Where's Android at during Week 3 of the Smartphone Round Robin? Over with our good friend Rene at the iPhone Blog! Rene took a hands-on look at the Motorola Droid and the HTC Hero and came away amazed at all those widgets and customization. The iPhone perspective is a great take on the Android platform because of its wide user base and pole position in the marketplace. Be sure to check out his video over at the iPhone Blog.

Rene is also asking for help in our Android Central Forums. There's some great conversation going on in there--in relation to Android, the iPhone and so much more--so be sure to check it out. And don't forget, every day you make a post in that thread this week you're entered to win a free Android smartphone from Android Central!


Reader comments

Android From An iPhone Perspective, Smartphone Round Robin


I have to say, the iPhone had a good thing going. But then Google came out with the G1 and changed the game entirely. Glad to say i never purchased an iPhone. I love my G1 and i hope to get the Nexus One once my contract ends and sign up for another 2 years.

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