Newsweek - Attack of the Droids

 If you just can't get enough about Android -- and if you're reading this, chances are that's you -- then check out the Oct. 11 edition of Newsweek magazine. In the "Attack of the Droids" cover story, Daniel Lyons (you probably know him better as Fake Steve Jobs) writes a nice synopsis of where Android's come from, where it is and where it's going. (And the picture of Andy Rubin and a baby Android is pretty priceless.)

For you paperless types, it's available online, too. [Newsweek]

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KrazyRogue says:

Now regular people are going to start looking for Droids. We don't sell droids here, Verizon does. Oh ok thanks.

gatorlee says:

I think the little m$ logo in the corner is a bit of a slap in the face.

Now that's just being hyper-sensitive.

sveilien says:

The MS Logo and Goggle Buzz logo look very similar

dj2big says:


Dperks17 says:

Yessssssss!!!! We so popular!!!!

derpudel says:

What is progress without a few lawsuits? One thing it didn't address, or at least directly, was Moto locking down the X. So much for "open source". Ok, I get it. Google allows a certain amount of messing around with their code...and most users don't care, I suppose.

storm14k says:

I really wish people would learn what open source means before they run around talking about who's "open" and who's not. A locked down piece of hardware has nothing to do with whether you are able to see the source code or not. And often open source is not aimed to be directly beneficial to the customer. Its what developers and manufacturers can do with the ability to see and modify source code that benefits the end user. All the customer is going to know is that one product seems to be more tailored than another.

Hardware != Software

technomom says:

Already chrome-to-phoned the cover. Thanks for that!

Oh boy here we go with the "Droids" BS lol. The laymen already call all android phones droids, now its impossible to stop

jeadly says:

I'd like to hear a reasonable argument that Verizon's Android line naming convention isn't intentionally confusing. It's like a car manufacturer creating a new model line called "hybrid" or "electric", and having exclusively licensed rights on those terms.

DougFNJ says:

Thank you for posting this article. They are 100% accurate about history repeating itself, and it amazes me that Apple has not learned from their past mistakes.

As far as the "Droid" comment, it is like ordering a "Coke" instead of "Cola", it's marketing creating brand recognition, it's up to the other carriers to explain the difference, and they don't appear to be doing a good job at it.

It's exciting to see this all develop so quickly, and the growing competition creates such a win win for the consumer as our choices drastically expand and get better and better.

Joelist says:

The only fly in the ointment is almost no one reads Newsweek anymore. Aside from that nice article.

As to "Droid", that was brilliant work on Verizons part. They recognized that the iPhone is mostly marketing hype, so they worked to give their Google experience phones an iconic name that is on peoples lips. That has helped drive Android to where it is now big time.

tim6253 says:

I own an EVO. Up until it started it's random rebooting, I had no issue with it. When people ask me about my phone and if it's a Droid, I hate having to explain. I am so jealous of the Droid branding and recognition, that I have decided that I want a real Droid, damnit! So, as soon as I can afford to get a new phone and pay my ETF, VZW here I come. Until then, I am just going to say, "Yes, this is the Droid EVO." I also downloaded the droiiiiiiiid tone for notifications. This will help me feel like a part of the Droid Nation, until I get my Droid 2 (or X) Droid 4 Life!

jelly roll says:

I explain this every day. are we having a Droid vs iPhone debate or android vs iPhone debate. facetime is awesome I go evo does that. immediately what's evo? omg

sleepy#AC says:

KrazyRogue: "Now regular people are going to start looking for Droids"
Regular people.....classic comment.