breath folks.

Apple is a bunch of cowards.... Let the market sort out who's better.. Stop being a little bitch... Also may I please have a galaxy nexus? Love you long time!!

Funny how this came about after Google laid the smack down on Apple's candy ass at I/ O. It seems every time Google shows them up, they just sue.

This patent ridiculousness hurts customers and does not innovate in any way. It is actually more detrimental to a company to spend millions on these patent lawyers than to work out a licensing deal and charge a reasonable amount to use the IP in question. Patent litigation should be used if no one can come to an agreement. This tit for tat trying to get a company banned around the world is horrible and detrimental to the entire ecosystem.

nexus rules almost as much as andriod central!
let free enterprise not be afraid of being made into applesauce....

Unfortunately, we aren't going to see the end of these ridiculous lawsuits until entire patent system is overhauled. Doubly as unfortunate is that I don't think that's going to happen for many many years.

Now, as a prize for my first Android Central post, hoe about that Nexus? :D

This is just incredibly whacked. All the patent stuff is already bad... but stopping the Evo LTE and now the Galaxy Nexus from SHIPPING is just WAY too far.

I'm amazed how some people can still love and embrace this company that spend their money like this... All this dollars could be so much more useful somewhere else...

Apple can't innovate, so it sues over silly crap. But the fact that our courts allow it is the real problem.

Funny how this came about after Google laid the smack down on Apple's candy ass at I/ O. It seems every time Google shows them up, they have nothing more creative to do than sue.

According to Reuters' Dan Levine, the injunction can go into effect as soon as Apple posts a bond of "nearly $96 million."

I am sure that $96 million could of gone a long way toward R&D, or donate it to feed all the hungry children.

This is messed up because those patents aren't even valid! They fail the non-obviousness rule!

"One of the main requirements of patentability is that the invention being patented is not obvious, meaning that a "person having ordinary skill in the art" would not know how to solve the problem at which the invention is directed by using exactly the same mechanism."

I'm seriously getting tired of this crap. I'm in the market for a new phone and an off-contract Galaxy Nexus is at the top of my list, if they prevent me from getting one I'm going to go from tired to angry really quickly. Unless of course I win one :P

Apple stole almost all their ideas, they call it innovation. Anyone else does it, it's called infringement. Maybe their skinny jeans are a little to tight and they've forgotten what innovation actually is.

Could u imagine how amazing these techniques companies products would actually be if they worried more about innovating than tech c@#& blocking! Haters gonna hate:-)

i think apple should step up their game instead of trying to eliminate the competition, try something new,and all of this "patent" crap apple is all ways creating thinking they better then the rest

This is ridiculous. First the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which I own by the way and love, and now the Nexus? Apple has lawsuits against EVERYONE it seems. What do they want to become a monopoly and eliminate ALL the competition? Hopefully ALL of the suits they are filing get tossed but that will be up to each individual judge. I work for a law firm and I can tell you it all depends on the judge. Hopefully he/she is competent to hear this matter and decide that competition needs to be encouraged not stamped out by the likes of Apple and their high paid attorney's who should be ashamed of themselves. It's UNAMERICAN.

Didn't Obama say he was going to do something about these patent wars? I mean these companies are only hurting themselves and their customers. We're the ones suffering not them. And Apple pulling all these stunts isn't going to make me buy an Apple product. I will forever go out of my way to not buy Apple crap and get everyone I know to not buy Apple crap.

Hope I win this Nexus! Good luck all!

It's not just the patent system that is broken, the courts have so much corruption that if you've got the bucks you will win what you want. I foresee that this behavior on Apple's part will eventually hurt them a lot. The arrogance of Apple to claim they invented and patented a bunch of generic things as well as other things that have so much prior art that the Patent Office has to be more blind than Mr. Magoo.

Only winning that Galaxy Nexus is going to cheer me up in light of all these patent "fraud" cases!

These patents that phone companies are fighting over are nonsense, they are stifling innovation and creativity. The three requirements for a patent are:

1. Novelty (the idea must be new and original)
2. Usefulness (the idea must perform some useful function), and
3. Non-obviousness (the idea must not be obvious)

I feel like a lot of these patents do not fall under number 3. Also known as.. they are obvious. Slide to unlock? It's a touch screen, how else do you plan to unlock it?


Apple, in my own opinion, just like to screw up more companies. Claiming that they were the first to use Video Calls but truly it was used 7-8 years ago before Apple introduced that. This is nonsense. And as people of Earth, We should first be reminded of more important things than this.

This is such horsey-poopy! I've been open-minded about all of the patent issues that have cropped up lately but this is way beyond reasonable business practice. I need to get one of these things before they're banned for good. Friggin' Apple.

Getting rid of my iPhone this week. Getting rid of everything Apple in my life. I'm tired of their shenanigans, and it's my little stand against them. F**k you Apple (said in my best Ted voice).

And as BMX questioned earlier, "If you can't innovate you litigate??"

Really getting tired of all these patent wars!! Its just ridiculous array this point!!! Hopefully ill be the lucky winner of a galaxy and I can stick it to the apple fanboys! Lol.

The main reason i despise apple for is their attitude. They are indeed making good products but i really don't want to buy anything from apple because of their arrogant style. And this whole patent thing is completely ridiculous.

I agree compltetely. I own a Mac and an iPad. The products are great but they have this holier than thou attitude that turns people off.

and tbh, the only thing they're truly better at is their computers.

anything that runs their iOS, from their very iPods to that stupid phone, sucks and has a better competitor on the market.

This is such bs. Let's sue for copying the pull down notification and eveything else they stole from android!

The worst part of all this patent crap is that in the end it's the consumers that lose out. Imagine how much further along we'd be with technology if there were NO patents!!! With all information being equally available to everyone, not only would each company have more to pull from, but the only way to stay on top and sell more would be to work hard and coming up with even more innovations. Patents really hold back technology and drive up prices. It's ridiculous.

I just wish apple would worry about blowing away android with features and functionality instead of taking people to court because android does things better than iOS

The patent system right now is only benefitting lawyers. How quickly Apple forgets that's how they rose up during the pirates of silicon valley days.

Im so sick of apple! its time for samsung to fight back!! TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE SHORES OF APPLE!! SEND IN THE MARINES!! (well Korean marines I guess LOL)

I would say a big F* you to all the big companies out there that thrive on others' losses and patent wars instead of their own innovation! Specially when those patents are not theirs to begin with, but bought for obscene sums of money. Sometimes patents are OK, if someone really puts a lot of time, intellectual effort and money into a bright new, original idea that they turn into reality. But most often, patents are used to stop innovation instead of protecting it. If someone wants to build something or improve something that already exists, they have to worry about 10k of lawyers preparing to attack. Not to mention patents being given for abstract ideas, without any kind of sweat for doing real-life implementation! Then when someone else comes along that wants to bring that or a similar idea into reality, they can't. A friend of mine said "Imagine where would we be today if Ford would have patented the steering wheel". Shame, shame, shame on you [insert big company name here]

Seriously Apple? Guess this gives me a good reason to win a Galaxy Nexus!
Sorry Apple, desserts just taste better ;)

Apple is threatened by Android so they are trying everything they can to hold up Android. Besides when is the last time actually had an original idea?

wtf... I am so over this crap... :( would love to have a nexus to replace my Epic 4g that is falling apart...

Apple is so full of themselves. They're clearly greedy and manipulative, and they will do anything to decrease the competition -- ending up increasing the costs of mobile devices. This is the kind of crap that will prevent me from purchasing any device from Apple, even if they are impressive in any way.

It is getting out of hand, next thing we'll see is Apple having a patent on the very air we breathe...Hold your breath folks......

I'm afraid to eat and apple while using my android device. I get a feeling I am infringing on something. hmmm...

this is ridiculous, by apple´s logic, car manufacturers should be suing each other too.
the system needs to be updated, what Apple is doing is just trying to kill competition by taking advantage of an aged system.
Google need to counter Jobs ICBMs with their Star Wars program lol

The patent wars are just an excuse to be lazy as a company. Why work hard at innovation when you can sue your way to market dominance over tiny and false details.

This is seriously becoming so silly. I think Google is finally going to have to get involved because technically it is a Google product. Let's see what happens.

whats the latest on the Motorola vs Apple patent lawsuit?! I think thats about the only patent nonsense I care about. iPatent!

and on the birthday of their god forsaken flagship phone. obviously trolling judge is obvious.

*raises fist to the air and increasingly screams* SON OF A B***HHHHHHHHHH!

*sets up giant net to catch said big bags of money*

Seriously ridiculous. From PCWorld Article: "Friday's ruling centers on U.S. Patent 8,086,604, which covers a user interface for conveniently retrieving information from a computer system."

So..... we're supposed to be using interfaces that are inconvenient for retrieving information? Like... I dunno... paper tape printouts?

This is ridiculous. How can companies be innovative if they keep suing each other over the most irrelevant things? It's all about money and competition, but come on!

Another day another injunction. All this is doing is hurting the little guy and an attempt to stop competition as Apple is terrified of losing their stronghold after they lost their leader.

You know what I don't even care if I win this or not, I'm just so pissed at this shameful behavior by Apple. I understanding wanting to protect intellectual property, but as engineers we are bound to improve all technology and not limit the growth like this. If I were a doctor, I would care about creating better ways to heal people and want others to use it. Yes I want compensation as well, but this is just ridiculous.

I'll tell you what makes me happy - Android's continued growth and domination of Apple in the marketplace, DESPITE Apple's efforts to the contrary. It comes down to having a better product, period.

I was on the fence regarding preordering a Nexus 7 (I'm still using my rooted Nook), but due to this I have just pre-ordered. Give 'em hell, Google!!

The whole patent system is broken, needs to be scrapped. Apple is just the latest in a long line of Patent Trolls.

What happened to free commerce? Why all these bans??

Who the hell made Apple the company to measure everyone else by?

You know, I try to give Apple some credit. I really do try. But things such as these really piss me off. And now it's happening too close to home.

Apple better back off before they step way over the line and suddenly find themselves on the receiving end of all crap. Actually, if they keep this up and it comes around to bite their butt, it will be a good lesson.

I'll support it.

With over 100 billion in the bank, you'd expect they have -- but then you see NO creativity from this company in the last 2 years. Their developer conference was boring, they're playing catch-up with Google in every software aspect. The only thing they've got going on is increasing screen resolution and making devices thinner, which is all good to a degree (albeit quite unimaginative), but gets completely meaningless after a certain point...

I remember when everyone was always talking about how "innovative" Apple was. I didn't understand it then, and I don't understand it now. This kind of low-brow tactic is common in companies that know that they can't keep up with the rest of the industry. Look at the RIAA, the MPAA, and Congress. Instead of finding ways to get people to buy things through enticements, better movies, bonuses in the albums, etc., they sue people who download their stuff, and then raise the prices of tickets to account for all the money that they are "losing to piracy". This isn't to say that piracy is good (it isn't), but it is a side effect of this same mindset. Anyhow, sorry about the rant, pick me!

I hate Apple. The Nexus looks nothing like the iPhone and Apple is just nit picking. I wish Google would get its notification patent. Apple is just being stupid and afraid the Android will dominate.

Its getting ridiculous does Apple not realize its not helping them make money? People are sttarting to see them as bullies.

Now isn't that cherry?? Here is Apple doing what it does best. What this years Google I\O is telling me is that Apple is getting out innovated at the moment and they're just getting desperate.

Apples acting like a spoiled rich kid who stopped getting what he wants so throws a fit instead. Trollololololol?

Don't care it is Google and they will do something.

Just gave me that nexus I have never when any thing in my life hope to get lucky some day )': .

Thanks for this

Hi, our name is Apple... we are union. We will destroy anything that looks like a rectangular unit that is spoken into that has a screen on it. We have spoken.. we are Apple.

The smell of desperation from Apple is wonderful... absolutely wonderful. I just hate that they feel they have a patent on any smartphone. Ridiculous....