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Just thinking out loud ... would this be possible? Take the XL ROM from HTC (do they provide stock (stock Sense that is) images for their phones in the same way you can get them from Google for the Nexii?) and slap it onto the AT&T One X to get rid of whatever crap they put onto it, and even do the occasional free tether in a pinch? (Do the HTC ROMs have the stock android tether app?)

It might work. I know that's not much of an answer, but every One XL and the AT&T One X may not be identical. Different LTE frequencies may need different equipment, and there's a chance that we'll see several different versions of HTC One XL hardware, with the AT&T version matching some of it (Rogers in Canada comes to mind), or not matching any of it. Hopefully, this isn't the case, but until the "right" people get in there and dig around, the safe bet is to consider the possibility of two (or more) separate animals. Yeah, it can get confusing. The good news is that even of they are different, developers will be able to use bits and pieces of both. This is all hypothetical, as HTC really has no incentive to sell an unbranded, unlocked LTE phone. 

HTC probably won't provide images for the One X or XL the way we see Google provide them. They aren't required to, and with so much proprietary software at play we don't see them bucking the trend any time soon. Chances are someone will be able to leak out RUUs, they seem to get them for every HTC phone, so there will be a "stock" image out there, albeit not necessarily factory authorized.

My best advice, without knowing how everything will play out, is to prepare to root and install custom software if you plan on changing things. You'll be voiding any warranty by swapping out to an XL image anyway, and this way you'll find exactly the options you're looking for. The AT&T version of the One X is bound to be a popular device, and hacking at it will follow shortly after release. 

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From the Android Forums: Would an HTC One XL ROM work on the AT&T One X?


Good answer Jerry.

I sort of suspect that the physical radio chips are all the same, it would be way too much trouble to custom manufacture those. The programming of the radio frequencies is probably done in real time, based on some table deep in the system
which the Rom Gurus will find (or not find, depending on how its hidden).

Seems that the best bet for people unhappy with AT&T's lockdowns or memory reductions would be to wait and see if the XL version will work on At&T, or just get the international X version and settle for HSPA. Its not like there is a lot of AT&T LTE around anyway.

PS: I recommend we start calling the AT&T One X what it really is, an AT&T One XL. (Or maybe an HTC One Xa)

Just because AT&T had enough clout to force HTC to pervert their naming scheme is no reason we have to go along with it. We will be suffering confusion over this name swap for years. At&t One X is a fundamentally different phone than the normal One x.

You cannot flash an international One X ROM on the One X from AT&T for one reason: the SoC is completely different. A heavy dose of modification will be required.

True, but this thread is about flashing the international XL (lte) rom onto the AT&T One X, (LTE) which is really and XL in disguise.

This is why I suggest we just call the AT&T One X what it really is, instead of letting AT&T totally confuse the issue yet again. (HSPA != 4G).

dont try it,it will lead to tears,ask any idiot that has tried to put a t-mobile rom on a wwe version or other way round.
this is problem of usa doing everything arse about face and then cocking things up.
anyone guessed which htc model i'm talking about,its one of their most sold models.
its htc hd2 leo.