Oh my, what a nice surprise for today. I just opened up the Android Market and low and behold a brand new update for Angry Birds was looking back at me. As noted in the change log this release now sits at version 1.4.2 and has plenty of fixes in it for some graphical errors. In addition to those fixes some Android optimizations have been made as well to ensure the game will run better. At launch, Rovio had promised support for QVGA-resolution devices and you'll find that in this update as well. Finally, the best part of the update is the 45 new levels that have been added. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to grab the latest release now.


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Angry Birds updated with 45 new levels!


Whoa you guys are quick! I refreshed, didnt see it so I submitted it to you, page reloads and POOF its there. Rock!
I just 3 stared everything at the end of last week. This is fantastic news!

Indeed, the timing is great for me as well. I just 3 stared everything over the weekend. Last night before bed I was thinking to myself, "Now what?" Well, here's my answer!

Wow, that is perfect timing for my effing MARKET TO NOT BE WORKING!! WTF! Anyone else having trouble with this today?
-Stock EVO, Sprint

DAMN.... 45???? THAT IS A HUGE Update. I just noticed the email they sent me.

I beat all the Levels in the first release not with all 3 stars though. The levels get hard enough to stop caring about the damn stars lol

Does it keep my previous history? I'm still working on enough three star levels to get all the golden eggs.

The best mobile game of all time keeps getting better. What's Rovio's business model here? Get everyone hooked on Angry Birds 1, then blow us away with a sequel next year? I would have dropped $5 on AB without even thinking about it.

Getting a game with this much playtime and depth for free is awesome, but kind of insane, too.

I would be more than willing to pay a few bucks to get rid of those ads, which are now annoyingly on the top of the screen instead of the bottom. But on a side note...WHOAAA huge birds

Super sweet. I destroyed the iPad version as well as the halloween version. Now its onto the Android version.

if you have a rooted phone you can use adfree android its in the market gets rid of ads on all free games works well on my EVO

Awesome! Thanks for the tip thats a life saver...how am I supposed to know when to hit the boomerang birds when I can't see them? I'm bad enough with them already

Anyone else having trouble with the update? My phone runs SUPER slow in the game now. Tried killing programs, even uninstalling and reinstalling (and losing my levels), still slow.

I have a Samsung Moment running 2.1.

Same here. New update 1.4.2 is so slow it is now unplayable as well on my Sprint HTC Hero running 2.1. I've tried everything too...even putting into airplane mode and deleting cache. No luck. Can we revert back to the old version?

I've got the same issue on my Moment. Game runs painfully slow, and none of the text renders properly. Even the level icons are just white boxes now. How disappointing.

The issue seems to be the same for the Samsung Intercept. the Previous release ran just fine (although some graphical issues). This is just downright unplayable now.

Samsung Intercept (sprint), 2.1, stock.

I've read quite a few comments on the Market from users who say this update has slowed down gameplay and now the ads flash across the whole screen disrupting gameplay. (can anyone confirm the "ad" issue?) Doesn't sound like this update is worth downloading until they work out the bugs.

I've never had ads on my version and I just updated and still no ads. Hmmmm....maybe because the ROM I am on blocks ads. Might be time to go back to the developer and donate.

Unmount your SD card. I'm willing to bet you have Angry Birds on your SD now right? Unmount and then install. It works.

Thank you sooo much for the unmount SD card trick ....worked perfectly now Im addicted to this Angry Birds crap lol

WTH... I keep getting Download Unsuccessful and will not download. I have tried 10 times already. How do I get this download? Is it the market or my phone? Help please...

It was, but then it clearly complained of lack of space. I cleared a bunch of crap off the card so there's ample free space, but to no avail.

i had the same problem ...would not install at all ...try unmounting the SD card ...then install it ...worked for me :) love the game

There's an app called AdFree that gets rid of ads in apps. You have to be rooted though.


Funny, I had just posted to twitter this morning that I beat angry birds last night and then went to check the android market and noticed I had an update to angry birds!!

the advertisements at the top make it unenjoyable. i guess that's it for me. rather pay than look at those ads. sad day indeed. guess i can bury this app with all the other useless ones until the ads go away.

If you are rooted install DroidWall and block Angry Brids from using data. That will stop all the ads while still allowing all other apps to work.

I installed mine originally from the downloaded ROM, before the Market had the file, but I don't see an update. Though Angry Birds is still available for download on the market to me. If I download it will I lose my progress?

Great there went my whole work day. Didnt get anything done. lol, oh well. Love this game! stock Evo 2.2

I had the same issue and I'm willing to bet you've got Angry Birds on your sd card right? "Unmount SD card" under settings, then download it. Re-mount SD card and good to go. Seems like some apps don't like being moved to the SD then an update doesn't play nice with the app.

Screwy as hell but it works.


Am I the only one who cannot get this to install on my EVO ...nothing works ....not even the BETA ....tried downloading from the website as well..it downloads just fine ...but it will not install ...and i have plenty of space left

anyone else have an EVO with the same problem??? help!!!

installed. don't like the ad placement as well. Would be willing to pay for ad-free version, but still love the game. so addicting.

I have also found, that I don't know if it was capable before the update, that you can zoom in and out on your game play screen to see more of the overall game play.

Anyone else notice that?

I always read the comments on the Market before updating any app I have and I sure am glad I didn't blindly update this one! I can't tell you how many apps I've refused to update because the comments from others have showed a decrease in performance or changes to an app I wasn't interested in. I've got a long way to go before I beat this game with 3 stars across the board anyways, so it's no big loss for me. (still sucks though!)

I found a little trick ..I think it works for all games with ads. Turn of your mobile network (3G) ...this will not leave any ads showing at all. You will still recieve your phone calls and texts just fine, but no ads :)

Just an FYI....there IS a paid ad-free version. Search the Market. I think it's like 4.99 or something like that.

Downloaded and uninstalled on hero 2.1 it was completely unplayable! The ads were also a joke! Interfered big time! Well, they WOULD HAVE interfered if I could've played! This game is smooth as butter on my Pre... no ads either.

Oh ya, I'm sure it's a great update. Except for it made my phone lag like hell when I play it! Please fix! Samsung transform..

Thank you Rovio... for DESTROYING this game. The ads have been moved to the playing field. No one should update or even install. Purchasing an ad-free version at this point is for suckers only. Fix the free one first and then we can talk.

I found a little trick ..I think it works for all games with ads. Turn of your mobile network (3G) ...this will not leave any ads showing at all. You will still recieve your phone calls and texts just fine, but no ads :)

I got all the golden eggs (17) but am unable to clear the 17th one(gold star). Do you know how to break it?