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Every app that you can use and improve functionality via your Android Wear device

Android Wear is finally a reality in more than just concept videos and presentations. Yes, we can actually purchase Android Wear devices, and that means Google has opened up the Play Store flood gates to app updates that now support the new wearables. There are a full 24 apps available at launch that support Android Wear in some way, and while the number will grow and functionality will improve, this is the best place to start if you're interested in Google's new wearable initiative.

Here's a complete list of apps that are compatible in some way with Android Wear. Each app name is a link to the Play Store to install it, and you can find associated stories from Android Central about the app next to it.

Health and fitness







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The complete list of Android Wear apps


Also EvolveSMS has support. I guess just voice replies. Not sure.

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I hope Pandora and Spotify update quickly. Would love to have that functionality on my watch

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Along with Slacker :) But since those guys never added Chromecast support (AFAIK), I'm not holding out hope.

Wow Andrew you are gonna get exhausted if you drew the short straw to keep it updated

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Yep at this rate anything outside of Android Wear will become obsolete IMO
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Hopefully some developers will add some amazing fitness apps.

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Exactly. People are hopping on this and it haven't even hit. Google has done in one week what the other smartwatch company couldn't achieve with developers. This is going on the right path.

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At what rate? You act like they've already sold millions of smartwatches. And to say everything else is obsolete because of Android Wear when we haven't even seen what Apple will come with is silly at best.

Android Wear will make Pebble Sony smartwatch Toq Tizen and other OS pointless . I thought that was obvious my point. Obviously not... No one is barely developing applets for these OS and there's already 24 for an extension that hasn't even hit yet. No one is talking about Apple. That will be a success in its own because of the fanboys.
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I kinda think here that Android is doing what the iPhone did in '97. Hitting a new market first, and doing it damn well. iWatch will be playing catchup instead of the other way

His comment was in regards to the rate that developers are jumping on the Android Wear Platform. Not sales. He then, was making a prediction, IN HIS OPINION (IMO) correlating the early development, momentum, and no doubt, early excitement and probably his own personal like of the platform, to Android Wear eventually dominating the market.

That's what everyone is doing, i.e. buying the LG or Samsung, then selling it the instant the $299 Moto launches. Yes, it will cost more. That's obvious. Their marketing knows.

I'm just waiting for it outright, and betting on $250. Might actually just get the LG if the 360 is actually $300, or wait some more for other options.

I still hope for 250, knowing it will be 350

/then the next week 325
//then 299
///then 287.50
...and so on

If you're waiting for a $250 Moto 360, you should just spare yourself the disappointment and get one of these watches, now. Gonna be closer to $300.

I'm waiting for all of you to buy the 360 and dump your old watches. I don't want that huge round thing with the wart on the bottom.

FYI, this list is not even comprehensive! Level Up, one of my fave mobile payment apps, has also added support, for instance.

How do you get Level Up to work exactly? When I say "open level up" it just opens the app on my phone, it doesn't give me the QRC.

U personally won't be getting Android Wear for now, but as a developer it's important to know what's going on in the tech world.

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Anyone know if stock email (exchange) works with wear? As in you can read the whole email and not just get a notification? Thanks

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The Android Wear watch I want will be coming about March. Don't know what it is yet, but the second gen ought to have many stellar choices.

Still nothing relating to Tasker, huh? I've gotten used to running Tasker tasks like turning my lights on/off from my Pebble.

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I'm very pleased to announce my new and first app for Android Wear:

Smart Shopping List 4 Wear too is the new app that will allow you to keep costs under control.
The app tells you in real time if the product you're buying is the cheapest or the most expensive, based on your previous purchases.
Provides you with a SIMULATION of your spending in all markets on which you have already made purchases.
This gives you a chance to save money after only a few shopping.

Got an Android Wear smart watch? Send your list to your watch! Shopping will never been easier!!!

Play Store:

As the name Wear suggests, this system is dedicated to the connected and "portable" devices powered by the Android ecosystem. In short, Android Wear is a lighter version of the Android mobile operating system. Android Wear is now available in a very preliminary version, which can give a taste of the future system, but which still lacks a number of essential building blocks, such as voice command whose API is not yet available. Mobile app development team at PROVAB is anticipating Android app Developer Tool, based on Eclipse, to make apps for Android Wear. Android Wear has already got updated for offline music playback and support for GPS.