As we've been tuned into the Google live event, something that many folks have been waiting a long time for has now become reality. Yes, the Android Market is now online for purchases straight from you desktop web browser.  You can check out the Android Market webstore now although it does not seem fully enabled as of yet as most folks cannot login.  Some of the features added to the online webstore include an app and device manager that allows you to install apps direct from the market to your device as well as improved methods of filtering items so that it is ultimately easier to find apps of interest. In addition to those inclusions, Google has also made sure to include as much social networking integration as possible. [Android Market Webstore]


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Android Market webstore now online!


It's online but not quite firing on all cylinders; I'm getting an "invalid request" error when I try to sign in with my Google Account. Opening day jitters :) Still looks great though.

Categories are jacked up as well. Many games are listed under the live wallpaper section. No login here either. Ugh...

Can't login either.

Side note: I find it amusing that the video for the Pulse News Reader shows an iPad and no Android devices. Um, guys if you're going to post a video on the Android Market, might want to show an actual Android device.

Now I'm gonna feel obligated to download apps all willy nilly, but I can't, because my phone has no damn storage.

You guys need to turn those pieces of crap in and get a Droid X!

With 8GB of dedicated app storage....I couldn't run out of space if I tried!

(j/k..The EVO really is a great phone, I am just yanking your chain.)

Same as everyone above... "Invalid request" when logging in.

I'm using Gmail for domains but it seems this is affecting even regular Gmail users.

Can't log in either. How is this going to supplant AppBrain? Doesn't even seem to do as much as AppBrain. I'd prefer a Google solution but not sure this is the one.

Since the Fast Web Installer was disabled in Android, Appbrain has been nothing more than a way to see what apps were popular. Market will have that OTA functionality.

Maybe appbrain didn't have Fast Web support anymore... but you can still browse and select apps... then go into your phone and just sync all at once, and it would have been a pita to do on the android market one by one.

Appbrain might as well shut down their servers as soon as this site becomes fully operational. Ever since they had to disable their "Fast Web Installer" feature I have not really found much use for it anyway.


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Invalid request.

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I can get in, but my device isn't listed under settings. And it only has a small list of apps I've installed.
I'm pumped for this. Finally they have a market website, something they should have had done a long time ago.

I can login, but I get this error when I try to download something:

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: SERVER_ERROR;null;StartTimeMs=1296677565139;ServerTimeSec=9.998542547225952;TCP;Deadline=10.0;CliLog=256;SrvLog=256;FailFast;ReqSecLevel=integrity;RespFormat=UNCOMPRESSED;/MixerService.CheckPurchasePermission;LastReqID=a6225840585cffb7;LastGlobalID=5dff3a513b3e9bde;Server=;Originator=finsky;Tag=

Google needs to get their act together.

What I want to know is what ever happened to the rating system Google was putting in place (General, Teen, Mature)? This would have been a great opportunity to roll that out.

How about if they put the update for all android phones through the market- web based , and every one can enjoy the freshest android the same time without begging the careers ?


None of my accounts work so I'm guessing this is another Google product that does not support Gmail for Domains?

I hope not but if it is then it's 100% useless for me since my Gmail for domains is my primary account on my device.

I'm having the same problems with an Apps account. Its a shame they release all this stuff but it doesn't work with their paid products.

Here is how to get access

If you're using a Google Apps account, it's only possible to access the Android Market website if your account has been migrated to the new Google Apps infrastructure.

If your account has not yet been migrated, we recommend contacting your Google Apps domain administrator for assistance.

For more information about the migration to the new Google Apps infrastructure, please visit our Google Apps transition guide:

working for me too. I didnt even have to log in. im using chrome and was already signed into google because i was checking gmail. ;) looks like it ties in with all the other google sights because ya cant sign in when youre already signed in.

Was able to log in but most of my installed apps are listed. I searched for a couple of them and verified that they are still available for my phone.

Guess I'm a lucky one--was able to log on. Was hoping that they would have some kind of password option enabled, but didn't see anything like that. Still checking it out, but like it so far!

Shouldn't google have had this available a long time ago? It's just something I wish I've had access to.


Until recently, the app-o-sphere was just too small to really warrant it.

Android wanted to match Apple's direct on the phone installation without the need to have an itunes like interface.

Now, as the market gains enough size and things like AppBrain have demonstrated a demand for a web interface they finally got in gear.

Its nice to be able to push things to the phone, but not essential. It does make search easier. And the fact you can do it without cabling up is simply slicker than snot on a gold tooth.

log in works now, but downloads don't. I even went through the trouble-shooting steps, which, oddly, point to Google Talk. No downloads happening to the phone.

Yeah same for me as well.

I fear it has something to do with my custom ROM.

Back in the day when AppBrain worked and was able to install apps for you. It worked great for me till I installed a custom ROM on my Galaxy S. After that it never worked. Apparently everyone using that custom ROM has the same IMEI number.

So I think the same issue that blocked AppBrain from working is blocking Google Web Market from pushing apps to my phone.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Does anyone running a custom ROM have it working? Anyone with a Galaxy S?

Hey, I have telus galaxy s fascinate 3g+ with Nero v5 rom installed.

I just tried install over the wifi (i.e. no cable, no market logged in from the phone) and it works perfectly fine.

As soon as i clicked install, it recognized phone and the name popped up on the screen.

After that, my phone was downloading the app instantly.

I don't think custom rom is the issue here.

I'm disappointed. I get to browse apps on a bigger screen is all. Where's the filtering? Where's the ability to block apps from a certain vendor (find the picture best for you!)? I guess I was hoping for more than just a web page with the same market.

Still unable to get my device to show up. It shows my apps and says they are installed, however when I try to install a new one it says that there are no devices associated with this account. I logged in under my primary and I've been browsing the market. Boo.

Nothing will install to my phone, I've tried several apps and nothing occurs on my phone at all, but on the apps now say "Installed" even though they never showed up on my phone.

T-Mobile Galaxy S Vibrant rooted with Bionix-v By Team Whiskey Froyo 2.2

It works perfectly. Google did great with this website. (HTC EVO) Internal memory is fine. each day more and more apps are allowing you to save them to the SD card. There is no EVO killer on the market yet. A few bells and whistles out there but not enough to jump ship.

Google gets more like Microsoft every day. Let your competitors develop superior technology (e.g., Appbrain), then steal the best parts of it and say you invented it.

Awesome... Web Market is dead again - seems to have filtered out all of the applications! :) haha!

Google is not impressing me at the moment. I expected a much better interface and many more options than this. This looks like a 12-yr old designed and wrote it.

Come on Google!

Does The New Android Web Market Share a Platform With Chrome Web Store?

A detailed review of the new website shows that the features, functionality and layout are remarkably similar to the Chrome Web Store, which leads us to believe that they share a common platform and simply have different “skins” applied for look and feel along with some features filtered by device platform.

This has some significance: