comScore numbers ending November, 2010

Think back to November 2009 for a moment: the HTC Hero was the best you could buy on Sprint, the Motorola DROID was shouting "Droid Does" from every direction, and the Nexus One was not even a rumor. Flash forward back to November 2010 and analytics company comScore is reporting that Android has surpassed the iPhone in total active mobile users in the United States. Their numbers show Android at 26 percent marketshare, just edging out the iPhone at 25 percent. RIM's Blackberry is still the market leader at 33.5 percent, but they have lost 4 percentage points since the August numbers were released. Since then, Android gained 6 percentage points and iOS gained just under 1 point. 

Considering the ever-increasing sales numbers for Android phones-- 300,000 per day at last check in early December -- it is almost certain that Google's OS will become the sole market leader in the U.S. at some point this year. Just try to not rub it in your iPhone-using friends' faces too much, OK? Just throw a couple more widgets on your homescreen and get back to following our CES coverage. [comScore via TechCrunch]


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Android overtakes iPhone in total mobile U.S. user numbers as of November


Looks like microsoft is in trouble, they went down in user base with all the new windows 7 phones, that can't be good. Palm is still around?

They only launched at the end of october, so maybe a bit soon to make any conclusions regarding w7, but they certainly didn't start with a bang on november.

This is like comparing Toyota and Ferrari.

Smartphone activation is going to be higher for Android since there are more Android devices, it's just natural.

For the record I own and plan on continuing to own an Android phone.

They sell ferrari at walmart, Bestbuy, and Target?

Dumbest comment ever dude... enjoy your iPhone. Douche.

In my opinion a better analogy would be to say that Android is offered on Toyotas, BMW's, Mercedes etc. not just ONE.

People have the option on buying the cheapest Android phone available to top of the line phone as the Droid X, EVO and other new phones to follow.

Uh, it's more like smart business practices. Google is smart enough to let everyone in on their technology whereas Apple wanted to keep it oh so exclusive with AT&T. Larger user base -> better phones -> better technology.

I think I just saw ANOTHER commercial for buy one android phone get two free! Next week they will be given away in every Happy Meal.

And that's a bad thing for who? Google? The customer?

I'm sure developers are going to hate having access to even more people to buy their apps or click on ads.

The drop in RIM and the increase in Android took place about the same time the Original BB Storm hit the two year mark.

With Verizon having no viable BB alternative for upgrade if makes me wonder how many of these users jumped to Android devices.

LOL. I came from a BlackBerry Storm (Drizzle). I love my Incredible. Sadly the Storm was the best touchscreen phone at the time. Like hell I was going to a crappy network like AT&T for an iPhone.

If the iPhone was available on Verizon before the high-end Android devices, I would have been with Apple*. Now that I see how much better Android is, there is no way in hell I'll go with Apple.

*I owned an iPod Touch because I wanted something like the iPhone. I would carry my Storm and iPod Touch with me all the time. When I got the Incredible, my dad got a new MP3 player.

I was an original storm owner and was just talking to someone yesterday that was too. Both proud owners of the DX now. BB was good in its own way I guess. How can you beat a phone than you can change nonstop? Never gets boring. Go Droid!

it's true that there's a bunch of Android phones being activated, but it's a little misleading to claim that "Google's OS" will be the market leader over iOS without taking into ANY account the sales of iPads and iPod Touches, which I've heard sold a pretty penny.

The non Android phone products aren't counted so why count the non iPhone products? Even if you count those it won't be long before the results are the same judging by the tablets being announced this week and Samsung probably kicking off an Android "player" market.

because the ARTICLE was making a comparison of Google OS vs. iOS, not Androind Phones vs. iPhones. It makes a BIG difference. It's clear that Android's growth in the phone market is explosive in that they have strong (and multiple) carrier support in the US... that picture gets muddled when you take it one step up and compare OS share instead of phone share.

I notice a certain major tech blog site that has gone quiet on reporting these statistics since around October. This coupled with the Nielson's data is not looking good for Apple.


"Considering the ever-increasing sales numbers for Android PHONES-- 300,000 per day at last check in early December -- it is almost certain that Google's OS will become the sole market leader in the U.S. at some point this year" -- emphasis mine

What would make you think they aren't talking about phones? Butt hurt maybe?

FYI, the article you link to shows RIM losing 3.8% market share in 2 months, really it'd clear things up by not linking the story, but these numbers are more interesting.

Period ending Sep 2010, @37.3%
Period ending Nov 2010, @33.5%

and since then Android has gained 4.6%

It's more interesting to see these every month or two anyways because it shows the way it isn't a linear rise/fall. Android = exponential growth, RIM = customers faster & faster.

Well, if the rumors about a Verizon iPhone launch in early February turn out to be true, then the iPhone will most likely pull ahead of Android again... at least in the short term. Fortunately, I think Android has the product depth and diversity that will allow it great success in the long term.