New Angry Birds levels

There are only a handful of things I like to be awakened by on a Saturday morning. One is the wife and kids. Another is a giant pile of pancakes. And a third is a massive update to Angry Birds, one that brings 30 new levels to the uber popular game. And such was the case this morning, as we now have "Ham 'Em High" to keep us occupied.

Go ahead and get your update on, or hit up the download link after the break if you've yet to play. And now, to go find those pancakes ...

Update: You might well have noticed that the app now says it needs/has permission to access your SMS messages. The developer, Rovio Mobile, tells us on Twitter that it "Must be a mistake in some permission file. Will get it sorted on Monday."


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Angry Birds update brings 30 new levels


We did already have The Big Setup, but there are more than 15 levels in this new update. It looks like 20 are available now & 10 more "coming soon".

I am getting a "Sorry, there's not enough space to install this item" message but I have 576mb free on the phone and 11.94gb on sd card. WTF!?

Is Angry Birds getting a Superbowl commercial? Look at what's recently changed, "Watch the Rio Movie Commercial during the Super Bowl to find a hidden clue which unlocks a special level of Angry Birds!"

My phone notified me that there was an update available. I uploaded it, but no near levels appeared. It appeared to download, but it never asked me if I wanted to install it. Now when I went back to the market, it said AB was available to "install." I chose that, and nothing happened! HELP!!!

Why does this update need so many new permissions I do not trust applications that ask for this much if they have no valid reason to access the demanded information.

Phone state and identity? Receive and read SMS and MMS? Send SMS? They need to explain why. I installed the first version but I won't be trying this out until they explain how this "mistake" came about...and then fix it.

I just downloaded the udpate and it showed progress under notifications, but when it reached 100% it disappeared from notifications and gave me no notice of being "installed." When I open angry birds now, it does not include any updates. Does anyone know what I can do?

I want to avoid uninstalling the game, because I've already completed all levels, besides the new Ham em High.

The update only shows up for me in appbrain so when
I try to update thru that it says request could not be found.
Will I get the update?

I have zero interest in updating to this version with the developers seeking permission to access to send SMS messages from my device as well as read existing SMS messages. That's one hell of a careless mistake to make.

I urge others not to upgrade until the SMS access permissions issue is resolved.

so this also fixes the bug with these 17th golden egg. I have to day tho, people freaking out about the sms bug. They addressed it and said it's a mistake and will fix it.

Or just turn your mobile internet off to have no ads appear, that way you can still receive calls/texts while playing, unlike airplane mode.

Why can't I get this update? It's not showing for me in the market. I set it to automatically update, but it hasn't. I'd really like to get these new levels!

I have a TMobile My Touch Slide.