Our sister site the iPhone Blog dug up a great graph that charts the usage of mobile web browsers. Unsurprisingly, they bragged about their iPhone dominating the market but it's interesting to note that Android is coming up fairly quickly considering it only released in October of last year and is on the smallest carrier in the United States.

It'll soon outpace Windows Mobile and we wouldn't be too surprised if it took a solid 2nd place in the near future. The Android web browser is effective at rendering pages and also easy to use, there's no question it's one of the better mobile browsers on the market. As Android grows, so will its browser marketshare.

What do you guys think?


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Android Mobile Browser Share Fourth Overall


How do they calculate these numbers? Is the iphone really that far in front of all other browsers? Really? More than all the others combined? Wow.

Seeing how Symbian has such a huge dominance in market share worldwide, I would have thought S60 would be a lot higher.

Is this chart just for US use or worldwide use? If US only, this is not surprising. Nokia has very little presence here, and the iphone and Android have dominated over the last 6 months. But if this is worldwide, I am really shocked.

I have read that they don't count WAP browsing. This skews the numbers since many phones don't render normal html pages very well.

I use a Viigo with my BB which is an RSS reader. I no longer need to browse the web very much since the info from sites that I'd visit is delivered right to my device. I don't think that those stats would include the way that I'm using the internet.