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Admit it, Android fan. When you first heard that Apple would have to publicly admit Samsung didn't copy the iPad's design, you let out a little cheer. The UK courts seemed to have taken a stand that could make these super rich companies think twice about submitting frivolous lawsuits. 

Now though, Apple has gone and got themselves a stay of execution though on this one it seems. According to Bloomberg, Cupertino has submitted an appeal saying the company didn't want to advertise for its rivals, and as such the order has been stayed until October. So, at least for the next couple of months, we won't get to read about the above device on Apple's website. It seems this, like other Apple versus Samsung lawsuits, will continue to drag on and on.

Source: Bloomberg via iMore


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Apple UK spared from posting Samsung apology, for now


I can't wait until this date. Mad they delay the decisions but the good thing about this is that this should be around the time the iPhone 5 come out. This is what apple get.

Ok now this is bs and with apple beiny little kids and not owning up while the olympics are in london I find it a ploy if I were samsung I would publicly humiliate them at the olympics in an add campaign just to spite them :)

Samsung doesn't deserve an apology because they are copying the judge is an idiot. Released in another lawsuit from Best Buy that users are returning the Galaxy Tablet because they thought they were buying the iPad. Google actually warned Samsung not to copy Apple products and they didn't listen. What this judge was looking at I don't know, must need thicker glasses.

Im sorry, but if people are returning galaxy tabs because they thought they were buying an iPad, then they are the idiots. Its not like electronic boxes arent clearly marked. I bet Samsung name is on all six sides

That has nothing to do with copying products. People confusing the two are either stupid, idiots or just plain ignorant. The Galaxy Tab has the word Samsung on the box. I am sure that they did not even bother to ask the employees at the store anything about the tablet. They go based of the name apple which is huge obviously. Most people don't know the difference between Android OS and I OS all they know is iPAd and iPhone.

Pretty much this!

How the hell can people NOT tell the difference from an Apple iPad vs the Samsung Galaxy Tab when the company's logo and name is right there on top and bottom of the device?

Damn idiots didn't bother R-E-A-D-I-N-G or viewing the device BEFORE buying the tablet!!

Those people should be B#tch Slapped, HARD!

I think you are too quick to judge. Having "Samsung" written on a product doesn't mean it's not Apple's. Samsung manufactures half of the components in iPhones and iPads. People know that and maybe that's why they still think it's Apple's product even if it says Samsung.

Are you serious? Are you suggesting that there are people out there who know which companies manufacture the components that Apple uses inside its products, but aren't smart enough to look for an Apple logo on the box? Are you honestly suggesting that that is what's happening?

As much a I dislike Apple, I think it was wrong for the British court(or any other government)
to ask a private corporation to make such public statements.

That's almost like asking a rape victim to take out a full page ad in the local newspaper
saying the rapist did not rape her, after the court has found him not guilty of rape.

Much more like making someone who made up a rape charge take out a full page ad after it was discovered that she lied and the person she accused didn't rape her at all.

Which, actually, is exactly how I think they SHOULD handle both situations. Sex charges ruin innocent people's lives when they're thrown around falsely, and Apple has been constantly slandering Samsung around the world; I don't see why they should even get a stay of execution as far as publicly apologizing for it goes.

And to anyone left that really believes that this crap is remotely valid, just shut up. You're absolutely right, Samsung made a rectangular device largely composed of screen, and when Apple showed off their device, Samsung took it back and made it thinner. Unfortunately, in the real world, Apple doesn't own the IPS display, the rectangle, or the concept of "thin." Samsung was doing something you might not be familiar with in the Apple world, it's called competing.

I half understand the lawsuits that involve Touchwiz. It was pretty clearly designed to look like iOS in a lot of ways. But the Galaxy Tab is its own product, regardless of how stupid consumers can be. Apple would be suing either way, because Samsung is a threat to them. If Samsung really did made the spherical, unsellable, monster tablet Apple suggested in Europe, if it sold 10 units Apple would sue over another one of its BS, negligently granted patent portfolio.

It is similar to a judge ordering a supposed rape victim to publicly announce they were not actually raped, but there's one important thing that needs to be added to your analogy. This is like a person accusing a Senator, The President, a Governor, or anyone else who relies on their public image of rape. Just the accusation can irreparably damage their career, so when they determine that the person was making up the rape, there needs to be something to repair the accused's reputation. The judge's order is a little unorthodox, yes, but given the situation it is probably the only way Samsung could recover their tarnished reputation over this.

Now apple wants to protect its intergrity. Just sad that such a huge and successful company is threatened by another corporation. That's why appple went to multiple carriers because they knew it would help their sales. I hope that the announcement is not only for UK but for all websites related to apple.