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Fun fact: There are more versions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus floating around, software-wise, than you're probably aware of, even when it comes to the GSM version. The basic rule here is that if you have the yakju version of the Galaxy Nexus, it's GSM, and mysid is CDMA/LTE, in the case of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. But there actually are regional differences as well, so you might see ykjuux in Canada, or there's yakjuxw, or yakjusc. Probably others. Make your head hurt? Mine, too.

And with that has come great debate over whether the various verisons are updated directly from Google, or from Samsung, or from some magical neckbearded update gnome deep in the forest. As I've said on Google+, so long as the updates come in a timely manner and aren't borked (not that they should be), I couldn't care less whose servers they come from.

But if you are worried about that sort of thing, there's a little tool called "GN Official Update Checker" that makes it easy to figure it out. All it does it check the line in your phone's build.prop file and tell you whether it's updated by Google or not updated by Google.

Whether it keeps you up at night is entirely up to you.

Update: Turns out the CDMA/LTE mysid variant (that's the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to you and me) does actually get its updates from Google after all, according to Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru. So that's that. JBQ also says that yakjuxw and other yakju variants signed by Samsung have only "really small region-specific tweaks".

GN Official Update Checker via The:Unwired

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Mapex says:

Apparently you are also able to turn your regional device into the yakju build if desired. Since I'm on Verizon I don't know much more about it and haven't tested it, but the instructions are on the interwebs in any case.

turbofan says:

"magical neckbearded update gnome deep in the forest"


soccerfon711 says:

It will be problematic if the updates slow on my VZ Galaxy Nexus. Until then, I don't care.

dcreed says:

I wonder if anything in the Android-world happened this week that's not related to the Nexus.

turbofan says:

Uhhhh... ummmm....

They released a white RAZR?

Nothing important... except BINARIES RELEASED FOR XOOM, NS, NS4G.. which is awesome.

bplewis24 says:


Wait, didn't the "mysid" versions get the 4.0.2 update BEFORE the "yakju" versions?

*goes about his day*

TerryMasters says:

Yes, yes it did. lol

Meanwhile crespo gets 4.0.3 first...

mechapathy says:

I thought JBQ said mysid WAS going to be updated by Google. . .

My bad... i eat my words. Apparently both get updates direct from el goog

It certainly is.

TerryMasters says:

The title should be "App fails to tell you who's updating your Nexus" since mysid is getting updated directly from Google.

Source: Google

200% Spot on.

This article may be the worst one ever on AndroidCentral. I'm very disappointed Phil. How can you even post this trash. You're promoting an app that will only cause further confusion misinformation and no explanation. This app is written by someone who is clearly clueless to the situation and in fact got the entire Verizon Nexus (mysid) wrong. It is, very factually, being updated and controlled by Google AND fully supported in the AOSP. Period.

baykes says:

gotta say: i liked it a lil better when Android Central at least OCCASIONALLY mentioned something other than the galaxy nexus...

Nirvana328 says:

then why are you coming into a Galaxy Nexus article and leaving a comment about how you don't like these types of articles? If it's that annoying then simply ignore it. Then you're not annoyed and people who reading about the Galaxy Nexus don't have to read about you being annoyed.

mechapathy says:

"Galaxy Nexus is supported both in GSM/HSPA+ configuration "maguro" and in CDMA/LTE configuration "toro". The GSM/HSPA+ configuration is only supported if it was originally sold with a "yakju" operating system."


Lets not try to eat our own people. Its a nexus either way. I got 4.0.2 before the gsm. Just sayin

Rickhuizinga says:

I was on the yakjuwx build but switched over to the Google-updated yakju build by downloading the Samsung's firmware reflash tool from Samsung Germany's website:

jerrod6 says:


I don't care about the accuracy of this app but as long as it gets updated...OK, but I do know that I had to agree to receive updates from Google as part of setting up my Verizon GN.

I don't care if Verizon has to approve them, as long as 2 years from now Verizon doesn't prevent me from having updates because they want me to buy a new phone....even If I want to buy a new phone.

mannw1977 says:

Root your phone and apply them yourself. I do everything i .can to keep my phone up to date.

guys i need some help.. i've changed my android form yakjuxw into yakju.. i was hoping to get the 4.0.2 update directly... however till now its still not pushed to my phone.. is there any explanation for this? or is it only a matter of time until i get my update?


Timoh says:

Is it possible that when you switched you did it with the 4.0.2 files? Check your os version in settings/about phone. Try to manually pull the update from System Updates if not. I dont know the process im on a mysid device. Just easy to start with the simple/obvious.