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Steve JobsIf you haven't heard by now, Steve Jobs pretty much lost his sh-- (shut yo mouth!) yesterday during Apple's earnings call -- going way above and beyond his usual diatribe over Google and Android. To say it's entertaining is pretty much the understatement of the year. And what's more -- these were prepared remarks. Somebody thought about this for a bit.

Jobs calls stock Android "a commodity" and invents the "Twitterdeck" Twitter client to rail against all of the different handsets developers must contend with. (Of course he meant Tweetdeck -- only one of the more popular Twitter clients out there.)

And of course the topic of "openness" came up yet again (and Jobs dared manufacturers to release Android sales numbers). He calls it "a smokescreen" that Google's using to hide Android fragmentation from the customer. (News flash, Mr. Jobs: Most regular customers don't care -- or even understand -- fragmentation).

Anyhoo, Android's Andy Rubin fired up Twitter this morning to post his first Tweet, which you see above. Pretty much speaks for itself.

Our take? It's telling how much time Jobs spent on his competitors in the earnings call. Best way to downplay the competition is to dismiss it. No longer. And in the process, Jobs is coming off more a loon and less a sage. Listen for yourself after the break. 

For the other side of the coin, see "Why Steve Jobs
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Update: Oh, and speaking of Twitterdeck (erm, Tweetdeck), here's what CEO Iain Dodsworth had to say about the whole thing (via All Things D): "Did we at any point say it was a nightmare developing on Android? Errr nope, no we didn't. It wasn't."


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Android sends Steve Jobs over the edge, Andy Rubin responds in code


Yeah, read this from the forums earlier. I listened until the 4 minute mark and I was like, "Wow, can't listen to this dickhead anymore". I wish I were in that room with him and able to respond to all of his tiny little remarks...everything he says is so refutable. He's completely clueless, and his little bitchfest really shows how scared he is of his competitors lol. He has always been such a sad, pathetic little man; apparently he still is.

I like some Apple products, but I will never, ever like the man behind them. He is one of saddest human beings on the face of the Earth.

edit: As one user put it earlier - Steve says integrated, I say locked-down. Steve says fragmentation, I say user-configurable.

I wished you would have been in the room as well and put in your place. If it wasn't for that little man we wouldn't have some things today like the Mouse, USB, Firewire, Android OS, iPhone, iPad, etc. Apple was the one to get these items and make them main stream and popular. Tablets have been out for years and have failed along with the mobile phone market. Apple came in and again rebooted these two technologies and you have a company named Google that can copy very very well. If you spend millions/billions on something and you have someone else copying you and running your company down wouldn't you be mad as well? I would!

Wow. This is how clueless some people really are. USB was invented by a core group of mega companies, Compaq, Digital, IBM, Intel, Northern Telecom, and Microsoft. The mouse and GUI, Xerox PARC. Firewire is an Apple Trademark but not invented by Apple. A brief history of the inventors of firewire can be found here

Tablets. Really? MS and HP had tablets out WELL before Apple did. They didn't invent that either, sorry. Android OS was started in 2005

Now as for iOS released in 2007 probably started work on it in 2005 or so, similar to Android.

The iPhone yeah it was a revolutionary device at the time but sadly with all the big guns from HTC, Moto, Samsung, etc.. it has become an also ran. So aside from you praising Steve Jobs and licking his balls at least do it in an educated manner rather than spewing non-sensical, fantastical bullshit pseudo-facts that make you look like an Uncle Steve ball washer.

Yeah an also ran that just sold 14 million units in it's last quarter, do they screen the dudes here for iq's?

If they did, you wouldn't be able to post.

First, genius... the proper use is "its last quarter"...

And back to Apple: 14 million units of what? Macs? iPads? iPhones? Apple TV? If you look at the other manufacturers of PCs and phones, 14 million in a quarter is nothing compared to their combined sales.

Besides that, as Darkseider correctly pointed out, people incorrectly attribute many "inventions" to Apple when, in fact, in one very huge instance, they stole an idea. Steve Jobs himself admitted that he stole the idea for the first Lisa GUI (remember Lisa, the $10,000 Mac predecessor, named after Jobs' daughter?) from Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) after he saw it and was wowed.

Apple bases its products on form versus function. iOS is nothing but a port of BSD Unix with a slick GUI front end. Years ago, the Mac had superior hardware (the 68000 and PowerPC CPUs) but, today, they're built on a standard Intel-based platform. Now, Jobs' narcissism leads to issues like "Antennagate" and "Glassgate", where he blames everyone but his own poor design decisions. Apple, back in the day, was innovative where today Steve Jobs does nothing but trash talk the competition.

I highly doubt if Jobs ever extensively used an Android device, let alone programmed one. Google now has App Inventor, allowing pretty much anyone to develop Android apps, and their SDK, freely available (not just to developers who pay for the privilege) is not difficult to use.

Jobs is misinformed on many levels, as it seems you are.

I love how these android users stick to their guns.

"(News flash, Mr. Jobs: Most regular customers don't care -- or even understand -- fragmentation)."

Says who? Fragmentation is a big problem for customers. Let's say i browse for an app and up comes multiple versions (iheartradio anyone) that support a certain OS. Now i (as a customer) need to figure out which one works for my phone. That my friends is fragmentation. How about how most of the smart phones on the market today are still on 2.1? fragmentation.

What about google's customers (the developers). It is a nightmare to figure out which devices to support. Not to mention, everyone knows how google screwed up when they implemented the new stagefreight framework on 2.2. The developers had to figure out how to work around the issue until google released a fix. Even then it doesn't work like it is supposed to.

Now, i'm not saying jobs is right on everything but please quit crying when your butt gets a little tender.

Fragmentation is NOT a big problem for customers.

The market shows you only the apps that will work on your phone.

Stop spreading fud when its clear you do not, and never have, used an android phone.

You continue to argue for one platform from a benevolent dictator.

You can make all the arguments you want about how good it is to be kept in your cage and guided by your leash. But in the end the only thing that comes thru is your insecurity. If you're old enough to post on the internet, you don't have to ask mom what shirt to wear anymore. Its time to grow up.

Umm, first off, your an idiot. Second, i have an EVO (with Fresh's rom). On day one i bought that phone with android 2.1 and while 2.2 was already on the nexus one two months prior. So from day one my phone was already out dated. Yeah that's not fragmentation. I still love my EVO but i'm just saying fragmentation IS A PROBLEM! Just because i have an iPad, two iMacs, and a 2nd gen Apple TV doesn't make my point invalid.

"Let's say i browse for an app and up comes multiple versions (iheartradio anyone) that support a certain OS."

Wow, why even bother posting when you don't know what you're talking about? Have you ever used Android Market?

Mine only shows the 1.5 and 2.3 versions. (D. Inc)

Do you have any other examples? I do a lot of app-browsing and this is the first time I've ever seen multiple versions of an app (aside from lite versions, of course).

From the (poorly-written) app description it seems like the duplication may be a developer-end problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they can limit search results by OS version and carrier, can they not?

If you read what I wrote, I never said he nor Apple invented USB, etc. Apple is the one that pushed those technologies and made them popular, that is what I said.

Yeah you are right. I use firewire all day. Oh wait, what's fire wire again?

And invented usb? That was coinvented by intel (remember that funny as they had where they treat that guy like a rock star?)

And don't give Stevie J too much crfedit. I'm sure ipad wasn't just his idea, J Ruby is the father of iPod, and Ives et al had a lot to do with Apple's success.

Btw is that way -->

I usually never do this but I'm sick of not being able to read comments for years because of posts like these.

So my attempt is to actually bring out the facts.

1. Mouse
Xerox had the mouse around for years. There were other companies using the mouse well ahead of Apple. Apple made it popular for use with the everyday desktop computer. That's is good, but give credit where credit is due. Xerox had an important role in early computer history.

2. USB

Intel, Microsoft, and various PC manufacturers are responsible for the success for USB. Apple actually fought against USB in the beginning. The iMac was the first to use USB. There were USB devices on PCs before the iMac.

3. Firewire

This was the competition for USB. Yes, it's nice, but Apple failed to even push it even on their own devices.

4. Android OS
Android OS was in development before the iPhone was even released. This is common knowledge that a simple google search could tell you.

5+6. iPhone/iPad/etc

I'm sure everyone knows Apple created those devices.

A general statement.

Apple is a very important company for the computer industry. I like Apple. At the same time, Google presence is also very important. But spreading ignorance like above is the reason why a lot of Apple fans really don't know much about Apple. It's okay to like their products. It's even okay to bash Android. Just at least tell some sort of truth in it and post them in places like MacCentral or various other Apple Fan sites/forums. Competition is good for all of us. Just be courteous.

Apple didn't invent the mouse, nor USB and Firewire... And the small number of Macs sold during the launch of those last two definitely doesn't account for their adoption either. You're very deluded... They did kickstart a sagging mobile market but nothing about the iPhone was exactly revolutionary, just highly refined and polished, which is mostly what Apple is good at... That and marketing.

It seems odd to me that people act like the iPhone came into a smart phone void. Everyone seems to forget that the touch screen phones was where the market was already going. If everyone is copying Apple, I wonder how Palm, and Microsoft managed to put out their iconized graphic touch interface phone/PDAs so far before the iPhone?
Apple's strength is advertising!
They also had the financial capacity and interest to force the wireless carriers to play nice. They popularized the smart phone; they didn't invent it. Apple's actions have allowed us to have and ask for these great devices not because they invented the modern smart phone but because they forced the carriers to allow them and to compete on this arena.

So thank you Apple for forcing the wireless carriers to get me 3G coverage and opening the market thereby fostering the smart phone boom.

He surely ain't as sad as your dumb azz. What have you contributed to humanity to be calling him out. The man has contributed more to the world of technologies than your entire family going back generations and the ones that are coming in the future.

Goon, where in my comment did I insult you personally, as well as your family? Did I insult your God? Is Steve Jobs your God? Because, as much as I may prefer Android, Google is far from my God. Your comment is showing your age, immaturity, and hatred of others. Congratulations. Now you must go repent. Shame on you. :P

To call Jobs clueless is ridiculous. As much as I despise him, the man is brilliant. However, you need to look at what he said in a different way--he's worried, and it's pretty obvious. Android is easily destroying the iPhone in worldwide sales--his claim about 275,000 iOS devices being activated daily is somewhat of a misnomer. Remember--iOS devices, not iPhones, which is clearly far, far behind that of Android. I'd be on the defensive too if my OS was on its way to taking 3rd place.

Okay, I agree, you're right. "Clueless" is not the right word. He's not clueless in terms of his company or anything. But for me personally, this is what I should have said:

"I feel Jobs is clueless as to what consumers actually want" - although, this is a broad statement that is easily just subject to opinion. While Android is seriously smashing some Apples lately in terms of users, Apple still has the most users and they're mostly all very happy.

Anyway, you're right. Sorry about that.

He's not clueless. This is Steve "The Douchebag" Jobs we are talking about. He has ALWAYS been this way. Lie about your competition...its the only way to compete. They have been doing it for year with the Mac vs. PC ads. And now they start on with Google. Sad really. I'm dead serious when I say if I ever met the man I'd break the nose on that smug face of his without any reservations about going to jail for it. He has done more damage to the tech industry with his form over function approach then any other company in history. And yes that includes IBM and Microsoft.

Before i start, when i say PC im talking about a MS OS system...just so some of you don't try to be technical with me (cuz macbooks are PC's as well)

Everyone lies in their marketing scheme about the competition. When you goto a "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant, they say that their "Food" is best in town....whereas it's usually false.

Apples Mac's vs. PC's commercials are actually a good %95 true...just sayin

I've been building computers since i was 10, and am currently a certified PC Technician. I grew up with PC's and even program on PC's today. But i have gotten sick of how susceptible they are for viruses and malfunctions.

Since purchasing a Macbook Pro i have not wanted to buy another PC. Sure it cost $1700 but in the end im saving money. I dont need anti-virus software, i can use all of my windows applications on my mac, and GUI is brilliant and very user friendly. My mac will last me a good 7-8 years whereas a laptop PC has an average lifespan of 1.5-2 years.

I own an Evo 4G and dont intend on purchasing an iPhone anytime soon (im currently trying to steer my uncle away from buying one).

Yes, USB and the Mouse and most other things were around before Mac, but it was Apple that got them mainstream. But cmon, get your sh!t straight; The mouse was FIRST used in 1970 on the Telefunken TR440 and later used on a Xerox computer. Steve Jobs found out about this and loved it, and in the end made the Mouse MAINSTREAM. It wasn't well known until Steve Jobs jumped in.

I'm not an Apple fanboy, nor a PC fanboy. I invest my money where i feel its best and i will get the best value.

You are an apple fan boy. 'I invest my money where I feel its best and I will get the best value... and I invest in apple'. That sounds like it just walked off the set of an apple advert.

Particularly about mice, you're so hideously wrong. Even before the IBM PC generation, mice were found on amigas, ataris, commodores... hell every thing had mice. Apple were one of a half dozen guys doing basically the exact same thing.

As for the whole 'PCs get viruses'... its half user error, and half just how many of them there are. When there are billions of susceptible machines out there, it only takes a handful of non-virus-scanning/uneducated people to start an epidemic. Microsoft actually made their own free high grade anti-virus which they were told they couldn't have running by default, because it was unfair on mcafee et al.

Also, PC hardware does not malfunction more than Macs. You know why ? Because THERE IS NO MAC HARDWARE IT IS ALL THE EXACT SAME COMPONENTS. For someone who is a 'certified tech', I would think you'd know that...

Finally, Mac's do not last longer than PCs. You just don't realise how old they are because most people don't know what is inside their macs, they just know 'its a mac'. Also, since macs don't run games, you can get away with years old hardware, because you simply aren't doing anything 'new' on it that needs new hardware.

I have machines that are AMD Thunderbird or P4 vintage that still run fine, and assuming you just want to word process and web surf, its all good. In fact my mum has my old p4 machine. See... its the same reason why netbooks are so cheap. Its because they are hugely underspecced. But you wouldn't do demanding things on them, so its fine. Same for old macs, except they still cost thousands of dollars instead of a few hundred.

While you're certainly entitled to your opinion, your statement about the PC vs Mac lifespan almost gave me an aneurysm. Your argument is basically the opposite of what many people would argue is one of the advantages of PCs over Macs.

My 7-year old PC was still able to run most recent games on max settings with admirable performance.

I upgraded to a new PC about 2 years ago... with specifications comparable (in some areas better) to a Mac desktop that costs slightly more than 3 times as much. The difference is that I have no difficulty swapping out parts, and with the difference in cost I think I could prolong the life of my PC for quite some time and probably update all the major components and still not hit the price level of that same Mac that I was comparable to years before.

On another note, I've never had a virus. There's definitely some weight to be placed on the user side of things, and as well it is worth keeping in mind that with a more-or-less 90% market share it will always make more sense for viruses to be geared towards Windows.

I believe that Apple actually receives royalties from Apple on their windows based screen design. It was widely believed that Apple was going to sue MS for infringement but turns out MS purchased the patent from (I believe) Xerox.

Hate him all you want, in the end he made some valid points.

One of my biggest concerns regarding Android is this un-hindered development that is going on meaning shit is all over the place. You have hundreds of different Android-running phones out there, spanning three different software versions (4 once honeycomb is released...), all of which are getting random updates depending on your carrier and specialized software. It's just a mess.

I can imagine that it is a nightmare for developers to deal with, though I have no personal knowledge on the whole process. But trying to develop an app for hundreds and hundreds of phones and multiple software versions that has to work on all of them? Sounds daunting to me.

While I like the "openness" of Android, I do feel like Steve Jobs has a point when it comes to the chaos that is ensuing, which will only continue as time goes on, more handsets are released, and more specialized versions of software come out.

Either way, both Google and Apple have very attractive products that fit different people. I don't think either of them will have any problem being massive success stories. It is getting old every week hearing yet another face-off between the two, hopefully it will just spur more ingenuity out of both of them. They say necessity is the mother of invention...

You're right to a point. The OS needs to be "closed" in regards to what you said because there still needs to be some semblance of control or else carriers wil have no way of reliably supporting the phones.

However, Android is more "open" than iOS in the sense that we can customize our phones without needing to root it. Even at 4.2 the iPhone still does not have a landscape mode for the home screen. And it just got the ablility to change wallpapers and have folders (which Kids calls magical). And you're still greeted with a sea of icons every time you unlock the phone.

On Android you can download many apps to change how your home screen looks and acts (LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, Open Home, etc), how your keyboard acts (Swype, Better Keyboard, etc) and have live wallpapers if you wish. Widgets can be moved however you wish and can be skinned too.

In this way, Android is much more "open" than iOS. The way I've always looked at it is that an Android phone is your phone. An iPhone is Steve Job's phone that you rent.

I love my Mac but chose Android over iOS because I was unwilling to leave Verizon for AT&T and I liked the ability of being able to customize my phone more. Steve is beating the same message every time and it does not seem to be doing much good. I am glad they are "Getting Back to the Mac" tomorrow.

Only code/command Google knows is:

cp Apple Android

Used to be:

cp Apple Microsoft

But now its Google these days!!

So, tell us how Google copied Apple. That's an easy thing to say, but without details, it's moot. I can guarantee you that every point you make can be refuted.

You are right, they both make phone calls and have screens. If anything, specific device manufacturers like HTC and Motorola will develop phones that have similar traits to the iPhone. But some design is based on necessity. I'm pretty sure when MacBooks came out, people didn't say - wow they totally copied my PC Laptop. It's just functional design that's acceptable and easy to use for new users.

If you really think you can compare any Android phone to an iPhone and "they look and feel very familiar," I assume you haven't seen a myTouch phone, a Droid 2, a Motorola Charm, LG Ally, etc.

OMG. You're right, cashxx! When I put the two phones next to each other, the similarities are alarming! Can you believe that BOTH phones have screens? And that if you dial a number on both devices, you hear a voice? (Though, with less odds on iphone 4)

Gadzooks, man.

Go back to kissing Jobs and Rene's ass back on iphoneblog. Anybody who's ever used an Android device could tell how full of it you are.

His tweet is basically the few commands needed (in Linux) that one can use to view the Android source code.

In other words, he's saying this is what a truly open OS lets you do. You can see it (the code) for yourself and it's not locked down and kept hidden from you like Apple's IOS.

The more this guy speaks the less likely it is I'll ever get an Iphone, assuming it is ever on Verizon that is.

Wow, I feel sorry for those people who work at Apple who have to listen to that voice everyday. I just sat here, wasted 5 minutes of my life and was thinking I would love to go into a debate with this guy. Then figured it would be like argueing with my 5 year old neice...and we all know how those calls the other a poopy head and the 5 year old automatically wins because of tantrums....Jobs anyone?

Sounds to me like the man is in the midst of a break down. Napoleon Jobs might just want to pack his bags for Elba. Hey Steveie Boy, We are Android, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US........LOL

Yea I really don't agree with that. I think he means OS being open on alot of hardware. But everyone else is talking about being open to have the source code, add to it, etc. He messed up there!

Yea I really don't agree with that. I think he means OS being open on alot of hardware. But everyone else is talking about being open to have the source code, add to it, etc. He messed up there!

I wonder if by "open" Jobs meant that Microsoft doesn't dictate what software people can install on their PCs... which is true. If you want to install software that kills your PC, or sends out spam, or let you view porno (horrors), or worse, you can, without Microsoft saying "take that off", or, even worse, remotely deleting the app (which Apple can and does do). Compared to Apple, pretty much anything else is open.

I know right? He might as well just say don't by my products because I want to control and lock down everything to my liking, not yours.

This dude is a sad sad human being. He sounds very worried about how many Android devices are being shipped :x

^Perfect example of why I don't want to buy apple products. I don't want to be associated with people like this.

And when Andy Rubin says we don't need another platform and Android is everything that is needed for everyone, you all cheer him on like the lemmings you are. When he disses WP7 before it's even out, you have a lovefest. Go tell him to go shove his open up his azz.

Why are you even here you little prick? You hate Google and Android so much you come to a all Android site that post Pure Facts and talk shit out your ass like you know what the fuck everybody else wants. We love Android and can't stand Steve jobs, if Steve didn't talk so much shit out his ass like you just did about Android, we wouldn't careless about what he says. But its the everyday all-day BS that is coming from his sorry little mouth. We don't a shit about Apple or Windows 7, so you should just un-register and GTFO.

Don't bother with him, he's an iTroll, he'll take everything Steve Jobs says as words from God and anything else is the Devil.

Actually, I must've missed that. Andy Rubin dissed WP7 before it was even out? I'm an Android fan and I don't agree with that at all; I think WP7 might have some really nice appeal to many consumers, and I'd love to try one out myself (HD7).

I could be way off, but I thought after knocking Windows Mobile 7 for a minute, he wrapped up by saying that it was good for competition.

I think the frustration there is the legal pressure that Microsoft puts on the handset makers (lawsuits that prompt them to create Windows Mobile 7 phones to appease MS) and wireless carriers (forced use of BING apps) to buy their way into the market place.

It was probably out of line for Google, but he was asked for a response.

There is a simple code [that really isn't a code at all] which everyone will soon come to terms with: Android = WIN.

What a rant...sounds like Android's putting some fear into the almighty Apple God!

On another note: Goon is Steve Jobs. Appropriate name, Stevie boy.

isn't this the same stuff jobs was saying in a rant back when android was still small? He was obviously wrong back then due to android's explosion. I find it funny that he still bashes the same things about android that are making android grow like a wildfire now.

steve, you're a funny little man...

Steve Jobs is just nervous about Android taking over his iPhone. Who would want an iphone when Steve Jobs himself says, "Compare this to iPhone, where every handset works the same." EVERY HANDSET WORKS THE SAME??? I'm sorry but I prefer a handset that is unique in it's own way and doesn't "work the same way" as everyone elses phone. That's why open is better.

Look at this goon repeating Apple's talking points.

If any of your previous posts had any value, maybe you'd have a point. Unfortunately, they've been full of half-truths and outright lies.

You must be a politician.

I was amused by Jobs' remarks, as well as the negative picture the analysts took by less-than-expected device sales numbers despite them literally selling every unit they produce in a very short timeframe.

However, the comment that troubled me came from the android side...

"(News flash, Mr. Jobs: Most regular customers don't care -- or even understand -- fragmentation)"

We dont care?????? Fragmentation has NOT yet reared its ugly head, although we are getting close with the advent of such different UI experiences on each brand of phone. Fragmentation, if given the "users don't care about it" treatment, will mean the slow decline of Android into just another run of the mill smartphone OS the likes of BB OS and Symbian. If you think users don't care about fragmentation, just wait until users don't care about android at all. Then see how many hits gets.

Average user. As in: layman. As in: not nerds like us.

...Oh, wait, I was going to post a reasonable post, then I read your whole diatribe and realized it was trolling. Never mind, then.

The fact that you nor anyone else around here take fragmentation seriously is exactly why it's going to be such a big problem. Call me a troll all you want, but i am not wrong.

You're not wrong, but you're not right either. The fragmentation is a problem, but not to the everyday consumer, only the the high tech nerds is it a problem. Your everyday Joe Schmoe who bought their Android phone either bought it because they want a touch screen device, were talked into it by the sales person or wanted it to look hip. They have no idea on what it can do for them and don't use it to it's full potential.

People who buy an iPhone buy it because it's an iPhone, not because it's a smartphone, not because it can do everything they need and much, much more, but because it has the Apple logo on it and they use it to say that their hip and with the times and to say they're stylish. I've had to teach people how to use an iPhone because they were too stupid to figure it out themselves even though the iPhone is idiot proof. And when asked why they bought it when they don't know how to use it what do they say> "Because it's an iPhone." I want to smack these people because they have no business buying something like this.

I've fixed enough smartphones to know the type of people who buy them. A majority of them are idiots who bought it to make themselves look good, that's all. Those people don't give a crap about fragmentation they don't even know what that means, they're the type of people who will look at their phone when a software update comes and go "oh that's neat" and update it without even reading what the new update does or completely disregard it and not update it.

It's not about asking someone "do you care about fragmentation" and having them understand what you are asking and come up with a relevant answer... Ask them about what happens *after* the fragmentation happens... "Do you want a smaller app market and thereby less apps to choose from?" "Do you want to be locked into one hardware vendor if you want to keep the android experience you have grown accustomed to?"

People will care when the app store turns into two or four or ten app stores tailored to different hardware and different carriers. They will care when they see a shiny new android phone from some other vendor and pick it up and realize it doesnt work like they expect it to. They *will* care about fragmentation, regardless of whether or not they understand exactly what it is. That's the point. Maybe as someone who works in branding and marketing day in and day out I see that more clearly than others do, who knows. If you don't believe me, just keep closing your eyes and saying "fragmentation doesnt exist" and maybe, if you're lucky, it will go away. I, personally, don't count on it.

I know the feeling TK, i am going through an issue at work where a bunch or people want the Blackberry torch upgrade from their brand new bold....they don't care about any of the differences in the OS, or anything, just "Oh look it has a touch screen" I wish my company would switch over to android units...

Jobs is clearly losing his marbles and I'm getting annoyed by him, if he's constantly bringing up Google and RIM at every conference he goes to then it's obviously bothering him. Sure Apple store may have over 200K apps but half those are useless fart and soundboard apps... Blackberry just went over 10K apps and I found every app I needed on my BB, same for Android and I'm loving the alternative home launchers available for it.

My iPod Touch is collecting dust.

History will repeat itself and Job's will be out of Apple again in the future. Until then, we just listen to his crap and move on with the openness of Android.

I agree, I'm expecting the Apple board of directors or share holders to vote Steve out because of all the BS he's spouting while not doing anything for his company.

I think it's great that Android has different UI's with many different phones, that way people can choose which one they like and use. I have a DINC with sence and love it but that doesn't mean the people that have Moto's are wrong, it's a matter of personal preference. We are not all sheep following the flock, we have choices and like it that way.

Think back to the first Apple Mac Commercial.

Now picture the mindles masses of lemmings listening marching to the orders of OIverlord Jobs. The woman comes in but not with apple on her tanktop but ANDROID! She throws the hammer and that shatters the spell of Steve Jobs....

I had to laugh about his "current and previous version of iOS" remark regarding development...

Ask some of the earlier iPhone owners (i.e. iPhone 3 or 3G in particular) if they can use all of the software out there for the iPhone. The answer is NO, and chances are that will get worse. Those phones will not run iOS 4 (just like some Android phones can't run Android 2,x because they don't have enough ROM space). So his "fragmentation" argument is disingenuous. You can bet that, going forward, more and more apps will require services from iOS 4 and, therefore, will not run on earlier iPhones either.

Oh, and let's not forget multitasking... that's a whole other issue. Android multitasks without a programmer having to write special code to make API calls... and even iOS 4 does not do true multitasking (cooperative multitasking). iOS 4 simulates it, and very poorly at that.

to add to that: I have a lot of friends with iphones and so many times I've asked them if they have updated their phone to the latest OS and they ask: "there's an update?"

My point being, there's a lot of smartphone user's out there who could care less about cutting edge technology. just having a smartphone is a whole new world to them.

Jobs bashes on the fragmentation of android but like you said, there's more and more apps that run on ios4 only now. and add that to the casual iphone owner who knows nothing about updates and you have a variant of fragmentation.

For now Android 1.5/1.6 are still being supported by alot of devs because some companies out there still release phones with 1.5 or 1.6 on them, Sony Ericsson and Motorola has quite a few less than 5 months old that hasn't be upgraded yet (or will never be upgraded) and half a year from now phones will still release with 2.1 and 2.2 whereas the standard version will be 2.3 or 3.0. Andy Rubin in an interview said it's up to the manufacturer on what version to include on their new device.

The iPhone 3GS got the iOS 4 upgrade but I don't think it'll get 4.1 or higher.

As for fragmentation, yeah the average person doesn't give a shit about it, my father is still using a Blackberry Curve 8330 from 3 years ago and I tell him about an OS update and he says he doesn't need it.

Not for nothing: I was really burned by having to pay to upgrade my wife's original iPod Touch firmware. I think it was a one-time $10 charge or something. But it was pretty frustrating.

Glad they don't seem to do that anymore, but charging for updates really fragments the market.

Citing the iPhone 3 and 3GS as examples of fragmentation is a cheap shot. As hardware progresses of course software will come out to take advantage of the increased capability. It happens with every platform and every kind of technology. It is certainly not a failure on Apple's part that apps designed in 2010 for iOS 4 aren't compatible with a phone released in 2008. I know I have apps on my DX that would give a G1 a seizure.

Apple produces 2 iOS devices with very similar form factors running very similar software making it very easy for developers to produce apps for iOS. Meanwhile, Android manufactures from all over the world are producing a wide variety of form factors using a mix of different Android versions with manufacture/carrier specific changes. This is where fragmentation starts to rear its ugly head. The makers of Tweetdeck said it wasn't hard to account for the wide variety in Android but what about something more susceptible to form factor than a Twitter client. Such as a game developer that has to design a game with a touch interface that works on multiple screen resolutions/sizes. I’m sure Rovio put some time into making sure that Angry Birds performed equally on a DX as it does on a myTouch.

I feel that Android delivers a much more satisfying user experience and allows me to customize my phone so that it performs the way I want it to. But without an authority telling Motorola to not make a square phone fragmentation could get out of control, especially with tablets coming down the pipeline.

that's why I said apple has their own form of fragmentation.
yes I agree at some point software will no longer run on older hardware and calling out the older iphones isn't fair but if Jobs wants to play ball with every android phone ever made and point out fragmentation then we have to look at every iphone ever made and call out fragmentation as well.

edit: also, taking aim at the 3gs is not a cheap shot. it's just over a year old and still being sold. that's why I have an issue with the htc hero not getting 2.2

That's one huge advantage Apple has over Android. They control every aspect of iPhone/iPad and iOS. Manufacturers and Carriers aren't making tweeks to software updates prior to release. I'm sure a Nexus One user has a vastly different experience than I do with my DX. The get updates direct from Google without a carrier making 'improvements'. I, on the otherhand, have to wait for Motorola and Verizon to bless it before I can upgrade. I love variety, hence why I dumped BB in favor of Android, but being different just for the sake of being different is bad for everyone.

All I hear is "wah wah wah, Google sucks, buy iPhone"

How is the iPhone integrated? Does he even know what that means? The thing is locked down so tight that it's not fun. In fact he said that all iPhones are the same which translates to "all iPhones are dull and boring." Android is fragmented and there are different versions of it, which gives more options to the consumer, allowing people to choose one that fits their taste, style, needs and budget.

He's calling out Google saying that they haven't released their quarterly figures to see who won, that's all he cares about is who won, he knows Android is a threat to the iPhone, that solidifies that he knows it's a threat to his iOS empire. He doesn't even stop to think that Android has so many options (different carries and a wide array of devices), and because there's so many it's going to take a while to calculate them all. Or maybe he doesn't realize that Google doesn't give a crap about numbers as long as the revenue they want is being pulled in.

I like how he says that each Android app has to be developed for each Android phone just because some Android apps don't work on some Android phones. They reason why they don't work is because they don't meet the system requirements, just like a computer program has system requirements. If you bought a cheap/obsolete computer with cheap/obsolete specs, then you should know that you're not going to be able to run powerhouse programs that require a computer with beastly specs. Just like if you have an obsolte/cheap Android phone, it's not going to be able to run certain programs. The first iPhone isn't going to run iOS 4, the iPhone 3G can barely run iOS 4 if at all, the iPhone 3GS sorta runs iOS 4. So Steve Jobs is in no position to say anything about programs not working on certain phones.

Steve Jobs wants Apple to have a monopoly over the computer and mobile world so that only his products are available. He bashes the competition and points out their faults when Apple has the same faults. Like when Antennagate happened, they acknowledged an issue, then denied it and then finally came out and said it, but only briefly and lightly touched upon it and then went on to other devices and said that there was the same issue and stayed on that issue to push people away from the iPhone 4 issue and slander the competition, which pissed of Blackberry saying that Apple has no right to drag anyone through the mud in a problem that they created themselves.

He's threatened by Google and Android, he knows it's better than his devices. Why else would he spend so much time talking about them and pointing out things he says are faults and negative things? It bothers him, Apple is probably going to go into another slump like they did in the 90s where no one bought their products and they almost went out of business.

If Apple would just open themselves up and make things more customizable, compatible and with more options (and hopefully cheaper prices) then maybe they would be better. But since Steve Jobs is so concerned with making things look pretty and choosing form over function and controlling everything, that's never going to happen.

About everyone copying apple after they developed the hardware/software:
That's funny. That is what toyota and other japanese auto makers originally did to american car makers. They took their ideas and designs and perfected them. I don't see many complain. It pushes the market forward. Thank goodness apple created what they did and thank goodness for companies that made it better so we are not stuck with apples ego

.....I say to you all...honestly...i mean really...WTF CARES ABOUT FRAG? Shall we name all the things android can do that the i-phone..doesn't even come close to being able to do? To each his own...for someone who wants a cell phone..that is placed in the smartphone category that 'just works' then iphone is the perfect thing for you...if you want a phone that does that and so much more android is for you...point blank period...the only reason there is room for debate here is the stylishness if you will of the iphone and the the fact that because android is so open some 'lower end' devices also get the 'android system'. And some take that to be the experience for android across the board.....Take a Galaxy S...EVO 4g....or any of the newer high end android devices and we can go from point to point in comparison with the I-phone and the iphone will lose every time. at that point when most i-phone fans realize that as fact based on specs and ability as well as 'openness' if you will then comes the stupid discussion about frag etc...i mean cmon shut up..ur not a developer you are a consumer start to understand the difference ...and if you like the iphone cool then enjoy ur device but don't down another device and call ur device superior when really that isn't factual at all. I've said it before and i will say it now...this goes for android to...just because something sells lots of units in no way makes it the some point certain things just become the 'cool thing to do'.....the iphone for me and many who like android is just a 'long running fad' if you will...ive seen 7 year olds with them who dont know anything about what a phone can do. It can be likened to Justin everybody likes him..but is he the best singer..dancer,,,songwriter etc...nope.

Okay this guy just needs to come out and admit he made a poor business decision. Apple could have had majority marketshare over the U.S. smartphone market if it weren't for that stupid exclusive contract with AT&T. Apple redefined the smartphone experience with the i*hone and everyone wanted a similar experience on their current carrier. If Apple would have put an i*hone on the every carrier, Android's adoption would not have been so explosive. The Moto Droid was the 1st i*hone killer, VZW sold millions and now the Android popularity cannot be stopped.

I honestly think that a couple of years ago if everyone that wanted an i*hone could have gotten one, Apple would have a 50-60% marketshare. But they have a 20-25% share. It has to be rubbing him the wrong way and thats why it sounds like he has his panties in a bunch.

Agree... I wanted an iphone a few yers back, but I'm with sprint. Got a Pre on launch day, which is even better os (except for being new and somewhat incomplete when it came out), and now enjoying my new epic. Have 0 interest in the ifruit now, altough know many ppl with it.

There shouldn't of been a contract with AT&T, the iPone could of been exclusive to AT&T in the states without a contract which would of left them more options in the future, maybe other carriers would of agreed to Apple's terms. I know they went to Verizon first and were shot down for a variety of reasons (data profits, app store profits, device design, software control, etc), but they could of went to T-Mobile (probably a bad choice as T-Mobile probably wouldn't spend the money to expand their network) and Sprint in addition to AT&T then there would be 3 Networks with an iPhone. But he made that bad decision when he signed that exclusivity contract for AT&T, which left room for Android to grow into the beast that it has become. He had to expand to an international release to make more profits on it because of that bonehead exclusivity contract and people were leaving the iPhone and AT&T due to AT&T's poor network which couldn't handle the data flow and were tired of AT&T's BS reasons.

Verizon shot apple down, at&t went with an exclusive contract in order to allow apple to do what they wanted.

Apple won't allow any 3rd party branding on their phones. that's a money maker for the carrier. they won't allow bloatware. which does make them money too. (even though the tech community hack our phones to get it off!)

don't quote me on this but I think I remember reading about the break down of apple/at&t contract and at&t is paying part of the phone cost to have the iphone so that exclusive contract is part of their trade off.

Where I think apple went wrong is going more than two years on a exclusive contract. being stuck with at&t didn't really hurt them until the 3g took off and then everyone wanted one. I remember getting my 3g a week after launch and it was still somewhat of a rare site to see someone else with an iphone.

if/once the iphone comes to all carriers, it will of course do well. it's this time window of at&t only that will break their backs from being able to take the number one spot. add in Job's "ducheiness" and you have a rocky road for iphone ahead. (even though they'll still make tons of money)

I read that Apple pays AT&T around $400 for each iPhone activation but don't quote me on that, but still the exclusivity hurt Apple in the wallet in the long term as people will seek alternatives. If they don't want to or can't leave their carrier, they may go Blackberry, they may go Android, which if they like that and they may eventually grow to love it and not care about the iPhone, and that's the loss of a potential iPhone customer.

(News flash, Mr. Jobs: Most regular customers don't care -- or even understand -- fragmentation)

In fairness. Customers don't understand, but they do feel it. My wife and I have the EVO. The kids have the Hero. But when they see apps that run on the EVO and the features of Froyo that they DON'T have, it's not cool. If the phones were more than 3 years apart in age like the original Iphone is to the Iphone 4, they'd be more willing to accept the differences. So, yeah, I'm behind the basic gist of the piece, but fragmentation HAS an impact to the average Joe more than you're giving it credit for. Just saying.

I understand your situation pretty well, my fiancée has an EVO and I have a Hero. I waited and waited on 1.5 as newer devices were released on other networks, and older devices got 1.6 and 2.0 updates.

That said, I think 3 years is an unreasonable expectation for a phone to feel non-obsoleted. We're talking about an industry where things are moving faster than ever before. I got my Hero on launch day and 7 months later Sprint came out with a device that's twice the phone I have. (Literally, in most categories... okay that camera isn't 2x my MP, but there are 2x as many cameras) I certainly hope it's more capable with those kinda stats.

At the same time, there's two good reasons why your kid's stock Heroes feel old, Sprint was 4 months late releasing the hardware (it's an older phone than they think) and HTC up and decided to stop releasing updates for it. I put a 2.2 ROM on my Hero and its running better than ever, with many of those sweet froyo features intact, so I think they're being lazy.

What I really think it comes down to is aligning consumer expectation and Vendor device support. (which is what Apple tries to do at the cost of personalization) Should consumers really expect their phones to be relevant for 2 years in a world where specs double in half that? Should manufacturers be responsible for keeping software updates flowing for the course of the 2 year contract they bully us into signing?

Well, I dunno, but I'm willing to admit that fragmentation is an issue most people are nominally aware of (even iPhone owners) because the one thing that won't change is they'll keep coming out with new toys that make it harder to love the one you already got.

I do agree with just one thing jobbs said (not sure if this qualifies as fragmentation) is that while apple has 2 versions of os and everyone is up to date to thr latest version, google released froyo when? Yet some of us are still waiting for it even though we may have the latest and greatest. and now there's already talk about icecream? And no I don't want to have to root my phohe to get an update.. now, having said that, I am perfectly happy with my device the way it is. And yes, it "just works" AT LEAST as good as the ifruit. But the delays are giving jobbs something to talk about, make it look like "fragmentation" and whatnot.

Edit: ment to say ... to make fragmentation seem as a much bigger issue than it realy is.

The fragmentation your talking about is due to the manufacturers of the phones, not Google. When Froyo released, the Nexus One and Droid got it right away. This is because they ran vanilla Anroid and the manufacturers didn't have to bake in their custom UIs. In my opinion, it is the greedy carriers/manufacturers that are fragmenting Android. They want their product to stand out from all the others so they put a custom UI. Which is fine, that's the idea of open, they can do what they want to it. It is, however, fragmenting Android. Conversely, it also gives the user choice. Don't like the stock Android UI? Try HTC Sense, or MotoBlur, the choice is there. I do believe that Google is certainly aware of the fragmentation issue and is obviously working on future versions of Android to resolve the issue. Also, as many have said in this post, iOS is fragmented as well. However, fragmentation only gets used as a knock against Anroid when it is also present in iOS as well.

Is this dude serious?

Look Mr.Jobs... iOS is simply put together for any OS Developer... it has no features that are truly worth calling it "BETTER" than android. Nothing in that App store can't be done on android and I don't agree with the argument about the android having many different phones to carry the OS. It is because android is on so many different phones that makes people say "Hey, lets give this a try" because of the many different prices, features, interfaces, and overall look of the phone when iPhones only have 4 different models that only make huge changes to the hardware (once jailbroken all iphones can use the newest iOS) . The user interface creates the user experience and if someone doesn't like the interface its really simple to shut it off. HTC gives Social Networkers a wonderful user interface that allows them to integrate Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and now Skype into the users everyday experience.... Unlike iPhones in general... you simply open a app when there is no need to even open the Facebook or Twitter app to gain access on the Android phone. Anything iOS can do... Android can do it just as well if not better... we just have alot of idiots such as the dude above "Goon" that see something is made by Apple and go nuts. The truth of that is they are all idiots because if Apple says Google products suck the slaves don't even give it a try... they just believe that because its not made from Apple.

Of all the contrived "facts" Jobs touched on, what stands out to me the most is him putting words in developers mouths. He said that is was a "nightmare" to develop on Android. I doubt he has ever actually done work in the Anroid SDK, but to speak out for a developer who clearly didn't have a problem developing for Android is ridiculous. I love the response tweet from CEO Iain Dodsworth: "Did we at any point say it was a nightmare developing on Android? Errr nope, no we didn't. It wasn't."
One more reason I can't tolerate Apple.

Steve Jobs: Still the king of douchebags. And when you have so many to deal with in this world. Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison, etc...that is one hell of a claim to fame. I would laugh my *** off if Jobs had a stroke from freaking out about Android. Go ahead Steve and throw a chair to blow off for the other Steve.

Steve is right and his points are gonna stick. This is like his open letters which are very effective. He may have just killed the 7" tablet in his statements. Integrated vs. Fragmented, I suspect will also stick. His words have lasting impact and Andy's don't. Andy Rubin is clearly faking that he's calm. We all know that he and the rest of Google are concerned about this. Everyone who cares about Android should be. Makes you wonder where the real leadership at Google is. He needs to create a prepared response instead of acting like a teenager. His company has been dealt a severe blow by the leading competitor.

Apple is not scared, more like fed up with the way the lesser, commoditized, unoriginal, copycat competition has been characterizing them, and it's time that they change the game. Take control like they do in technology, and define the terms. That's what Steve did. That's what any smart company does. Deal with it!

I like Apple products and I love my iPhone. Doesnt mean I hate Android. Just a matter of choice. Occassionaly, I comment in Apple's defense. That simple!

I agree with the concept that clearly, what Steve Jobs says, does affect what people buy. I don't love him like a lot of people seem to, but he is influential in this market space.

However, he didn't really make a strong point for 9.8" screens over 7" screens. He said that good applications couldn't be built for that size (at 48% of the screen area) and Apple tested that size already, correct? But who is he or Apple to decide what people want and what people find valuable. Why then does Apple have MacBooks that come in varying screen sizes? Isn't there a golden size for Steve Jobs that is the best? I don't really get what the big deal is over the screen sizes. They should come in all shapes and sizes and let the market dictate what people want.

What caught my attention was when he said that manufacturers would abandon the 7" for the 10" in 2011. That would leave those who bought the 7" out in the cold. If you heard this, wouldn't you think twice about buying it? Additionally, they would be more expensive and use cheaper parts than the iPad. What I hate is when companies try to dupe consumers. They offer similar products but there's alway some hidden shortcoming. Maybe Apple just saved a few of us from making an expensive mistake.

I appreciate you sticking around for civil discourse! Sounds like we need to agree to disagree. I think Apple more than anyone releases products with specific limitations that they are technically capable of including, just to get you to buy the next version when it comes out. They are smart, but sucks for people who I'm sure will buy a 2011 iPad that has a camera. The argument goes both ways though. If any company created a flawless product that didn't ever need replacing or didn't go "out of style" - they'd go out of business. Jobs is an excellent spin-master.

Also, Steve Jobs' statements would have been more appropriate if he was asked directed questions by the media or by the end-consumer. The earnings calls are not the place for rants like that and don't lead to increased shareholder confidence.

Don't forget the iPhone is a revision of those that preceded it to the market. Namely Palm and Win. Mo. The iPhone is a reboot of that. It is all the evolution of the smart phone. The market will improve and diverge. Case in point the iPhone improved the interface by choosing the capacitive touch-screen rather than the resistive one that was in primary use. They put ask the apps in one place rather than let the developers host and distribute them individually....

The iPhone is just a step in the evolution/development of the smart-phone not the beginning and end of it.

Apple = AOL......and we all know how that worked out. A tiny little box where you do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told. Remember the folks @ Apple are smarter than the rest of us so just sit down and be good little children or we'll take your itunes away.

Here's a little known fact for you, steve jobless got his start by selling blue boxes to truckers. A blue box is a device that sent specific tones to att& t to make free calls to anywhere in the world. He fuc@ed someone else over for capital, now he is doing the same to the apple world for profit.

I subscribe to the idea that you don't have to tear another person down to build yourself up. Clearly Steve Jobs (and a number of people posting here) is not familiar with this concept.

Am I the only person that doesn't like being dictated to about what I can and can't do (in general), and more specifically with the products I choose to use? For instance, I can buy a box of macaroni and cheese that comes with directions on how to make the "stock" macaroni and cheese product. Who's to say I can't get a little creative and throw in some chopped up bacon, green peppers, and onions and make it my own style of macaroni and cheese?

Well, the same applies to my electronics. Why can I not stand Apple? This whole concept of "closed". I started with a Palm Pre, and have since migrated to Android on the Epic. I'll preface this by saying I'm not a developer or programmer by any stretch of the imagination, however I am pretty tech-savvy. I loved Homebrew on my Pre, and being able to tweak different settings that normally weren't available options. I was one of those people that downloaded TweakUI for Windows so I could change the title of Internet Explorer just to entertain myself. Why shouldn't I be able to do that? I might "break" the system that my device operates on? Hardly.

Anytime I have ever killed my PC, I'm the one that has gotten it back up and running. I had a Pentium 1 from 1996 operational until around 2005 when I tore it apart. Now, it didn't die, I just stopped caring about it. Chances are if I brick my phone, I will give it the old college try to make it work again before I give up. I don't like being required to hand my devices off to someone who "knows more than I do" about it. Its my phone/PC/whatever, let me do with it what I want. That's why I paid for it. If I just wanted your service, I would have rented it from you.

So, I will never purchase an iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac just because of this militant "closed" philosophy that Jobs preaches about. I think the guy is a lunatic, and I'm certain that not everyone likes being force-fed what they can have and do. Like they say, being popular doesn't necessarily mean being good.

To me if Steve Jobs would never have released his phone to AT&T only, his product would have probably completely taken over except for maybe the Blackberry loyalists. Steve Jobs is going to slowly watch the PC vs. Mac thing happen all over again with Android vs. iPhone. I for one think the iPhone is great and I would still love the ease of syncing straight to iTunes, but what I am finding with Android is some decent solutions to fill the iTunes void. The cameras, screens, processors, apps, etc are all really starting to give the iPhone a real run for their money. Apple has a great history with some great products but the one thing they do is keep their prices way higher than the competition, their laptops are a prime example and we have 2 of them but my Windows laptop I could have bought 5 of them compared to 1 macbook pro.

OK, some people here really and I mean REALLY have to get a life! All this hate over a guy, who I may agree or disagree, does not affect my life at all is just ludicrous (is that a word or I just made it up?)

There is not worst blind person, that the one that doesn't want to see.

Denying that Jobs made a couple of good points, is just stupid.
Android is in its infancy, and trying to deny its shortcomings, will not help the plataform at all.

There is room in the market for the five predominant OS (Android, iOS, Winmo, BB, Symbian), remember there are 6 billion potential users in the world!!!. IF one fails will fail for itself.

The average user do not care about the different UI's in android, they have choice. However, they may get upset if the Apps they want to use don't work in their specific device (Skype and Galaxy S rings a bell?)
That may end up affecting Android if is not addressed soon

Remember, tech people don't make a market, and are a very small group (Linux?)

Winmo, although is still a mistery, seems to be the more balanced OS, it gives you some flexibility that iOS does not, but it is less fragmented than Andriod.

These are just my thougts please don't burn me too hard for it


It's not that he brings up good points or anything like that. It's that he's so full of himself that he doesn't even acknowledge the shortcomings of his own device.

To him, his device is perfect in every way. However the consumer market disagrees. You want to talk about the blind man who doesn't wish to see? That's Steve Jobs, he doesn't see what the consumer wants, he only sees what he wants.

To Steve Jobs, his **** doesn't stink. iOS has been the same ever since it came out, he sees that as a good thing, however consumers see that as a bad thing. He says the retina display has the resolution of the human eye when it does not. He denied that the iPhone 4 did not have an issue when it did. He only cared about how many were sold so he can use it as bragging rights. It took 2 versions to have 3G speeds, 3 versions of the iPhone to enable MMS and video recording, 4 versions to add a camera flash, higher resolution screen, multitasking and folders. And when these new features are added he acts like it's it's brand new and no other phone had it before. He first unveiled it he said that it ran OS X and it doesn't.

He likes to brag about sales, although he has no concrete evidence and his numbers blown up and out of proportion. When the iPhone 4 came out Apple said they only had 600,000 for launch day, but Steve came out and said that 1.7 million were sold on launch day and said that they were all new iPhone customers, when in reality a majority were upgrades and there's a 1.1 million difference. He does not show sales figures, he only makes claims but however wants the competition to show their sales figures and expects people to take his word over his. Even if that 1.7 million were true, that means that the 600,000 were for the US and the rest are an international and 1.7 million is not a lot when you compare it to the world population of over 6 billion people.

All his claims are lies, when an Apple spokes person says this is how many of a device are available, Steve Jobs comes out and gives and grandiose number of how many were sold which is always more than what was previously stated after they are sold out.

He doesn't back up what he says, he never back up his claims. He has no proof of his claims and no one at Apple ever releases proof of his claims. While other companies and carriers acknowledge a devices short comings, Steve Jobs doesn't acknowledge it. The reason why they finally acknowledged the iPhone 4's antenna problem is because there were lawsuits being filed against them and they knew that they couldn't win them that's why they gave the free case or refunded the money to those who bought the case.

Steve Jobs is the biggest cooperate liar, charlatan and crook in history and is STILL the head of his company. I would believe a CEO from Enron or Adelphia over him and those guys are crooks who are in jail.

I didn't say Winmo was successful, we don't really know how it will be. I just stated that, the Winmo model is in between the closed Apple product, and the fragmented android. Maybe Google should look a little bit at the MS concept (i'm not talking about crappy or not, that's another issue).

Remember that, with this business model and a crappy product, MS literally buried Apple and Linux, and dominates de desktop market, and has a big chunk of the server market also.

Too little or too much freedom in technology does not play well with the majority of people.

I may understand that MS gives you just a "sense of freedom" but is much better than Apple

Android is still we could call it "anarquic" and chaos and anarchy in mass production technology sooner or later will came back to hunt you.

You may need to learn to READ before responding a post (a very common problem in androidcentral forums I noticed), or maybe in this case I have to learn to write for 4 yrs old crying babies......

Sure he's a spectacle. It makes this stuff fun though. I dont agree with everything he says but it spices up the tech world, and I think serves us better. It will cause communication and hopefully action. Action to change or challenge. There are things I like about APple and google. I like the fact Jobs has the guts(or stupidity as others may judge it) to speak his mind in public. Thank God its not always dull when youve got charismatic guys like Jobs in charge.

All i can say is I just plain ole flat out do not like this guy. Biggest snob I have ever seen in my life. He thinks his shit doesn't stink. Well I can smell you from here. Good Day Sir :):):):)

P.S. By the way so there's no confusion I was Referring to steve j just so we are clear. :):):):)

i love android just as much as the next guy, but to say "Most regular customers don't care -- or even understand -- fragmentation" is a slap in the face. Try telling that to those who bought Android phones expecting an update that never happened. How could you say someone does not care about fragmentation? Everyone cares about fragmentation. Sure they may not understand the nuances, but they do understand... "sorry your phone is no longer in our upgrade path (never was and never will be)". Apple and Google alike have their issues. Fragmentation is a reality. That said, it is normal for an open source model like this to have it. It's the good and the bad that is to be expected with any platgform. It's what you signup for when you purchase an Android. The same way you signup to hear Jobs' rants when you buy an iPhone.

Getting back to Andy Rubin's comment:

So if I type in Andy Rubin's code into a terminal on my phone, I'll have a completely unlocked phone that I can do whatever I want with? No? Oh, I have to hack my Droid, just like I'd have to hack an iPhone to unlock it. How is Android any more open than iOS?

As much as Google likes to tout its openness, by de facto, Android isn't open unless you manufacture your own phone and happen to own your own network too. It's not open. Linux is open.

Don't hate on Steve Jobs just because he calls BS when he sees it.

I like my Droid but until I can take off stupid Need For Speed without a hack, it's just as closed as iOS.

People don't hate on Steve Jobs because he calls BS, people hate him because he spews more BS than anyone else while thinking he has the right to call BS on other companies.

hahahahahahahahahahahaha oh dear Jesus this ish made me laugh so damn harrrrdd hahahahahahaha he sounds like a pencil-dick coporate lawyer. eat your heart out steve cuz im about to download the wallpaper of droid eating some apples. android is taking over the universe so get over yourself

Almost everyone I know who have an iphone/ipod touch and the only thing they ever talk about (related to their idevices) are games (geez, one reason i find android more "practical" less games == less attraction to kids who want to only game) and jailbreaking (which I believe the majority of them are "kids").

I mean cmon?!
Do they like jailbreaking every time an update comes around?
And you got a lot of people who "accidently" upgrade and now they can't jailbreak or unlock because of their baseband so now they have an idevice that... can't do anything.
Do they like doing this?
You would think they would support android and try it out at least and see how much more comfortable it is.
And yes, android devices are much more comfortable IMHO.
I dont NEED a computer to use my MOBILE device.
New song you like?
Download it and listen to it.
Oh wait, you need to get your comp, download, sync and THEN you can enjoy it haha...

EXAMPLE of android fanboys and how much sense they make:
Friends and I are on a trip and what do you know, we need navigation.
But none of them have an app cause its probably expensive, so I use my N1 and what happens?
They make fun of my N1?

Someone explain to me the logic in that.

Ofcourse android is beating iphone, android is on every carrier,iphone on the worst network in america for years, soon to be on the best finally.

All I could hear is Jobs saying that "people are to stupid to figure out how to use a phone so we give them the apple way. If it isn't the apple way its wrong." What an ass.

Selling to consumers who want their devices to "just work"? Is Steve-O STILL pulling that quote out of his ass, even AFTER the whole "You're holding it wrong" debacle? Today my Mac at work just decided that the shift key was going to stop working until I rebooted. It also decided that it was going to ATTEMPT to shut down from the time I left Friday evening to when I got back Monday morning. Just works? It can't even shut itself off! Keep your turds of devices, Jobs, and fragment these nuts.

As much as I dislike Jobs and Apple, the dude has a point about the 7" tablet thing. I have a 4.3" Android phone and a 14.1" laptop... which device would you prefer to NOT have to take out every so often?: The laptop of course. The 10" tablet would be a sensible addition/substitute since your phone and a 7" tablet size, screen real estate and feature set would be somewhat similar and whipping out your phone is already mandatory frequently.

Not that Apple's iPad OS is so great but what if anything can and has Samsung, HP, HTC, Moto, etc. bring to the table in terms of the tablet experience? Not much, THEY ARE HARDWARE COMPANIES FIRST AND FOREMOST! Hardware is their bread & butter, software is an afterthought for them - they are not dedicated to bringing great software and a great user experience (they lazily use Google's ugly and cumbersome Android OS to power their devices for gawd sake!). Google stinks in that department too. Most of their UIs are ugly and they have yet to prove they can deliver a great desktop or mobile class user experience. They should of been serious about buying Palm for their webOS or should of snatched up J. Allard after he announced he's leaving Microsoft.... yikes, I'm realizing Android tablets are going to suck for the foreseeable future. We need to get these hardware makers to take a back seat somehow and let user experience revolutionaries take the lead... whoever they are