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It's WWDC day -- the day in which Apple will revolutionize the magical industry with features we've probably had on Android for some time now. There are approximately 14,629 liveblogs all blogging the same thing, which you can also stream live in an Apple-approved browser/device/cranial implant.

Oh, but there's more. E3 is getting underway in Los Angeles, with Microsoft showing off more Xbox One features. And, you guessed it, that means more liveblogs.

For what it's worth, we're glued to iMore's WWDC liveblog and WPCentral's E3 liveblog. And to keep things interesting, we're going to give away a brand-new, in-box, white Nexus 4 and bumper -- just because we can. Just leave a comment on this post and tell us what you're hoping (or not hoping) to see from WWDC or E3, or whether what you saw was interesting, or just meh. Contest is open to everyone, and we'll close things up at 5 p.m. EDT and pick a winner.

Good luck!


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The 'Anything but WWDC/E3 liveblog' giveaway!



The Competition between the two will hopefully continue to stimulate further development and capabilities for our devices

It would be good to see something new from apple, I like having the competition between the bigger companies, I look forward innovation it may bring.

Same here.

I would love to see Apple adopt some form of NFC payment so services like Google's Wallet would finally get some traction.

i dont necessarily think that apple needs to start using NFC for it to get traction, just more Android users need to start using it on the daily.

Kinda hard to do that. I went to my local Walgreen's and tried to use it. They didn't even have the sensor hooked up! Retailers really need to work on that.

In my experience, there might be quite a few iphone users who would also.

Twice I have made a Google wallet purchase, and gotten a "WTF! OMG!" reaction from an iphone user standing next to me. One guy whipped out his iphone and asked, "What app does that?"

I said Google Wallet.

He said, "Google Wallet, hmmm...." and started touching and swiping his iphone furiously as I walked away. I didn't have the heart to say anything about hardware capabilities.

But in general, my experience with NFC payments has been pretty disappointing, too. Many retailers seem to have the systems to do it, but the cash register jockeys apparently never had any sort of training or experience on what to do, so I can't make payments that way very often. When I get the the "verify with cashier" prompt I say something to the cashier. They tell me to swipe my card. I said, "I paid with my phone... I need you to verify the payment".

They look at me like I am from Mars. And they usually say, "You can't pay for something with a phone. You need to swipe a credit or debit card or use cash." There is no point in saying anything else after that...

Except at McDonalds... they know what they are doing there.

Same here. Don't want an iPhone, but innovation and competition is good for everyone.

Agreed. I just made the switch to Android because iOS became so stale. Now that Android is doing so well Apple might start pushing the limits and quit being so boringly safe.

Hoping to see something apple announces as revolutionary that android already has.

i don't think they will announce anything revolutionary. they are just catching breath to stay in the game

+1 great comment, maybe we'll just hope they keep talking about Android during the conference enough so that maybe some applefan boys(girls) switch sides.

That or I hope they address hangouts by allowing people to install facetime and imessage on other platforms. We need less platform specific communication services and more universal.


While I'd love to see Apple go down, having them in the marketplace keeps Android companies on their toes and needing to up their game. The last thing I want to see is a behemoth like Samsung become the only big boy on the block and become stale because they no longer have competition.

That is my biggest fear as Apple keeps slipping. I don't like Apple, but they do help all the Android OEMs stay awake.

Praying for a new Mortal Kombat game to go along with the announcment ot the youtube series and it's coming to Android. Of course at E3 ..As far as WWDC I am praying a Steve Jobs hologram shows up at the end and says "and one more thing"...That'd be sweeeeeeeet.

Me too. Hoping that they really make their game center a big priority. Cloud saves and matching up for multiplay action, done well, will be killer.

Oooooh man, everyone is watching and following WWDC and E3 and I, I'm just siting here and studying for my final exams so I can finish my college. Life isn't fair =(

So true. I've always felt it's competition that drives innovation, so here's to hoping Apple plays a hand that makes Android become even better.

Looks like Apple have shamelessly copied all the best from Android, webOS and WP8 so far. Even elements of HTC sense in it too!

Absolutely. It should be about an experience that is without compromise. Open and stellar.

Agreed. I'd just like to see some new innovation that will push Google. like perhaps battery life?

Hopefully Microsoft will come out and announce prism integration with their new kinect sensor.

Was hoping that iOS was going to drop their launcher with a complete refresh, instead of a cheap imitation of MIUI, and was hoping the XBOX was going to launch $100 cheaper than it is.

Oh well.

Since Apple has no new hardware to show off, I suppose the next best thing will be to show a fresh face on a dated mobile OS. Remember how long it took for iOS to get copy/paste? Not sure if this will promote change in Android OS... For Android, I would just like more consistency of menus, and the way you share things (it's all over the board). And it would be nice if it worked the same on all hardware, though I realize this is not easy. I just dumped my EVO LTE, because google broke maps 6 months ago, and nav has been locking up the phone since. Now I have a note 2, which will not allow me to set Chrome (another google product) to be the default browser (it prompts me for everything to choose, and "always" seems to mean "ask again later"). That said, I still prefer Android to iOS, in both hardware and software. I would LOVE a new NEXUS!

Exactly. I want both to succeed and push each other to continued new ideas and enhancements of old ones.

I think most people including myself would agree with this. When I think about it-and this was true for today as well-Apple always puts out great quality, consistantly I would probably by more of their products if I didn't listen to them speak, in other words -for me- their product speaks for themselves wihtout their magical unicorn sounding presentations. Take for instance John Ive, that segment with him introducing IOS 7 was really awkward to me, I thought that IOS 7 was beautiful and polished just watching them use it. I get enthusiasm and confidence, I really do and they should be excited about their products and they should try to get their user base excited as well but I can't take the "magical" way they market themselves.

I like competition but my approach would be "here is our product we think it is pretty kick ass, see what you think" without even mentioning my other competitors, because if my ptoduct is good enough I don't need to mention the other since my product would speak for itself. I am a die hard Android user and love my Nexus 4 with stock Adroid (even though I have root). All in all, very excited about what I saw today despite Apple getting in the way of their products. Just one man's opinion. I love technology both Android and Apple.

Same here!

I would like that Apple could be the "Fashion Thing" again, so that we can get better Android phones, for better prices...

I'm just waiting to see the magical new stuff nobody ever saw that Apple will invent out of thin air. Yeah!!

Yeah, expect Apple to include such never seen before features such as user installed keyboards (hello SwiftKey) and launcher replacements. Of course they will have patented them.

Would love to upgrade from my gnex. hoping the price of the PS4 price be around $349. oh and pick me

I'm hoping to see Apple's iOS reveals show more customization and give some competition to the deciding factor between the two.
And a redesign :)

Hoping to see innovative features & services in iOS 7.

Expecting to see a lot of Apple patting itself on the back.
Ripping on Microsoft & Android every chance it gets all the while announcing features that allows iOS & Mac OS X to catch up to Android & Windows respectively.

I am really hoping to see some new macbook retina refreshes! iOS 7 update will be awesome as well, can't wait for the new look.

Same here, and hopefully Sony won't go down the same rabbit-hole as Microsoft with requiring always-on internet just to play a game.

Oh, and pick me!

Im hoping to see a new ,thinner Vita
honestly couldnt give less of a shit about WWDC, but if i was guessing i'd say new Airs are a given, thuogh we all said the new NExus 7 was a given at I/O so i dont know.

but yeah, Gimme :D

Hoping to get s glimpse of some iphone NFC so that it will gain some traction in the real world.

Competition is why Android has come so far so fast. I hope that the new iOS with Ive at the helm will keep driving both platforms forward.

Really interested on exactly what we might see at the WWDC today, and also how the iOS 7 has changed. Dare I say how many ideas that apple might have um, "been influenced," by android?

I don't care for whatever announcements E3 or WWDC has, but a free Nexus one would be nice :-)

would be nice to see iOS7 adopt all the features 4.2 has, and hopefully google can come back with 4.3 and up the game again! lol getting harder and harder for wp and bb to catch up

I'm hoping to see a new iPad with much more multitasking abilities. As for E3, I'm incredibly interested in the games and hardware connectivity for PS4!

Yay! The day where apple gets to show the world their new "revolutionary" software that they have taken from Android and WP and stuck an "i" in front of. i think it should be renamed iday.

I'm hoping to see Apple releasing something that will revolutionize the iOS operating system, which right now works alright but could still use some work.

I would like to see something completely new from Apple. Although I am not an iDevice fan, change is good for everyone. As far as E3, I am looking forward to seeing the latest crop of video games and consoles that I won't be able to afford being a family man and all. And winning a Nexus 4 would be pretty sweet.

Hoping to see more cross-platform integration, as someone who carries a Nexus and an iPhone, its like two siblings who hate each other as far as contacts, messages (even with Google Voice) and especially Google services like Hangouts.

Would love a new Nexus 4! But as for WWDC I want to see Apple finally start to make products that aren't hopelessly out dated anymore.

I'm hoping Apple shows more power user options, like default program choices and a file system.

I am hoping to see what Apple is going to copy from Android/Windows Phone. I am hoping to see Microsoft explain more on if you can use Used games without paying a price.

Part of me wants Apple to fall flat on theirs faces and the other part want something awesome form them that forces more awesome stuff from Android!

I just want to see games at E3 and Phone at apple conference. Simple but all I am asking for.

What do I want to see from WWDC? Anything, anything that isn't already on android to show a true difference between iOS and android. What do I expect? Another round of "breathtaking" features that bring it on par with android again (at least until 4.3 is released)

Hoping for a new MacBook Air with amazing battery life and a little bit better screen. Maybe even a price drop... For iOS, I couldn't care less.

I'd love to see the phone come to Verizon, but for now, I would use as a development device :) (uh.... I'm talking about the Nexus-lol)

Innovation on both fronts... keep android and the gaming industry moving forward.

I'm hoping to see a brand new iOS7 and a more android like interface - widgets, icon sustomizations, grid customization... it'd be really nice to have all those and than iPhone would be an interesting choice.

I want more leaks for the Sony phablet. And the new Nexus. That is all.
Oh, and some juicy details about KLP, or whatever 5.0 will be called.

I'd like Xbox to win me over, so far I really don't like the Xbox One
And with Apple I just want them to surprise me.

I'm looking forward to new MBP's. I've been a PC guy my whole life, but recently switched to Mac for my main computer. I'm very impressed with the hardware.

I tried going full out with an iPad, but I just couldn't give up my Android devices. I love them too much. I've been looking to upgrade my phone to a quad core and the Nexus 4 would make a good touch.

I am hoping that apple won't steal something already implemented and say it has "invented" a new technology.

Hoping to see the ability to set default apps in iOS at WWDC.

Wishing Android Central was covering the WWDC liveblog though :(

Not really bothered about what Apple show, we probably already have it like you said. I'll keep an eye out of course.

Hoping for Fallout 4 at E3!

I just want to see Apple come up with real innovations again... not what Android already has been doing and claim it's new and they invented it.

I hope Google releases 4.3 in swift retaliation. Other than that Mac OS and new haswell macbooks are interesting though not in my budget.

I'm waiting for more info on the PS4, though I'm mostly a PC gamer I like having a console for media consumption games to play with my wife.

I just want to see a new UI. iOS is really boring. W/o anything new I'd might as well get an Android phone to compliment my Nexus 7. Or I could just get this Nexus 4 and save a bit of cash along the way.

Hope to see some good iOS design, Some epic Xbox Games, more Smartglass support? free Xbox Live /s.

Hope to see some good iOS design, Some epic Xbox Games, more Smartglass support? free Xbox Live /s.

Widgets like you've never seen before. Only Apple can do widgets correctly. /s

I'm hoping that the news that you have to pay a fee to play a used game is just an elaborate prank by microsoft...coz if it isn't then they just screwed the pooch on that one!

I'm interested in what Nintendo's going to do with the 3DS, I'm not interested in any of the "next gen" consoles.

Oh no... I dont want to see apple copy the good things of android and praise them as their own genius ideas only to catch up with android!

I really hope iOS 7 "changes something", in such a way that Android developers do not fall asleep while enjoying the current glory of our beloved OS :).

Well I would like to see some awesome tech. Some awesome hardware. Some awesome software.

I want more. We want more!

I want to win a Nexus 4 cuz I never owned a Nexus device
I'm still using my HTC Sensation as my daily driver and it's running CM10.1

Well i could care less about the lack of innovation announced by apple, but id love a nexus!

I hope Apple actually came up with something innovative so Google can come back over the top and 1-up it but most likely anything that apple will come up with Google already has.....

Interested in seeing all the new content for Xbox One and PS4, as well as any new PS4 details.

Also, I'd love to see an Ubuntu powered "SteamBox" get unveiled by Valve.

That being said, sure wish I had a Nexus 4 to try out Ubuntu Touch.

I'm slightly intrigued about iOS7's design changes. I want to see if there's any improvement to blandness lol.

I am excited to see what other iOS features can be based off of Android and claimed as revolutionary... I am talking to you notifications bar!

I'm really curious to see how iOS 7 will change things (aside from aesthetically.) As a former iPhone owner, I still hear the siren's call, but I would love to see something that really moves the OS forward. For me, Android and far and away a better platform. E3? I want Microsoft to figure itself out! I don't want to have to jump ship to Sony! :P

I'm seriously hoping for a new keyboard, the iOS keyboard simply sucks. Every time I type with the glass keyboard on the iPad I feel like I'm learning to type again. Swype and the standard (Google) Android keyboard are simply light-years ahead.

I also want something like widgets, or just some sort of rethink of the springpad launcher. It looks even older than it is.... It's like running a tablet at Barney speed, one thing at a time so I don't get confused. Thanks for holding my hand Apple, but I've used a computer before, unleash it with widgets or something like them.

It would be awesome to have Swiftkey arrive at iOS, it would be the saving grace for many of my friends immensely struggling at typing on all of their iPhones. They would really stop the grammar errors and improve their typing speed.

I'm sure we will all be shocked and awed at the magical, revolutionary things that Apple will show us today. They are always first movers in the tech space after all. I want to be excited for the Xbox One, but it just seems to be a step in the wrong direction with DRM and restricting games to user accounts. For the last 30 years, we've been able to trade games back and forth between friends without issue. Why make that change now?

I hoping to see Sony rip on Microsoft's rental game shenanigans... they better not follow suit. I'm also hoping to win the N4...

I'd be glad to see the fruit kneel before the Android, Apple giving up iOS and implement an Android version to their iWhatever line.

From WWDC: I'm hoping to see some type of improvement to iOS7; something that either puts the playing game equal to Android or surpasses it (just so Android devs will have something to catch up with - as we all know that development is always a cat and mouse game between such platforms). Of course, I'm interested in seeing what they're doing with the iPhone5S/Mini (whatever they're going to call their entry-budget market mobile). Especially if they're going to introduce NFC to their hardware range. It's a medium that I use almost religiously at this point, and Apple adopting it will bring about a universal adoption of the protocol. Everything else is expected to be routine updates to their laptop/desktop range (based on rumours).

From E3: News from Sony about PS4. With all of the negative publicity that Microsoft has received over their DRM platform and the "always-on" Kinect version, this is the best time for Sony to clear up the rumours (rather than trolling as they have been on social networks) about their own DRM. Of course, they should also expose what their system looks like (seeing as they originally stated that they'll show the PS4 *after* Microsoft exposed their next-gen console). Mobile gaming? I'm interested in anything that'll run with the updated "game center" that Google had announced at their I/O.

I'm really hoping iOS7 new sharing features like NFC and new APIs for third party apps, not launchers but some libertys c'mon! Now that Steve Jobs isnt here and Jony Ive new design I expect something more bold from Apple.

I'm hoping to see the 4th Batman game at E3, bringing back Rocksteady and Kevin Conroy.

If Apple dosen't bring some fresh new designs I think they could be in trouble.

I hope Microsoft will show up with some killer exclusive games at E3.

Wow! Thanks, AC! I'm hoping to see more than features being copied again. I don't want to see notification drawer improvements, custom 3rd party keyboards, or a share menu API for apps... I want to see Apple actually innovate again, like it used to. We need them to push the market forward, not refine their UI and call it done.

Hoping to see any XBox One games worth experiencing! For Apple, anything to moves everyone forward.

Mostly interested in Playstation's demo and full reveal of the PS4 but I'm holding out hope for a possible Half Life 3 announcement.

I hope to see something that will bring back spice to the mobile field, something really innovative like the old apple and as well as the spying capabilities of the xbox one nerfed
P.S. I hope they won't "innovate" face unlock

Looking to see what kind of 'old' Apple can tell/convince all its attentive audience is 'revolutionary'!

Im hoping for awesome games from e3 and for ios to get better 3rd party app integration.I love android but I just feel bad for all my ios using friends.

Expecting to see Apple open up some API's for sure this time around. Like the third party keyboard support. Surely they know what are Android's strong points and would like to cancel out a few.

P.S. I promise to eat an apple a day if you pick me for the Nexus 4! ;)

Waiting to see what else they rip off android. Also has anyone gotten their free gift card from the Talk Mobile launch party?

Wow! Thanks, AC! I'm hoping to see more than features being copied again. I don't want to see notification drawer improvements, custom 3rd party keyboards, or a share menu API for apps... I want to see Apple actually innovate again, like it used to. We need them to push the market forward, not refine their UI and call it done.

I want Apple to give an iOS jailbreak option out of the box for folks who want to add Android functionality without waiting 2 years for Apple to implement it in a 'revolutionary' and 'exclusive' way.

iRadio on non-Apple devices would be a super win too-- but I don't think anyone expects that to happen.

We can all dream, right?

It will be meh, unless you have a half eaten piece of fruit tattooed somewhere on your body and continually drink the over marketed kool aid, and in that instance it will be like having a first born, again.

I hoping that Apple well allow 3rd party keyboards so iPhone users can experience at least one, nice basic feature.

I left Appleworld 2 years ago and I haven't looked back. Winning a White Nexus would be like Christmas in July (or in this case June!)!

WWDC pipe dream would be a completely retooled iOS that is more than just a visual overhaul. New notifications, widgets, easy access toggles and better multitasking.

I'm not an Apple fan in the lease, but please.......come out with something new! I feel bad for the poor Apple fanboys. At a minimum, add the features Android and windows have now.

I think Siri needs a major overhaul, mainly in speed and accuracy. It's really sad that Google can do such a wonderful implementation of Google Now on iOS, and Apple gives us Siri. Google's voice software is leaps and bounds better. They should have just partnered with Google so Google Now could have system wide integration...

Can't wait to see how the new iOS revolutionizes mobile phones in the same way that Android has been doing forever.

Im looking forward to seeing Apple or Microsoft release something that will actually impress me and make me almost consider getting one of their products.

I hope they will change their icons to a flat style (just like the Google ones) and REVOLUTIONIZE AGAIN.

I'm hoping to see Apple make another gazillion dollars that they won't pay US taxes on with it's phone trade-in program:)

What I'm hoping for from WWDC? Android on iPhone, haha! Just kidding, it's probably going to be a new theme pack called iOS 7.

Wanting to see how the Xbox One will allow for mobile interfaces (smartglass) via phones and tablets.

I hope to see something new from Apple, my wife has the iPhone 5 and I want to show her my phone already does it...again :-)

I'm hoping that I will be swayed in some way by either Microsoft of Sony as to what next gen console I will be purchasing. Also, would love to see the PS4 hardware.

I'm hoping for a reboot to iOS. I want to see them really step outside the box and do something original. I also want to see all the games that XBOX has for the One and lower priced games.

I'd love to see something truly innovative; something which enriches our lives, not puts barriers in our way; something which is built with users in mind, without in-app purchasing or always-on-DRM. Something which makes me believe not all companies are *just* after my money. A product or service which makes me wonder why it's never been thought of before, not just a lame re-brand of an already tired franchise.

Either that or unicorns.

Hoping for some amazing games to come out. PS4 should be cool, Don't care about Xbox One.

I would like to see widgets and an app tray. So I can clean up my home screens like I do on my GNex and N7. Otherwise it'll be boring. Mostly I'd like to see that I won this contest so I can ditch Verizon completely.

Well, I would like to see how apple is catching up on Android, because, as they are implementing features already present on another platform, they are admitting defeat :)

I really hope that Apple has some game changers. It's been a while since they've pushed the envelope and things will only get better for Android if they step their game up.

I'm hoping to see Apple step their game up with iOS7, not just play catch up to Android. Competition is good.

Give us something that makes a compelling argument for iOS, will ya Apple?

I'm hoping to see Android 4.3 drop during the keynote!! That or Thorsten Heins rushing the stage to announce BBM for iOS.

I've really hope Apple to compete fair and straight against android...the gain while be only for the consumers...! !

I am really hoping that Apple does some form of substantial update that will help encourage more innovation from others. What I think they will do is a marginal update with a small GUI change. What I am also hoping is that as soon as Apple ends their conference, Google goes, ok, here is 4.3 which is waaaaaaay more advanced than iOS 7!

Definitely wishing that Apple releases something to keep competition fresh. Because competition breeds innovation and we all win.

It would be nice to see how much the PS4 and XBox One is going to cost so that I can plan accordingly.

Big "meh" for Apple. Only thing they could do that would make me notice would be something really innovative, like $500 Macbook Airs, you know, affordable hardware -- the Great Frontier, the Unthinkable for the Wizards of Cupertino.

In the meantime, I would be bowled over if I won a Nexus 4. I don't care what color it is.

I'll put Android Central stickers on everything I own... Maybe even my children.

Thanks :D

I'm hoping to see either an apology for the iGrill or something even more outrageously pretentious and impractical like the iPaperweight.

I hope to win the nexus for so I can use stock android instead of iOS or touchwiz. Also, hope Sony handles used games better than Microsoft and doesn't require an internet connection at all to play offline games.

Want to see the pricing for the one so I can get rid of my 360 which I have to bang the crap out if to get games to play.

I am actually quite interested in seeing the new flatter design for iOS. It really needs a new design, I just hope it looks better than what sites are reporting. As for E3, any and everything PS4 related.

I'm just really curious what this "new" design for iOS 7 is going to look like and if it'll become a "it looks like Android" kind of conversation. And also curious if they'll update anything related to the pull down notifications area.

We'll see!

It's always fun to see what the competition has up it sleeve so I'll be watching Apple today for sure. E3 has diminished over the years but as a gamer I still enjoy some new trailers and sneak peaks. Now gimmies my nexus ;)

I want to hear them say Cortanas voice will be the voice on the Windows Phones speak to me interface. It is still weird to talk to a device but at least make it fun! A choice would be awesome too. Imagine all the characters we could have talk to us!

Hoping to see some design changes in iOS that don't copy Android/WP8,but offer a nice refresh to the platform. Let's promote good competition!

I'd like info on the PS4 and would really love to see Sony battle Microsoft's living room console by including Google TV in the PS4. Oh, and I can't wait to see what "new" features iOS will have ...ahemmandroids ahemmbetter..

There's nothing specifically that I'm waiting to see. Just hope for some great ideas that will keep things moving forward

I am hoping Apple does a significant redesign of the look of both the hardware and software, with a spec/feature bump that gets Android to keep up their game. Although I kinda hope they don't so Android will continue to gain share - am I a bad person for thinking that? :)

Competition in the marketplace is good. The best thing Apple can announce today is they're calling off the lawyers.

From WWDC: streaming music; ooo ahh!

For XBox: a media player box

I'd still rather have a white Nexus 4 instead of either of these companies products!

Like most of us I'm hoping to see what iOS7 is gonna bring to the table and how, in the long term its going to effect android.

What can Apple rip from Android now? Maybe widgets? And then say it's the greatest innovation since their notification center.

Looking to see them announce their next phone with the capabilities to customize; open source like! Ability to add widgets and what not. Either way, ANDROID 4Life.

I hope to see some magical new Android features from Apple, and hopefully a more user friendly console from Sony.

Hoping to see all kinds of amazing new stuff. And hopefully a not-ugly new ios

I hope to see IOS 7 Refresh at WWDC and E3 there is to much to list
i want to see PS4 and what games will Launch on the system and more details
mabye a little about Xbox ONE i would Rather get a HTC ONE for Verizon then the Xbox One LOL

I'd love to see Apple wave the white flag and admit they're no competition for Androids superior OS! Poo on you Apple!

I'm hoping that Apple will continue innovating which will push Google and its OEM partners to continue pushing to be greater. Competition is a good thing!

just waiting on the big reveal from both events. maybe Google will do an Apple move and make an announcement and try to steal their thunder.

I want the PS4 to get completely unveiled. I need to know how much to start saving for. Also, wouldn't mind seeing an incremental Android update just in spite of Apple.

Hoping to see a more open iOS, the death of iTunes, and Microsoft actually giving a crap about their consumer base.

Not a iphone user but still curious to see if they change anything and only thing im want from E3 is Vita games and exclusive Xbox games annoucement

I'd like to see Apple come out with a better iOS UI and support for more android like features so I can stop telling everyone else in my family... "What... your iPhone can't do that?"

Hope I have a shot at winning.


I am hoping Apples announces that any service releases for their iPod or iPad devices will be reffered to as iPatches

Hoping to see Apple get back in the UI game and deliver something interesting. Been too long with same old same old. That would help keep Google on their toes with Android. Google can fall into the same trap Apple has been in. Lets spice these things up.

I agree. But it seems windows really inspired everyone to go flat. I hope apple finds a good balance as flat design gets dull after a while. Google has actually cleaned their look up a lot recently and I really like its playfulness.

I think they'll implement global sharing capabilities and revolutionize the smartphone market just like they did with their notification bar on top of the screen :)

WWDC -- I really will laugh if widgets are blended into iOS.

E3 -- Really looking forward to some sort of announcement from Nintendo on the future of games for the WiiU.

I'd personally like to see Apple actually listen to some of their more tech-oriented customers - those of us who understand the value that Apple brings to the industry, but have a difficult (or impossible) time using their products because they simply lack the options we need, but that Android brings. Competition is good for everyone. My hopes are sort of in the middle on this happening, though, because they cater to the masses and not the tech, but it'd be nice if they at least attempted to offer the tech crowd something. When Apple plays hard ball it forces everyone else to play harder as well.

For example, lets say Apple actually came out swinging and offered nearly all of the features Android has. You don't think we'd see a lot of Android converts? That would force Google to do something major to stay competitive and we know Google has the ability to do some amazing things when pushed (look at how easily Google Now handily wipes the floor with Siri).

New iOS UI, of course! And Microsoft's E3 keynote is just hopeless, so I have no hope for that.

Looking forward to seeing the exclusive game titles that PS4 and XB One are going to offer. Hopefully Fallout 4 and MGS 5? One can dream!

The roumors talk mostly about icon changes... I hopes the best improvement is not aesthetics. Plobably the will change the notifications and the application change, adding the best ideas from WP, android and webOS. I really hope they show something new, I don't want android guys to get lazy being the most advanced OS.

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