It seems that Android and paid apps just don't seem to get along as they should. What with Dev Phone 1 users getting locked out, some users not having access to paid apps, it's definitely been a rocky start for paid apps. Now news comes in that developers are having trouble linking merchant accounts to their Android developer accounts, which leaves them unable to list paid apps in Android Market.

The image above is being seen by many developers locked out of the Android Market unable to offer their applications. The system is unable to setup the Merchan account. We're not sure if this is still going on, but if any Android Developer has come across this issue, let us know in the comments! Hopefully, we can get this fixed already.

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Is Android Market Paid-Apps System Blocking New Merchants?


To be honest, paid apps sucks.
Unless the apps are real good, useful with professional design, I won't pay a cent for it.

If I look what's on the appstore for iPhone, I laugh so hard. Shaking jewels and shiny gadgets for ridiculous prices. Please, leave the Android platform if you want to sell the same crap on the marketplace.

On the other side, if you have a useful app, you can publish them, even if the company who owns the platform don't like your idea. No censoring. You can give the program for free as open source, free closed source, free trial and sell he full version on YOUR OWN, or as a paid app on the marketplace.
It's your choice! But a note to all developers: You won't find devotees paying money for ridiculous useless apps on Android. But if you do good apps, I'm sure they will pay.

For the problem: It can be a problem with the upcoming paid apps in different countries. Possibly it's because of the transition. You should contact Google.

I have really enjoyed browsing your posts. Thanks for sharing this information. Someone on Yahoo Answers referred me here and I love it.