Norton for Android

The hot app of the year appears to be one that will lock and/or wipe your phone. And as such, Norton -- the longtime virus-cleaner (among other things) -- has the Norton Security app in beta in the Android Market. We're not anywhere close to declaring that we need to worry about spyware, malware and viruses on Android, and Norton's app does well to go beyond that. Features include:

  • Remote lock/wipe
  • Anti-malware scan.
  • Call blocking
  • LiveUpdate

It seems to be fairly lightweight, though the lock/wipe feature will be built into Android 2.2, so it'll have to fight that off somehow. More screenies after the break. [Norton]

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Norton for AndroidNorton for Android

Norton for AndroidNorton for Android

Norton for AndroidNorton for Android

Norton for AndroidNorton for Android

Norton for AndroidNorton for Android

Norton for Android

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So... Is it going to completely takeover my phone like it does to my Windows PC? Also, will it be nearly impossible to uninstall? Will it also overwrite everything in my registry?

Seriously though, it actually looks promising.

icebike says:

There is no way anything made by this company gets anywhere near a computer of mine, regardless of size of the computer.

Run away from this company like your hair is on fire.

stoneworrior says:

Run away from this company like your hair is on fire and ..........

your ex wife is hot on your heels with a gasoline filled fire extinguisher yelling about revisiting the child support agreement! Stay AWAY from Norton! Now if NOD32 comes out with something I'm in.

6s1d9 says:

ESET... I love nod32's protection!

I know nobody here is as dumb as I am :). Use this app with caution.

So, I decided to instal it to test it out. Had a friend text the lock code to my phone and sure enough it locked my phone. THE PROBLEM: I entered the unlock code and it wouldnt take. On the 9/10 try, the program force closed. Well, guess what?!?! It wiped everything.

Generally, this would just be more of a pain then anything, but it deleted all my pictures and videos . . . which I hadnt yet backed up.

VERY FRUSTRATING! I guess I deserve it for not backing up AND installing Norton on a phone that doesnt need it.

Oh well, beware . . .

needsmoar says:

Wipe, Call block, sounds like a pretty solid virus!

hotkoko says:

what the hell is WIPE

swimrage says:

remotely erase all data
if the phone could be unlocked by the thief your sext msgs could be sold to TMZ
scorching the the phone is the safest (albeit last resort) protection

Knyte says:

guess you will have to root your phone to remove it.. Ill pass on Norton... especially if they want to charge a fee to stay updated.. there are free programs out there like Lookout that does the same things well minus the call block but that's what your contact settings are for. send them straight to voicemail = blocked. Better yet get Google voice and block them that way.

m_jameson1 says:

am I missing something? I uninstalled no problem.....

Knyte says:

It was jab at norton and their crappy services. I stopped using their junk long ago.

several says:

Wow. I stopped using Norton products in the late '90s when it turned into resource-hogging-bloatware-from-hell.

They couldn't pay me to install their code on my Nexus One.

You couldn't pay me to use any Symantec product that involves security. I've worked in IT for over 20 years and their products are complete garbage. I can circumvent a Norton protect PC in less than 5 minutes.. a phone would only be easier. Call blocking would be the only useful feature and that can be had by better products.

dscribe says:

I posted a similar comment to this on another forum but while I don't use Norton even on my PC now, and while I agree it used to be overly intrusive and under-performing in my opinion. I have heard that in the last 2-3 years they started from scratch and rewrote their software and I've read some very positive reviews on it. Do you guys have different experience?

KwietStorm says:

Everybody always has nothing but bad things to say about Norton these days. Does anybody have good suggestions?

Expect to have to use a command line to remove it.

2WheelCowboy says:

Explain again how you get a Virus on android. Yea... complicate isn't it.
Tell me you know how Linux works.

gbhil#AC says:

Easy. You write an application that does something popular, yet stupid (promises of free pron always works).
In reality, the app also checks your kernel version and OS information, and downloads a small exploit as a hidden file in your home directory. Because it knows your kernel version and other info, it knows which exploit to use against the shell so it can acquire elevated permissions.
Once the permissions are gained, it copies itself (or downloads a new payload) into a directory on your machine that's already so full you wont notice it. Then it chmod's the new file, or suid's it, or whatever it would need to do on your particular system so that it can run with elevated permissions any time it likes. At that point, it's up to the coder to decide what exactly he/she wants to do to your box to make you cry.
Only a fool believes any computer with a keyboard is secure. The only hard part is making a user want it.

2WheelCowboy says:

That is a very very simple explanation of one way to do so. The methods are there if you can find someone willing and then if you can get away with it. This is not windows with a huge amount of holes. The app is rubbish. Until we get a real virus floating around which is highly unlikely, I think the best coarse of action is to educate not just trust that some app is actually doing something. If anyone pays for this they are being duped.

TvTechGuru says:

Oh gosh, not Norton for a phone! Install this and be ready for your phone to crash just like it does on PC's! haha. Norton crashed one of my old PC's some years ago and I'll never use any of their products again. Plus it slowed down the computer to 1998 speeds, lol.

AMaench says:

Use SecureWave instead it is a better program overall anyways.

Who still wants to use Norton they are horrible on a computer why would I want it on my phone?

sense when does linux get viruses? with out root access a virus cannot hurt any linux kernel!