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AOKP has released the JB 3 build of their popular Jelly Bean ROM, with a few new features, some bug fixes, and device support news. Support for the Samsung i9100, Samsung i9100g (OMAP version of the Galaxy S 2), and Samsung i9300 has been added to the project, as well as the return of the two Sprint Nexus devices, the Toroplus and Crespo 4G.

Unfortunately, due to lack of a device maintainer, support for both the Wingray and Stingray (Motorola Xoom devices) has been dropped. This puts a damper on the otherwise good news, and we hope someone can step forward and get Motorola's best tablets back into the game.

The four new features are SMS Quickreply, stopwatch and countdown timers in the clock app, "expert" calculator options (graphing. matrices and the like), and adding IME switching and vibration/ringer toggle to the navigation ring targets. Bugs squashed include the ability to add custom ringtones again, as well as other under-the-hood fixes and improvements. 

Downloads for the various Nexus devices are already live, and you can find them here (as well as the G apps you'll need). Keep an eye out for the newly added devices to be released as the maintainers get things up to speed.

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AOKP JB build 3 released; Samsung devices added, Motorola devices dropped


No downer at all that there's no device maintainer for Wingray/Stingray for AOKP, Team EOS owns it hands down on the Xoom since day one.

Yes they do, love my Xoom LTE with EOS! Pink Unicorn for my GNex, flashing B3 when I get home later tonight.


Trying out CM on my Gnex for the past few days. It's not bad but the one feature I really miss from AOKP is the ability to re-size the nav bar. Its nice to shrink it down and maximize screen area :) Maybe I'll switch back....

Hah, I wanted to be an AOKP supporter for so long. I got my Sprint Nexus just after JB got a running build. So I was on ICS for 5 minutes before I unlocked my bootloader. I heard nothing but good things, I waited and waited as the other networks got their Nexus builds. Finally the last build announced says toroplus on its way and being built at that very moment. A week passes, and no progress on where that finished build ended up but it sure wasn't being hosted online. During that time I tried out Codename(Android) and I doubt I'll even bother ever trying AOKP. Too little too late.

Geez, I hope they returned your money.

Big fan of the AOKP and its support will have influnce over what my next device is - I know there's other great ROMs, but the unicorn was there for me when I needed a boost up to ICS.

Never donated, was waiting to, I was even going to buy a shirt because I love their logo. Unfortunately I got tired of waiting.

Can you get rid of the ads for this site? When you're on a tab not logged in the ads cover the title and the area where to post a comment. I'll hit ya on twitter if you don't see this.

Glad I'm not the only one disliking the ads. Just seem to get in the way. If I pay you $15 can I go ad free?

Probably just wipe cache, flash the rom and gapps. But if you have any problems, go back, do the same, and wipe data.

All of "The four new features" are basically just them syncing with the nightly builds of Cyanogenmod 10

Flashed it in my N7 last night, pretty stable so far. The vibrate and screen rotate toggles can't be removed tho. Slightly urking me