Sirius XM Satellte Radio for Android

Finally, for those of us waiting patiently for Sirius XM to bring satellite radio to Android, our day has come. The same satellite radio you've come to know and love in your car (it's a life-saver) and on your desktop is now available on your Android phone.

For those of you new to satellite radio, it's a subscription server that has channel after channel of music as well as sports, entertainment, family and heath, comedy, news, pure talk radio, religion -- just about anything and everything you could think of.

The app itself is easy to use and hangs out in your notification tray, so you can access it easily while you're off doing other things. About our only complaint is that it doesn't work in landscape mode, and the app itself is named "Online," which makes it tricky to find in your app drawer at first.

The Sirius XM app itself is free (download the app directly from Sirius here), but the service itself has a monthly fee (there are a number of packages available), though you can try it for 30 days free. More at, and more screen shots after the break. Thanks, Jay!

Sirius XM Satellite Radio for AndroidSirius XM Satellite Radio for Android

Sirius XM Satellite Radio for AndroidSirius XM Satellite Radio for Android

Sirius XM Satellite Radio for AndroidSirius XM Satellite Radio for Android

Sirius XM Satellite Radio for Android


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Android Quick App - Sirius XM satellite radio


I've had a lifetime membership for 3 yrs now (nice and cheap at the time). Do I still have to pay a monthly subscription for it to stream through my phone??????

Same here. I was going to ask same question. Since I have lifetime membership I wonder if it will be free. If so then I can hook up me Evo to my computer speakers @ work & have Sirius all the time since my work blocks us from streaming music on our work computers.

I too did the lifetime membership a year or two ago when they were running that promotion. Off topic question here but do you remember how many vehicles we can change the service to before the subscription expires? It shouldn't be less than 4 right?

A maximum of three times, but depends on the date you purchased the subscription, the terms and conditions changed after October 2007

IF you signed up for the lifetime FREE internet listening when you bought the lifetime sub, then yes, you have streaming to your phone.
Can you listen online with your browser for free? If so, you can stream it to your phone for free.

Another way to check, log on to your account at the website and look at your subscription. It will show your radio and the lifetime subscription. It will also show online streaming as a separate item. See if that says it is free. There may also be a teaser with it to add it (maybe for free!).

Won't hurt to look. And that will tell you with certainty. Only you can get the answer. Everyone else will just be guessing...

**EDIT** Guess this only works with PAID internet radio. I downloaded and installed the app. When I tried to log in with my (existing, lifetime) user ID and pwd, I got a popup that says that a Premium subscription is required.

Oh well. Greed rules the day.

Constantly amazed at how many people like to listen to howard talk dirty to them all day. You guys ever hear about Girls?

My girlfriend isn't nearly as funny as Howard Stern. Besides I listen to him because he makes me laugh. If I wanted to hear random women talk dirty I would listen to Playboy Radio.

This may make me think about resubscribing to Sirius. I could listen to this at work. I'd want to check it out first though and see what features it had.

Cool but I've switched to Pandora. I have Sirius in my cars but Pandora is just so much better for streaming music with absolutely NO talk ;-)

OMG finally, I can't wait to listen to Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez on my Droid... I had it on my Blackberry and that was the only thing i missed about it... <3

This sounds great. Although, I use Pandora and Slacker right now with no issues. I'd love to see them add the satellite tv options (would pay in a heart beat) for those long trips with kids in the car...

Pause option but no rewind option from what I have seen. One thing I have noticed is that it seems quiet. I have it almost cranked all the way up and it seems very quiet compared to like the default Music app. This is with a pair of headphones maybe its just me.

I haven't got to try out the volume levels. But if it is anything like the Blackberry app (which I'm inclined to believe it is), it was especially quiet compared to default audio. So it might just be an Sirius / XM app thing.

App says $2.99 a month, however, I cant log into my account right now to see if they run a 6mo or 12mo special.

If you already subscribe, the Premium Online feature is another $2.99/month for most plans to add. Not sure what the cost is if you don't.

I'm on the fence about adding this to my plan myself.

Works good but, kinda wish they named it something other then "Online". Still not sure if I'll keep Sirus (due to renew at end of June) with Slacker being free.

Hello all, this is my first post. I'm coming from the Palm Pre, and will be getting a EVO on the 4th.

Okay, so was there a definante confirmation on whether or not this has Howard 100? I have the app for the I-phone, and Howard 100 isn't provided.

There is no Howard.. he wants a big pay day to b online. FYI Howard owns his own channel this why its not online he's a greedy old man who its out dated

It's too bad XM/Sirius sucks now (for music). XM was awesome. Their playlists started to degrade in late 2006. Then Sirius bought them, dropped (literally) every station that I listened to and replaced them with FM quality stations - complete with short playlists and annoying DJs.

It's great if you only listen to the radio 30 min a day on the way to work, but if you listen all day it's not a good product.

I dropped three radios and went to slacker and Grooveshark. I haven't looked back.

I have not been with Sirius in a long time but the DJ's always angered me. Why not just no talking and just play music. Looks like I will just try pandora or slacker.

I can't get this to work on my N1. Just says Trying to reacquire connection and never connections. On T-Mo with full 3g signal. Anyone else having this issue?

Same issue here as preston83 on my rooted G1. "Unable to Acquire Data, Check Network Connection and Try Again" or "Data connection lost, trying to reacquire connection"

Howard IS online, he streams from the website with your "Premium subscription".

Howard also streams to my Squeezebox radio.

Why he is not on this mobile app is total BS.

No Howard and no NFL football games, I don't think I'll be purchasing this.

Yes, you can stream him online. The question is can you stream him through the app? The answer that has been given is no.

If I have three droids will I need to pay 2.99$ each? Not like any of them will b streaming at once

Shocking that folks pay the $3 per month and don't get NFL or Howard. Listening online used to be free...they dropped the extra charge on us soon after we were promised "no rate increases" pre-merger. Sirius is going to take a serious (pun intended) hit when Howard is gone in a year or so. There is no way you can argue that the music is better than what you can get for free what else will there be when that time comes?

the problem i have is early in the morning, the app doesn't play correct audio (goes from live audio, to audio from previous day, back to live)

and, there seems to be a 5 minute delay from what is live. very annoying.