While the Android L preview isn't intended for daily use, there are plenty of us who want to have a peek at the source code. In a few hours, we'll be able to as it's populating right now. You can check the list of devices on the Android Git repo page.

The devices currently with build targets are all Nexus devices — understandably — and include:

While most of us won't be able to do much with this, your favorite ROM developer will be able to. We'll be looking for more on that front in a day or two.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Android L preview code hitting AOSP for current Nexus devices


Whoa. That's some Nexus you got there. That thing should be running Android 1000.

NexusLogic - Working on his Nexus 7 in the Nexus Lab

I am from the future

/All hail the great and powerful Nexus
//Sorry, we only made it to Yule Log so far
/// damn X.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x releases

Michael Bay was executed after Transformers XXI caused widespread blindness and stupidity.

Firefly never made it back, yet everyone on the neural-net brings it up all the damn time for no good reason.

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Well, I wasn't exactly crying about it. But this still makes me feel... Happy? No not that, but something positive.

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I was one of those N4 whiners - but truth be told, I was whining more about AC fans that thought it was just fine to dead-end the N4 after 18 months. It's not, and Google apparently agrees. For that I'm grateful - but seriously, until I started reading otherwise on AC, I assumed I'd get all updates that the N4 was physically capable of handling.

I wouldn't. It is not jsut a question of stability, because it is not badish, but you do not know what the upgrade cycle is going to be like.

How many times in the next 6 months are you willing to wipe your device?

Who says that's how it'll work? Or if there'll be updates along the way? Or if ROMs will be pushed out with any updates that come along?

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No one says it'll be like that, but it certainly could be. You'll probably be able to keep your data intact, but maybe not. It is a good idea to be mindful of these things.

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Well yeah that's true. But hey, I'm sure there's enough people with fairly unused nexus devices laying around that just want to use the latest and greatest.

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Your right I am giving worst case scenario, but it is a fair bet that you are going to have to wipe it at least once.

I have no doubt at all that we will get updates along the way. Especially early on. Later they might want to keep some "new" features under wraps, but I can see an L.1 around August.

Hockeyvette, that is what I put mine on. I do not use my Nexus 7 all that much since I got a Note so I put it there.

I've been running it since release day. Bluetooth connection periodically drops - you either need to restart bluetooth on the phone, or wait for it to reconnect, which can take hours.
Some apps have broken design - I've only noticed Facebook so far with comments having no background, which makes them painful to read.
Noticed a couple general UI quirks along the way, but nothing major.

Still keeping it as a daily driver.

It's stable enough that I would recommend it for your tablet. Wouldn't trust my phone to it, though.

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It's not just being an alpha plus release being a reason for me not to use it as a daily driver, but having to wait for favorite apps to update to ART from Dalvik

Opinions of this user may be biased due to being one of those Nexus people.

I might have to buy a used Nexus 4 to try it out since no doubt they'll be a AOSP release soon. Infact, due to the choice of included softwares, I tend to prefer the AOSP version over the bloated Google version.

Google is testing the emotional impact of the L release on Nexus 4 users. Try to document the emotional ebb and flow you experience prior to and then following the confirmation of the news that your N4 device will be up-graded. We'll post it to your G+ page along with a relavent add for the appropriate mediating pharmaceutical.

I doubt they'll build anything off of the Dev Preview. They'll probably wait until the fall when it exists preview.

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I still hate the fact that that phone includes the word 'Nexus' in its title. So un deserving of that name.

The 2012 Nexus 7 will not work with ART. Android L is all ART. I believe this is the problem.

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Because the 2012 N7 hasn't supported ART since it was first released (4.3?).

I'm guessing it works now because the new version of ART supports JIT compiling of apps... but that's a guess... I don't actually know what instruction set the tegra3 doesn't support which ART needs/needed.

Or maybe the N7 2012 version uses dalvik.

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From what I read when it came up earlier, you hit the nail on the head. The Tegra3 is the stopping point there.

I just hope it's as good as 4.3 Jelly Bean.
For all I care Kit Kat is a huge fiasco.
SMS-default was the only thing right with it; everything else was worse.

Can't wait for a ROM. I'd flash factory images if it wasn't for the fact that my old ass Mac is painfully slow and I hate using it. Would rather wait:)

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Please be a joke. Please be a joke. Please be a joke.

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It is good to know that the Nexus 4 will get this update. I figured it would, but it is nice to see it confirmed.

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Does this mean that google intend to officially update nexus 4 and 7 2012? If so that breaks the 18 months principle, which would be great news.

Moto X isn't Nexus. It will certainly get L though and probably about the same time as Nexus.

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Glad that the 2012 nexus 7 is getting L. I might want to pick up another nexus for 5 preview

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I have a Nexus 5 and tried L out... I love it but just not stable enough for a daily. I gave my nexus 7 2012 to my nephew but i still have my verizon galaxy nexus interesting to see if anyone tries lol

N5 on AOSP is pretty stable. it kinda have an iOS look to it. constant updates by Google and to apps keep making it more of a daily driver than when it first came out. if rooted, SU just pushed out an update also.. I used the current Root Kit to flash Android L by the way. i just updated to Super SU L via TWRP and this N5 is rooted.

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