One of the many applications that I have been waiting to come to Android would be a replacement for Words with Friends, which is available on the iPhone and iPad. Wordfeud FREE is a great new Android application that allows you to play a Scrabble like game with either a friend or random opponent. Once you open the application you are asked for your email address, then asked to select a user name, which will allow friends to search for you to start a new game. Once you are all set up you can invite a user by user name or you can search for a random opponent, so even if none of your friends have Android devices, you can still take advantage of this great application.

When the application is launched it will bring you to your games list which shows the progress of all the current games. This will show who was last to act, which word they used, and how many points were scored. You can select any game from the list to view the board, make a move for your turn, or send the user a message if you wish. From within the main options you are able to turn on push notifications, so you will know when it is your turn to go. The game is ad powered currently, so it has a price tag of $0.00 in exchange for a few ads between games. Whether looking to kill some time, have some fun, or try something new Wordfeud is definitely a great way to do so. If you need an opponent to test the application with, add me (user - drm2blv) and let's play some Wordfeud!


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likwidsoul says:

Looks like it could be interesting. Had to get the comment in to keep some douche from posting first.

dustinfrank says:

So is it just me or is the "android app market link" not working?

buya97 says:

play me: coolio83

sgtmilstack says:

Cool game.

Side-bar: Natemz's BB storm themes were (and are) Sweet!

Downloaded this yesterday (found it randomly through AppBrain) and am already hooked. Was waiting on Words With Friends. Would still love to see this go cross-platform though, as many of my friends are, sadly, iPhone users.

Looks better than WordWise Pro which keeps crashing on CM6 anyway.

ilhe1s says:

Currently playing and I like it so far. Would like a cheap paid version to remove those annoying ads.

darrylmendo says:

still no where near as cool as words with friends. Thank god for wi fi tether on my hero and ipod touch! =)

sethjk says:

Been loving this app since last week. Emailed the developer with some suggestions and he was very responsive. Never crashes unlike a similar app I previously tried.

Way better than wordwise pro. find me under the same username. thanks for posting this, i didn't even know it was available until today.

vtgrad03 says:

Where's the direct AppBrain link?!

Yea this game is pretty sweet.add thecomicbookkid

frankrmineo says:

Really Cool App. Been playing for about two weeks. It had a huge battery drain problem at first but that has been fixed. Developer seems open to fixing things quickly.

Anyone wants to play let me know: drinkyourmilkshake

wplantz says:

This is pretty sweet for killing time at work haha...I could do without the constant ads but what do you want for free...

My name is wplantz on there if anyone wants to play.

texagg01 says:

I stumbled across this last week and have been playing the crap out of it! A great stand-by until Words With Friends comes out on Android. Although, if this guy could tweak some things a little more, then WWF might have some competition.

So far so good though. I'm lovin' it. Hit me up if you want to throw some letters around. EricMatt is the name.

my3poos says:

I found this game about a week ago. I have been playing words with friends on my itouch. If you want to play my id is theminders

Uncle Louie says:

Great game, even though I keep getting weird connection issues.

Game ID is Uncle Louie!

texagg01 says:

The connection issues have been fairly common since I've been playing it. I thin it's a known issue.

Your move! :)

morkuma says:

been playing this all day. love it. i believe i have 10 games on the go.

jbsyst says:

New to the game. Anyone know how to delete games? Add me CarlDouglas

uramoose123 says:

so im having trouble with the push notifications....they dont seem to be working lol
everytime im in a game i have no clue if its my turn or not. i know my friend hasn't uploaded to the newest 2.2 on her droid

im running the newest 2.2 on my droid though... would that be causing a push issue??