A federal appeals court today said that Google and Samsung can resume selling the Galaxy Nexus while awaiting a response from Apple, Bloomberg reported this afternoon. The temporary stay is in effect until Apple responds on July 12.

The case reached the appeals level after U.S. District Judge in the past week ruled that Android was infringing on a search patent owned by Apple (also known as the '604 or "Siri" patent) and that the Galaxy Nexus could no longer be sold until the infringing feature was removed or changed.

Google on Tuesday listed the Galaxy Nexus as "Coming soon" in the Google Play store, and it remains that way as of this writing. Google earlier this week told ABC News that it expects to have a workaround next week, and that the Galaxy Nexus should resume shipping then.

Source: Bloomberg

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bdmridgback says:

"Siri" Patent my ass! Apple needs to take a nice long walk off a short pier!

How about the BlackBerry pattent since they had it before anybody ?

major payne says:

I would have tipped you on this AC but I couldn't find the Tip US button I posted it in the forums for people though. Can someone let me know wherre the tip us button is?

The bad apple is just getting more and more sour everyday. Eventually it'll get rotten that nobody would want it anymore.

Glenuendo says:

There are too many Apple fanboys out there for that to happen.

486sx33 says:

My car has 4 wheels and a steering wheel, the center console has my stereo and 2ac ducts, the shift layout is p, r, n, od, d, 1.... I sure hope that doesn't infringe on any patents!!

robotaholic says:

Yeah, I'm loving the #BoycottApple trending on Google + tons of pictures like that. :-)

Revrant says:

I'm so sick of this patent whoring bullspit.

solarus says:

Crying I think will be Apple's first response then some legalese whining.

ssinaz says:

Why would a patent be granted to the last company to implement a feature?

This system is hopelessly broken. What a joke.

lokito15 says:

Because patents in America go to the highest bidder rather than to the software maker who created the item. In short the patent system is broken.

ssinaz says:

Google should be allowed to contest and vacate that apple "patent". Why is it that every company but apple is made to share thier patents with apple under fair use laws. apple is really damaging thier reputation.
Litigate don't innovate.

eLCruz says:

This seems to be apple's new motto: If you can't beat 'em... Sue 'em!

Regardless this too will pass. Apple will never be better than Samsung or Android..

Dale Griggs says:

Maybe Google is getting ready to take Apple down a notch or two. They are buying Motorola and I am sure they are going to patent every thought they have ever had just like Apple does. This will only stop when Apple gets to taste some of their own medicine. The problem is I think Apple has hired all the best patent lawyers and it is not who is right, it is who has the best lawyer.

randyw says:

I read in an article on Android Police that a German judge issued a restraining order against apple for violating Motorola's patent for 3G. The guilty devices were the iPhone,iPhone 3G,iPhone 3GS, the ipad and the ipad 2. They should do the same thing here.

Jezz_X says:

What I want to know is does that mean apple loses its $96 million because it was not upheld ?

Lito187 says:


Timelessblur says:

I can predict Apple response.
It will be it still infringes on our crapent that will not hold up in court.

robotaholic says:

Apple must be extremely confident they will prevail in court or they would not readily put up the 96,000,000 dollars. I like unified search and I hope Android doesn't lose it. Maybe Google can get around this by making the user select local or web with a radio button before you search. This is proof that they just want to stop android by attacking the core Google search. Man, f@ck Apple. They can't compete on functionality and so then they try to fight by preventing access. I don't like their ethics one bit!

droidbeat says:

$96 Mil to Apple is like $4 to you and me.