Android eats apple

Google did have some lighthearted fun poking at Apple during its keynote Tuesday morning (though not nearly as viscous as it was last year). The above image is the same one that was displayed for all to enjoy at Google I/O, and the artist -- Frank Ntukula -- was rather thrilled Google had used his image for their keynote, and we can't say we blame him. Although, Lloyd was rather ticked -- he never got that love.

In any case, we've linked the image in the Android Central forums for you all in case you wanted to make some wallpapers out of it. We'll get some more posted in the wallpaper, ringtones and themes forums later and by all means, share em if you make some from the image as well.

Source: Twitter

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FrasierCrane says:

The lighthearted fun was probably a lot easier to clean up this year because of the reduced viscosity.

Chewyrobbo says:

Androids don't eat apples. It would be more realistic if he was eating a battery.

tom28 says:

I think your missing the point. Think deeper.

Revrant says:

Don't think too deep, it's rather viscous down there.

neoterixx64 says:

Oh Snap! Your right!!

rayjr13 says:

realistic? Since when can you get a battery out of an apple phone? ;p

Jude526 says:

very cute way to say that Android is more popular than Apple

devonck says:

I'm not sure how "Frank" felt about the artwork being used - Fraser, on the other hand, is probably pretty proud of himself.

cashxx says:

The picture should actually be the apple sitting on a pedestal stool with the Android robot sitting in front of a canvas with his left thumb in the air and painting with its right. That would be more accurate. Google is today's Microsoft!

ScottColbert says:

Yes, because we all know Apple never copied anything...

wraith404 says:

Apple has been playing catch up and copying features for the last couple years. I'm sure some people still like that tired old chicklet checkerboard.

NarekRocks says:

Why are you registered on this site?

Cubfan says:

Can I have the wallpaper wIth the android in diapers saying, "When I grow up, maybe I'll get a bite of the Apple."

jpatchak says:


vicw926a4 says:


dporray says:

An apple a day keeps the fruitcakes away!!!

estets says:

An apple a day keeps the psychiater away!

garfnodie says:

In a couple of years, it just going to be an apple core sitting next the Android.

wraith404 says:

Or, apple sauce coming out the other end.

uberspeed says:

Vicious, viscous... sure :-P